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Torrents Galaxy (offline)

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Torrents Galaxy (offline)
A Complete Entertainment portal for Telugu Hindi Tamil Movies and Music
Torrents Galaxy (offline)
User rating:
3 / 5
3 votes cast
Torrents Galaxy (offline) is not down
Comments on Torrents Galaxy (offline)
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srikar wrote 72 months ago
waste website
shekhar wrote 72 months ago
stuppid wepsite
rahul wrote 72 months ago
why do you ask for an account or a password?
seb wrote 72 months ago
why do spam the comments? give some contructive critic or just your opinion ONCE, but don't be a pain in the neck!
Santosh wrote 66 months ago
One of the Best Torrent Site For Tollywood People.They provide Best quality rips . As the site went offline for the past 6 months. now its back to Rock again.
ramesh wrote 60 months ago
Raj Manothra wrote 59 months ago
Howla correct website petu ra....ghutla
king wrote 57 months ago
waste website
sayed wrote 57 months ago
aaare bekhar website hai.!!!
Sunny wrote 57 months ago
pooka ikkadi kante manchi rips soopira...

neyyama inka e site lo unna quality ekkada undadu.. neeku a picha kuntla rips nachite akkade dengichuko...

asalu torrent site telugu first modalu pettindi Galaxy anni teams akkada nunchi nerchukoni pedda pudungi anukuntunnaru,,

Em king nuvuu tolly member a enti dash ga untai ne releaases **** madichi *** pettuko

my rating the best in tolly for ever ...

we want this bak again :)

uday wrote 57 months ago
bhekar website
uday wrote 56 months ago
chetta website enduku open avatam ledu
erripuku site wrote 56 months ago
picha lanja kodka.site anedhi maintain cheyadam chetakakapothe musukuni kurcho munda.
harish wrote 56 months ago
waste website yar
love wrote 55 months ago
good website
Gudda pagaldenguthanu sunny ga wrote 53 months ago
Era nuvvu cheppavani site ratings maruthundhi anukunnavara munda mundu kadukkotam elago nerchuko lekunte kosthanu
sudharshan wrote 50 months ago
samsung wrote 50 months ago
panikimalina ..site
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