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Xtreme Wrestling Torrents

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Xtreme Wrestling Torrents
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Xtreme Wrestling Torrents is not down
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Don wrote 78 months ago
I signed up with them and they disabled my account within a couple of days. I made a $40 donation and cannot report it to them as it will not accept the email address they have listed with PayPal. DO NOT USE THEM...it is a rip-off!
Doug wrote 78 months ago
I agree....was seeding my downloads when half way through they cut me off stating i my share ratio was low and that i had 7 days to bring it up...they didnt even give me 24 hours to seed 7 g
milly wrote 76 months ago
yes my account too was banned but they good really good stuffs out there, i did seed well but they expect donations a lot
almost all raw episodes frm attitude era till now and all the dvds

but all those can be obtained from others too
Joe D wrote 73 months ago
I was a long time member after i donated some dollars and gained VIP status. But one day, even though they promise if you donate you will not be affected by the ratio-bans, my account was banned from one day to another with out any explanation. I have used pw-torrents ever since.
Tora wrote 73 months ago
Hey Joa, I've submitted Pro Wrestling Torrents to torrents.to and it's avaible in the search gateway now.
David wrote 71 months ago
Yeah i signed up with XWT and always kept my ratio above normla limits yet now i still cant get access, to many people in the chat page were kicking and banning people just because they could, usless cunts they are!
martin wrote 70 months ago
Yeah i signed up with XWT and i got banned for no reason at all the admins think they are all better than anyone else i liked downloading all the brands of wwe and tna from there does anyone know of ant other good site you can get wrestling from
Don wrote 70 months ago
Yeah, XWT were doing a mass ban 2 days before Wrestlemania, So i waited until that event before downloading it. Never gave me 6 days that i had left to get to the quota of .6 ratio. I wrote to admin and received no reply.
Jay wrote 68 months ago
Great site, hard to believe any of these other comments. If you can't keep even a ratio of 0.6, torrents aren't for you.
Dean wrote 67 months ago
"If you can't keep even a ratio of 0.6, torrents aren't for you" Fuck you Jay.
roy wrote 64 months ago
I cant become member on PWT
i need a invitecode or something
Bogdan wrote 64 months ago
i have been baned from xwt can somebody help me.
Gaydar wrote 64 months ago
@Bogdan, nothing you can do about it mate. XWT is run by coward cunts. Best to join the better wrestling torrent site if you can, pro wrestling torrents.
bogdan wrote 64 months ago
can sombody give me the monday night raw 2010 09 20 and 27 09 in 720p please\
bogdan wrote 64 months ago
on cv02axl@yahoo.com
bogdan wrote 64 months ago
torrent files
bogdan wrote 64 months ago
from kyr if sombody have them
Mark wrote 62 months ago
I signed up the xwt site through a friend. I was seeding everything i downloaded and all of a sudden, i got a low ratio warning. then they banned my account from there site, Im still xwt classics though.
Erik wrote 59 months ago
I agree with Jay, if you know how to get around the site, it's not bad at all. Start with Free Leech torrents so they don't count against your downloads, and let them upload for a while. Get your ratio up high so a few hits won't affect it. I've only been a member for one week and already have a 1.4 ratio, still going up.
blazo wrote 57 months ago
try overtopropetorrents
mark wrote 55 months ago
I'm looking for wcw Saturday night 1997. can anyone help.
Mike wrote 55 months ago
Please can someone give me an invite code to pw-torrents my account has been banned from XWT.

Please send to daprnce4joy1@yahoo.com
Mke wrote 55 months ago
Please can someone give me an invite code to pw-torrents my account has been banned from XWT.

Please send to daprince4joy1@yahoo.com
heyyo wrote 54 months ago
what are Free Leech torrents on xwt website
wyldebuzz wrote 53 months ago
this site is complete ripoff booted me out for no reason... garbage site...
Deispring wrote 53 months ago
All I can say is, I've kept a 1.0 ratio for 3 1/2 years now. I was at 1.14 Ratio when they banned my account, siting that I had was caught cheating the ratio. when I asked how, they banned my IP address.
UWT wrote 52 months ago
http://ultimatewrestlingtorrents.net/index.php is a new wrestling torrent site come join
Storm wrote 52 months ago
http://ultimatewrestlingtorrents.net/index.php is a fast growing site, open about a month and already over 1000 members. great shoutbox for chatting with other wrestling fans. fast seeds. Uploaders welcome and wanted also
Danny wrote 51 months ago
I've been using it from a long time and its not making any roblems with me,I think you all had low ratios and you gotta give something to get something....I Download a torrent then I seed it the double of its size ratio is covered....
Cube wrote 46 months ago
I'm on XWT, and I've never had a problem with ratio warnings. Mine has always been between 1.5 and 2.5. If you can't seed appropriately, then don't use torrents. Simple really.
Justin wrote 42 months ago
I signed up on XWT and I started downloading the new WWE Falls Count Anywhere dvd in DVD-9 format which I have been desperately looking for I managed to get the 1st disc only then I seeded all night long, I came on this afternoon and I was banned for no reason, they said I had a 6 day warning to get a 0.6 ratio and it was at 0.5 this morning so I would've exceeded the required ratio rate. Now I can't complete the FCA DVD set. anyone know where else I can get the dvd-9 format version of it? and oh yeah.. FUCK YOU XWT COCKSUCKERS!
Aliendon wrote 29 months ago
XWT have only changed there web address, find it here
Mandeep wrote 26 months ago
My account has been suspended without any reasons..my share ratio was 4.523..why the hell did they suspend my account? can anyone help me and ask those idiots why? my username is mandeep000!
michaelalanm wrote 23 months ago
hello i am michael i haev one invite i will give someone if the prommise the will obey the rules and keep a good ratio if you want this email me at michael7.4.87@hotmail.co.uk and use subject as xwt invite
Jon wrote 22 months ago
I joined XWT and had my ip banned within three days. I hadnt even finished my first download from them to even be ABLE to seed. Talk about stupid.
3viL81 wrote 19 months ago
I've been using them for years with no problems. Anyone that got banned can get back on if they want to. Just create a new email address and you're good. If you don't leech, you won't be banned. UWT and PWT are okay, but they wouldn't have half of their library if not for XWT.
jencads wrote 14 months ago
Hi X,
I upgraded my upc box to horizon and the router is part of the box and my old router does not work as the new system runs through horizon box including the new router and since then have had problems getting on to the page and is not seeding properly, I have knocked off my firewall completely and still I can't gain access your page! I think the problem is on my end as they changed the ip address in some circumstances if you could help in anyway even remotely using my computer if you have the time and I've tried everything I know and you would be way more knowledgeable than me I would be very grateful and as I have being working the last three weeks I would be glad to give a good donation towards the server bill as I love your page!!
If you could help in any way X or gang you will have made my christmas!! :)
Thhhaaannnxxx for everything you all do!
If can help heres my email kencaddd@yahoo.com
Thanks again
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