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YIFY Torrents

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YIFY Torrents
YIFY Torrents provides an index of YIFY movie releases in DVD, 720p, 1080p and 3D quality, all at the smallest file size. YIFY is now YTS torrents and moved to YTS.re
YIFY Torrents
User rating:
4 / 5
480 votes cast
YIFY Torrents is not down
Comments on YIFY Torrents
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seth wrote 23 months ago
They have great quality medium sized movie downloads. Cool website as well. 5/5
mec wrote 18 months ago
best quality movie torrents
reece wrote 18 months ago
make sure the subtitle work well an some movies dont have subtitiles just let you know
Roni wrote 17 months ago
Best quality in low size 720p worth 700mb... usually.
A frequent user wrote 15 months ago
yes the site is down it says we will be back soon
down wrote 15 months ago
yep, YIFY ist down. Site says there is an error. Last update of the facebook fanpage was on october 10th.

Is there an YIFY mirror?
kolibri wrote 15 months ago
they seem to have technical issues.

meanwhile get your fix here:


updates: twitter.com/YIFY_Torrents
goutam wrote 15 months ago
WHY this site is not working......and downloading....
heck wrote 15 months ago
working fine for me. May YIFY is blocked by your ISP?
nester wrote 15 months ago
I read about it beeing blocked in Italy. Try to use a YIFY proxy site!
pete wrote 15 months ago
unblock: http://yify.unlocktorrent.com/

YIFY torrents:
fan wrote 15 months ago
YIFY is the best (public) movie site, good qualy and small vid size.
Hector7 wrote 15 months ago
best releases!
heavymetal wrote 14 months ago
BEST SITE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD
bander wrote 14 months ago
the coolest website
taffy wrote 14 months ago
thanks for info got yifi back
pepejoe wrote 14 months ago
Virgin Media have banned us
FUCKVIRGINMEDIA wrote 14 months ago
Any way around the VM ban?
cimpoeru.laurentiurobert wrote 14 months ago
Va salut .
ninja wrote 14 months ago
help needed cant access no more thanks to vm ban
alfa wrote 14 months ago
Virgin Media have banned us
Nelly wrote 14 months ago
Any way round this ppl pls share
Davey wrote 14 months ago
Can I ask why some of the torrent downloads don't have the UK English captions. watching wolverine and I don't see any of the Japanese speaking with English subs
ian wrote 14 months ago
I tried to register with yifytorrents.com but my virgin provider kept blocking my attempts to verify my details which were sent to me by the yify site
Any ideas
Danny Moore wrote 14 months ago
Yify torrents is down for sky
Seti37 wrote 13 months ago
Also down for BT :(
Officer Helpful wrote 13 months ago
peter wrote 13 months ago
Anon wrote 12 months ago
YIFY seems to have been blocked by many ISPs in the UK
thron wrote 12 months ago
look out for YIFY proxy sites
tim wrote 12 months ago
new domain ande name is YTS.re
yifi wrote 12 months ago
torrents @ kickass, piratebay etc. will still be names YIFY, it's just the teams name changing to YTS
ro wrote 12 months ago
dont like the new name. but long live YTS :)
rjp wrote 12 months ago
YTS.re blocked on Virgin Media
baa wrote 12 months ago
Blocked on Bt as well
Carleon wrote 12 months ago
YTS.re Blocked by sky too
MR Helpful wrote 12 months ago
this works guys: http://yts.re.prx2.unblocksit.es/home
Christos wrote 12 months ago
^ this guy is a legend
Leeds fan wrote 11 months ago
the smart way is to use HMA VPN, it gives you around 150 IP addresses and works fine,
I work out of the UK a lot and this is the best way of watching UK TV and avoiding the block on any site
It costs around £8 / month ($11)
vicky wrote 11 months ago
YIFY torrents will have maximum lfe than ALL other torrents
tor wrote 11 months ago
in case it's blocked in your country try yify-torrents.com.come.in
berty wrote 10 months ago
type comein in the google searchbox
JFR wrote 9 months ago
Works Great. YIFY has always been the best...10/10
AryAn-KhAn wrote 8 months ago
i always download YIFY torrents, his torrents quality is excellent.. thank YU YIFY.
CHUCKY wrote 7 months ago
hi im ads wrote 4 months ago
use oprea brower's and use an older version and it will have an off road mode use it and your problem may be solved ok
The Best wrote 3 months ago
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rj wrote 10 weeks ago
ddxz wrote 6 weeks ago
This one is much better http://yify-movie.com
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