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Dedicated TV torrents tracker specializing in old and rare TV series.
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TV Vault
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TV Vault is not down
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trigo wrote 73 months ago
Invite me here please my email trigonometry1324@yahoo.com
gilren wrote 70 months ago
Does anyone know how to contact these people? My account was banned, I assume they think I am not sharing, but I have every torrent I downloaded open to share, but no one is downloading them. That's not my fault!
Twins229 wrote 69 months ago
Why have I been banned. My share ration was .27 and rising. Everything I queued to download from you, downloads on Vuse and I reshare it all there, I asume if my queues from TV Vault, downloads on Vuse, my reshares on Vuse should show up reshared on TV Vault. Vuse searched on all other Torrent sites, downloads on Vuse, and reshares with those sites. Please send me and email to show me what to do to get back on TV Vault. I love this site. rayroe@charter.net I have gobs of old TV series on my shares. My share ratio on Vuse is 1.221. This ration shows up the same on all the other torrent sites Vuse shares with.
meep! wrote 69 months ago
For the folks who have been banned (assuming it wasn't for inactivity): as with most trackers, older torrents will have multiple seeds and few leeches. You get 10gig free download before TVV requires you to maintain a 0.2 ratio (the ratio requirements increase the more you download; if you download over 20 gig, you need a 0.4 ratio).

If you fall below a given percent, you get a PM putting you on ratio watch, and two weeks to get your ratio in shape. MAKING THE RATIO REQUIREMENTS IS GENERALLY DO-ABLE, but you have to stop downloading everything that catches your fancy, AND you need to seed what you download. There are additional ways you can increase your ratio, you just need to ask for help in the forums.

Once you're on ratio watch, if you fail to make the two-week deadline, you're banned. The system does that automatically; there's no human intervention going on. All of this is clearly stated in the ratio rules, which you should have read when you joined.

Gilren and Twins, you both downloaded over 30gig of material. At that point, you should have maintained a 0.4 ratio on-site. Both of you had a ratio of less than 0.3 when you were banned.

Twins: Please note that your ratio on your torrent client (Vuze) doesn't matter. The only ratio that matters to TVV is the ratio you manage to retain on TVV. So if I have a 10.0 ratio at Demonoid and a 0.1 ratio at TVV, my overall client ratio shows up as 5.0. But TVV doesn't care about your Demonoid ratio; it only cares about your 0.1 ratio at TVV.
tbbft wrote 67 months ago
when u just joint a pt site, only down the free torrents to make sure u won't be banned because of a low ratio. keep a good ratio first, always. low ratio will never be an excuse
lenida wrote 66 months ago
If you have been banned and not told in advance about it how do you get back in? I have only been a member for a few days and what I have been downloading is being keept for uploading. I have also seen that there has been some uploading so in that area it is working. So what do I do now.
burkhartrl wrote 66 months ago
My experience is the same as that described by gilren above. I keep everything I download open and ready to upload -- rarely, if ever, do I see anyone attempt to download from me - If I closed the link I could understand being banned but that is not the case -- I am banned for a low ratio and have no idea how I can raise the ratio if no one attempts to download what I am offering.
tangouniform wrote 66 months ago
You can't rely on uTorrent seeding of downloaded programs to increase your upload ratio. The only effective (and efficient) way to increase upload ratio is to post new material. This site is intended as a "vault" for old TV shows - So don't post new shows (all must be at least 4 years old) -- and pay attention to the rules or you will be banned.
TVV wrote 65 months ago
All of you who've complained about being banned took the exact same route to get banned.

You downloaded nonstop from the time you joined the site. When you hit 20GB downloaded, you went on ratio watch. But, this didn't slow you down one bit, and when you hit 30GB, you were banned.

If your goal is to be banned from private trackers, you've found the right formula. If you see the err of your ways, and think you can do better, come visit us in our IRC channel, and ask really nicely.

DoctorOShea wrote 65 months ago
I have a 90 percent ratio and have been banned for no reason whatsoever. I have even seeded and reseeded new and old material etc. It's an arbitrarry site at the best of times. I very carefully did EVERYTHING that was asked and still got the boot. Bunch of jerks!
Decibel3276 wrote 63 months ago
Is TV Vault still active? I can't seem to get to the site.
BARRY wrote 62 months ago
it's tv-vault.me now
threw me for a loop too
Me wrote 60 months ago
I also failed to read the rules and was banned (twice!) I re-joined with another email address and then kept a close eye on my ratio. I downloaded anything freeleech that I wanted, and left those open to seed. Since it's freeleech, everyone else is downloading them too, so your seed ratio will climb. I'm now at a good ratio, and many of the things I would have leeched came up as freeleech anyway! I check daily to see what the freeleech is, and d/l them just to up my ratio sometimes. Patience is a virtue. This site is awesome, and it's easy to get carried away as they are the only place I've found some shows.
tvwatcher wrote 59 months ago
seems a lot anal to limit downloading unless others are downloading a specific ratio from you; "ask nicely..." kills me to see these individuals get on the internet collect tons of free music and video and then tell others how to behave in order to share in this huge pie. i've even seen people complaining when someone provides a download link and doesn't give credit to the previous bootlegger who now claims to be the "original" bootlegger. at some level it's all naughty stealing. amazingly, there is always pride amongst theives...were there any good nazis?
sapper71 wrote 58 months ago
banned with no warning
TVV wrote 57 months ago

You downloaded nonstop from the time you joined the site. When you hit 20GB downloaded, you went on ratio watch. But, this didn't slow you down one bit, and when you hit 30GB, you were banned.

If your goal is to be banned from private trackers, you've found the right formula. If you see the err of your ways, and think you can do better, come visit us in our IRC channel, and ask really nicely.

h strawhacker wrote 57 months ago
I would like to join tv-vauit,how is these done??
mofonistik wrote 55 months ago
My computer died and I was unable to replace it for a few months, and was apparently banned for inactivity. Anything I can do about it now?
ruric62 wrote 55 months ago
Seems my account of several years has been disabled...I have ratiio of around 4.0...always upload 24x7...what gives?
so.. is TV VAULT and CINEMAGEDDON permanently down? wrote 54 months ago
I know they were experiencing hard drive crashes and (I guess) are in the process of restoring the site, but being that there is no real way to contact the Admins or Mods about a status report, I was wondering if an update could be posted here...
thefizdude wrote 53 months ago
Hi, I've been trying to get into your irc channel (for TV-Vault) but it keeps telling me I can't connect. I've been relocating to a different country the past couple of months and parked my account at TV-Vault. I've had a good ratio which I worked really hard at to achieve over a few years. When I recently tried logging in I got a message saying my account has been disabled. Would it please be possible to unblock it for me? It would be much appreciated. Your site rocks! Cheers, Fiz.
TVV wrote 53 months ago
mofonistik and ruric62: re-enabled.

thefizdude finally got in IRC and got re-enabled also.

Both sites are back up and running on new servers.
TMonk wrote 53 months ago
Hi TVV -
My account was disabled due to inactivity as well. Can you help or give me a way to contact you for further instructions?
TVV wrote 53 months ago
Thank you!
mofonistik wrote 53 months ago
Oops, that was too TVV. I was distracted.
rosethorn wrote 53 months ago

I too was banned from TVV. I thought my ratio was very good, and didn't d/load non-stop. I was absent for a while though, and never saw a PM or ratio watch. I'd love to get back in, as I have just come across some nice material and I always share.
Dena R. wrote 53 months ago
I would like to be invited to tv-vault.me could you please invite me my email is dena@dickslayer.com
joltman wrote 53 months ago
I tried to login in (admittedly for the first time in a while) and it says my account has been disabled, assumably due to inactivity. I'd like to get it re-enabled, let me know if there is something I need to do. Thanks!
TMonk wrote 53 months ago
I'm still waiting for word on why I was disabled - inactivity I think, but am not sure - or any way to contact the admin and see what I can do about it. TV-Vault i.d.: TMonk
barenaked wrote 52 months ago
I was also banned. I have current trackers running still! i saw my ratio was low around 0.27, so i grabbed some freelech stuff. and today when i logged on, i found i was banned. frustrating. I was getting my ratio up . Maybe it was because i posted asking for a re-seed of some old shows?
CoreOfCorruption wrote 52 months ago
I will do anything to get an account with TV-Vault. All I want is the Hysteria! Cartoon series, I have been searching for this for years. I have almost a complete collection on my personal server of everything I want and this is the last cartoon series I need I always wanted but could never find. At this point, I am willing on doing whatever it takes to get it, and I see it is available on a private tracker with TV-Vault. How do I get an invite? I will pay someone, I will upload or trade, whatver is needed.

My email is my name above followed by @gmail.com
HeatherTN wrote 52 months ago
I was going to try and get an invite but from what I read here, I don't think I'll bother. :/
Pathfinder9 wrote 52 months ago
I was recently banned from tv vault just got carried away with the classic tv show and cartoons I seeded for 7 days and still could not get my ratio up enough if you could see it in your heart to re astablish my account this will never happen again
Andrea_Wilson wrote 52 months ago
I am new and have downloaded some, I keep it open all the time but no one downloads from me, now I am banned because of inactivity. I have several that say 'seeding', what can I do.
Christian LeBlanc wrote 52 months ago
Hello - I would really appreciate an invite for tv trial, please. My wife is a huge fan of Dennis Patrick, and this seems like a good place to find some old episodes he's been in. I promise to read up in the forums to ensure I stay within the guidelines. My email is chrisleblanc79@hotmail.com
Christian LeBlanc wrote 52 months ago
Er...an invite to tv vault, rather :| (I was thinking 'trial period,' got excited, etc etc)
Darryl Monks wrote 51 months ago
Hi I had my account at TVV disabled due to inactivity,I was a member for a year or so I moved and was without internet for a time believe me if I could have logged in I would have considering I was on there four or five times a day up until then if someone could send me an invite at monks6806@yahoo.com I would appreciate it
BiggieB wrote 50 months ago
I have been disabled due to inactivity. Is there any chance I can get re-enabled?

Thank you.

ekimo72 wrote 50 months ago
I was a member of TV vault and i was banned for overdownloading, but after reading about the rules i now understand why, i just got excited about all the good tv programs that you had to offer. I would like to be reinstated to your site again if possible. Thank you
steviosjb93 wrote 49 months ago
Hi, After reading the comments, I see why my account was disabled, If you could re-instate me I will make sure to keep a good ratio. I found your selection of the really hard to find show amazing and would really like a second chance to do this the right way.
dawn cherry wrote 49 months ago
could i have an invite my email is dawncherry59@gmail..com thanks
PolarBearJeanne wrote 49 months ago
I was having computer issues for a while and seem to have been disabled for inactivity. Is it possible to get my account reinstated? My username was PolarBearJeanne.

tim wrote 48 months ago
Hi there, is anyone able to invite me to tv-vault? my email is tivlc at hotmail dot com. thanks
The_Jakel wrote 48 months ago
My account "The_Jakel" at tv-vault.me has been disabled. I believe it was for inactivity. Is there a way I can get it re-enabled?
Thank You,
Agurirre42 wrote 48 months ago
Hmm. I'm a cinamageddon user and was referred here because of my love for older Television shows which I have in abundance. Something like 2-3 TB worth. I was wondering if I could get invited? If so I have invites for CG as well. deepshivmaximus@hotmail.com
evoulk wrote 48 months ago
My account to TV-Vault was disabled due to inactivity while the torrents I had downloaded were seeded. I had no PM that TV-Vault changed server. I really want to re-join. Is there any possibility to re-enable my account, please? My user name is the above name and my email is ev.oulk@gmail.com. Thank you
David wrote 48 months ago
Would really love an invite. Have invites to cinemageddon and karagarga.
shinobi69 wrote 47 months ago
Hi I'm on cinemageddon and registered on tv-vault a while ago with the intention of returning to have a good look around another time. That time has now come, but looks like my account has been disabled due to inactivity. Any chance of getting re-activated?
crowlord wrote 46 months ago
disabled due to large series dl'd. I am on a pretty much 24/7 upload with massive HD so is it disbled for good or will it renable once my ratio tips back over.

If it is disabled until I beg then its hasta la vista (and i will stop the reups) IMHO a tracker that punishes on DL / UL without taking into account wetehr the torrent has been H and R'd isnt worth begging to.

Why an account disblement, surly a block on leeching rights is al that is needed.

Just felt the need to vent.
TVV member wrote 46 months ago
Crowlord you need to read the ratio rules. You broke them by going over 20 gb as a new member and kept on leeching 'till the system auto disabled you
crowlord wrote 46 months ago
Cant read the rules as the account is disabled. I am not on a fast connection but 10GB doesn't take long. i had no warning and cannot access the account to fix it.

The question is will it auto re-enable should the ratio come back up or do i just hNr as you seem, to want? After all the files are still coming up.

Actually thinking about it, don't bother. I am not here to tell you how to run a tracker or how torrent limits, member levels and hit and runs should work. If the site admins feel that a good way to manage is to disable with no warning then i don't want to be part of it.

I will remover the seeds.
iamainedhel wrote 46 months ago
HI all. I lost my account to inactivity also, just plain forgot to check in. I deeply regret it, and would like to see about getting my account re-enabled. I would sincerely appreciate it.
User: ainedhel
e-mail: same as name used for comment @yahoo.com

Redbeardtp wrote 46 months ago
Damn, I am desperate to get an invite to this site... I love obscure old tv and I have been a long time member of other private trackers like demoniod and have never been banned form any of them... Please send me and invite... I want to contribute to this community.. Flamaham@yahoo.com
john wrote 45 months ago
Invite me here please my email neustupov2010@mail.ru
Butterslybutts wrote 45 months ago
Howdy, I'd love an invite if possible? Best regards, butterslybutts at gmail.com
huggums537 wrote 45 months ago
Invite to tv-vault please? nightprowler537 at hot mail dot com.
I just need to get the text file named Downloaded from TV-Vault.org.txt to complete a torrent file and seed it. Thx.
tbone47957 wrote 43 months ago
PLease I seriously need an invite to TV Vault.
Thanks to anyone for there help.
My email is grainhandler@gmail.com
freddy1013 wrote 43 months ago
hey there. can someone please send me an invite. my email is freddy1013@gmail.com thanks.
jose wrote 43 months ago
I would love an invite to tv-vault, if anyone has one! Email me at keithineurope@hotmail.com
smeg ed wrote 42 months ago
Can someone please send me a tv-vault invite please.

I love that site and want back in.
dont worry I can use a proxy for my ip
kathyl111 wrote 42 months ago
i just joined on the 21st and love your sight. so many old shows i have been looking for. i thought i read in the rules that the first 2 weeks you don't do anything about ratios. i downloaded a lot last night but most were old shows . i understand now that i need to do the free leeches or popular torrents to build up my ratio. please reactivate me, i am on other sights with excellent ratios. klinc@zoominternet.net
mrslinc wrote 42 months ago
can i please get an invite to tv-vault???? kathyl111@zoominternet.net
johnnewson wrote 42 months ago
Can I get an invite to tvvault.me . PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!
marc hopwood wrote 42 months ago
please send me invite please really after one email here please:marchopwood@yahoo.co.uk
PopLocker wrote 41 months ago
Hi, I'd really appreciate an invite if possible: boogalooshrimp@joynk.com
Lost wrote 40 months ago
Those people wanting an invite need to use the IRC channel and not ask here. The best thing you can do is visit the IRC channel.


either of these work and will get you some help.
Lost wrote 40 months ago
Those people wanting an invite to TVV need to use the IRC channel and not ask here. The best thing you can do is visit the IRC channel.


either of these work and will get you some help. If you need a client to help get you to IRC use nettalk it is very easy to work and understand.
Lost wrote 40 months ago
Those people wanting an invite to TVV need to use the IRC channel and not ask here. The best thing you can do is visit the IRC channel.
Sorry was wrong info before, these are correct channels:


either of these work and will get you some help. If you need a client to help get you to IRC use nettalk it is very easy to work and understand.
Lost wrote 40 months ago
For people who had an account and want back in, if you don't leave an email and user name from TVV we cannot help you. I do this of my own time and won't try guessing how to reach you.
scott wrote 40 months ago
can someone please send me an invite to tv vault catherinemaydad@hotmail.com
Chrbake wrote 40 months ago
Can someone please invite me to TV Vault? I have some classic cartoons to share with other collectors and i am looking for some old shows that I cant find anywhere, such as the misadventures of sheriff lobo. My email is cbaker5012@gmail.com. Please please please invite me!!!!
edsmeg wrote 39 months ago
Can someone please send me a tv-vault invite please.

I love that site and want back in.
dont worry I can use a proxy for my ip

please please anyone help, give a dog a bone

I access to revtt. I don't have a high enough standing for invites but once I have an invite it is yours if you help me into tv vault.
LostinTVV wrote 39 months ago
edsmeg since you said you want BACK IN that means you already have or had an account, duplicate invites is against the rules. I need a nickname to know if you should even be re-enabled.
MrDojo wrote 39 months ago
TVV Account name: parkerlewis007
Email: jeboston07@gmail.com

I think my account have been disabled due to inactivity...sorta not sure. Iam a member of other sites and some send an email if you haven't been active in a week.(Probably Automated)

I don't remember if TV-Vault had that or if you could of parked your account.

Anyhow how can I get back in, if possible?
scalon wrote 39 months ago
I've been a member for around 5 years. Perfect account and perfect ratio all these years. Just dropped below a 1.0 ratio and NO warnings, NO messages, just a disabled account. I'd like to know why. I had a great account with 70 invites, so tell me what I did wrong? No disrespect, but a little notice would have been great. Not to mention, the cinemageddon irc network does not work with ANY irc program I use. How you supposed to fix the problem if there's a problem at the source? Please enlighten me...I think I deserve at least a private response to my email instead of an operator at tv-vault publicly commenting a generic unneccessary message that involves a control or power issue. Please email me @ scalon@live.com
scalon wrote 39 months ago
My aplologies, I was just able to get onto the irc site
scalon wrote 39 months ago
Kosh resolved the problem, thank you. This is the first site that I've dealt with that has a decent staff. Thank you and I apologize if I've offended anyone
Bitter_A wrote 39 months ago
Could I please get an invite onto this site? my email is arron.litchfield@btinternet.com
a1962280 wrote 38 months ago
Tryed to login and the site reported my account has been disabled. Wonder what happened and if it's possible to reactivate my old account.
Frances wrote 37 months ago
can we access the rules and regs before signing up, want to know what im letting myself into before signing up. If this is possible please invite me
email: wembawemba@hotmail.com
Smittyfresh10 wrote 37 months ago
Used to have an account a few years back but stop using torrents. Kinda started back up a few months ago and I guess my account was deactivated. Any chance I could get an invite or reactivated. @thegame0082@yahoo.com
smittyfresh10 wrote 37 months ago
Had an account a few years back, but I stopped using torrents. Kinda got back into it a few months back I guess my account was deactivated. Any chance I can get an invite or reactivated that would be great. thegame0082@yahoo.com
linkshare001 wrote 37 months ago
Any chance I can get an invite please.
Chary wrote 37 months ago
I'd love to have an invite here, and I promise to seed. Could anyone please give me an invite at chary5325@gmail.com
russingol wrote 37 months ago

If someone could please send me an invite for tv-vault to:


I have an active seed box and plenty of bandwidth. Always happy to seed forever.

Thanks. :)
evoulk wrote 36 months ago
I had an account to Tv Vault couple years ago but this was deactivated. Is it possible to reactivate it again somehow? Email ev.oulk@gmail.com
edsmeg wrote 36 months ago
hi LostinTVV
dont worry if I get back in I would use a different name, a different email address that way there will not be a duplicate account.
I could use pcusb101
if that is taken I could use something eles
Zementor wrote 36 months ago
Hi could I please get an invitation to TV Vault: Zementor at hotmail.com
spencer wrote 36 months ago
Someone please send me a tv-vault invite please. spencerwillson@rocketmail.com
darfnoogie wrote 34 months ago
I've been looking everywhere for McClain's Law starring James Arness...does anyone know if tvvault has this?

ali wrote 31 months ago
need invite to tv-vault please

Snow wrote 31 months ago
You can receive TV-Vault invite here: http://strzicky.wix.com/home
Please wrote 30 months ago
may i get an invite
djrandom wrote 26 months ago
had a nice ratio, banned for inactivity, anyway you can help me get back on. user. djrandom thanks
gunnerob wrote 24 months ago
My username was gunnerob Not been online for ages so I assume ity is inactivity that ha s led to my ban but could I be reinstated or get given an invite please?
xoffender wrote 24 months ago
I'd really like to know how I can get an invite to sign up please? atomic74@btinternet.com
gunnerob wrote 24 months ago
robens.android@gmail.comfor tv vault invite
Paul wrote 24 months ago
I would like to be invited to tv-vault.me could you please invite me my email is paul@fresh-promotion.co.uk
thank you
Snow wrote 22 months ago
You can receive TV-Vault invite here: http://strzicky.wix.com/home
special wrote 22 months ago
can i gat an invite? thnx :*
merriannah wrote 22 months ago
Hi there. Can I get an invite to tv vault. Please! Please! :)
My email address is meannho@yahoo.com
poopypogostick wrote 22 months ago
got banned last night and I don't know why. the only things i downloaded were freeleach in an attempt to build up a ratio to download the larger files. The only things i stopped seeding were files that stopped being freeleach and weren't done downloading so i stopped them before i might have hurt my ratio beyond possible repair. all of a sudden without warning i could no longer sign in. I didn't even get to download much. Can't connect to the IRC and don't know why. Can anyone help, plz plz plz.
Polodon305 wrote 22 months ago
Someone please send me a tv-vault invite please. spicyradio@hotmail.com..
Scav3nger wrote 22 months ago
xtremetv.org is gone.
pacman23 wrote 22 months ago
i got on tv-vault for 2 hours and got banned not sure why casue the stuff i started downloading was around 14 % . and it stopped on me then hour later i got banned .. i liked ht sit3e form what i seen . but didnt even get a chance to do anyting i used my spleen and i leave my vuze on all th time running so others can grab what they want so ihave no problem there. heck i was planing to upload cartoons from the 80s with original commercials i have alot from abc . nbc cbs . usa exspress. and bunch other stuff prob over 500 dvds that i never had shared but was going to . but got banned .. if they can reinstate me and not be so quick to bann people im sure me and others so happy .. email me if u can reinstate me thanks ... jammer232001@yahoo.com would be nice to share all my stuff .. well let me know thanks . if i dont ill find another site to upload on
love an invite tv-vault wrote 22 months ago
love to have invite to tv-vault would great. carpenterfamily2013@yahoo.com someone shoot me one please :-)
billybob wrote 22 months ago
why dont you go to www.xtremetv.org for all classic tv series and movies and all other stuff in tv and movies its faster and alot better than tvv and tbh alot more content that is alive tvv alot of there contenet is dead that whats alive speeds are so slow it takes a week to get small files large files your talking well over a month xtremetv is invite only but is open the 6th and 7th of april when it goes invite again you will see a date its open again
Someone wrote 21 months ago
Xtremetv.org got nuked over a month ago.
It was fun while it lasted.
Squiggle wrote 6 months ago
Can I please get an invite to "the vault". email me at mr dot graham -at- protonmail dot ch
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