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Radio Archive

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Radio Archive deals primarily with content from the British Broadcasting Corporation but also has quality spoken-word material from other radio networks.
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Radio Archive
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Radio Archive is not down
Comments on Radio Archive
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matt wrote 44 months ago
wheres it gone!
nickpheas wrote 44 months ago
It's been hacked by someone or something called Southranda. Really hope it's back soon, tremendous site.
Gill wrote 44 months ago
Really missing it. How can being hacked do this to it??
pete wrote 44 months ago
can't believe it's still down.
petethepadre wrote 44 months ago
gaey wrote 44 months ago
anyone know of a website similar
cheops wrote 43 months ago
radioarchive.cc is back :)
Razer wrote 43 months ago
and gone again( radioarchive.cc is back :)
sj wrote 37 months ago
what's happened to radioarchive.cc not been abke to log in for a month or so now, is anone else experiencing the same problems or is it just me?
Biggy wrote 36 months ago
Likewise, it'd occaisionally go offline for a few days or a couple of weeks at most but sems to be long gone (althugh the server is stil trying to connect rather than not finding anything tbf). I checked Cheops twitter feed (didnt know he was on there till a few days ago) and there's only been two posts in the last 5 months - end of last august saying the archive was back online and then one in October linking to a commercial site in the US - boooo! Come back radioarcive.cc - I'd say all is forgotten but you didnt do antying wrong in the first place! You are missed!!!!!!
rogermac wrote 36 months ago
missing it big time. just hope it's a temporary server issue. would be tragedy to lose so much material
Dexter wrote 36 months ago
It seems to have vanished, such a shame it was one of the best things on the web RIP it was great while it lasted
qtracks wrote 36 months ago
really missing this stuff ,not helping my insomnia ,hope its only short-term ,if not So-long and thanks for all the ........
hekrada wrote 36 months ago
It's up and running again right now. Hope it lasts.
adieem wrote 34 months ago
It doesn't seem to be running still :(
Thundergust wrote 25 months ago
The site goes down for months because the owner Cheops has given up on the site. Because he NEVER logs in he does not even know it's down, sometimes for months. The poor administration of the site has also taken it's toll. missmystery (Admin) was downloading members torrents then reposting the as "Her" works. This lead to members mass deleting their torrents by the thousand off the Radioarchive tracker.

The site has been hacked a number of times.
missmystery (Admin) reported "No private data had been lost" This was in fact a LIE only Cheops would know what data was comprised but as above this would not be know until he logged in. At one point he never even logged into his own RA.cc forum for 2 hole years
mister p wrote 25 months ago
as the following link shows, radioarchive.cc has now gone for good.

Ant wrote 25 months ago
Radio archive closed down 30th December.
dugie wrote 25 months ago
what now ?Hope someone sarts it up again or starts a similar site :-(
jpn369 wrote 25 months ago
could we do something based around Facebook or Yahoo groups?
Ziiar wrote 24 months ago
Is this seriously permanent? What happened?? There are no other places like this around.
Ziiar wrote 24 months ago
Mark wrote 24 months ago
He sounds like a real piece of work. Please send more money..I am using it to pay the costs, hang on...server fees are overdue but I can't see the point in paying them. Thanks everybody for all your help, Bye. What a turd.
Jane wrote 24 months ago
I thought that the other moderators at the Radio Archive were disposed to take care of the website if Cheops gave them the access they need to do the work... I hope it comes back soon, if not with him with other people. It is really a great site.
Pete wrote 24 months ago
Perhaps some users might like to thank Cheops for all the work he put in in the first place instead of being offensive to him! Of course trolls dont know any better, but along with many others, I would like to express my gratitude to him and the moderators for what they have done. Perhaps someone might like to start a a fund to pay all access charges and help him (or others) to re-start the site. Thank you all again.
Ziiar wrote 24 months ago
But is there any official explanation for why this happened? I only see guesswork.
Richy wrote 24 months ago
I agree with Pete, was one great site too.
Ian wrote 24 months ago
I also agree with Pete.
A smashing site, it will be much missed
jane wrote 23 months ago
He probably got fed up of asking for support!! It wasn't a paid role!!!
WoodGoat wrote 23 months ago
As a long time member of Ra.cc Cheops was being legally pressured and decided to close shop. The hope is to find another way to offer radio to users...it was definitely a superior site with fantastic members-
Robneedsradio wrote 23 months ago
Has anyone found a good similar site? My searches for one have come up with nothing so far...
Buddy wrote 22 months ago
It was one of the best sites, ever: simple and efficient. I'm so sorry it's gone.
random wrote 21 months ago
Any alternatives?
Ziiar wrote 21 months ago
Now that this oasis of a site is gone, there's an unfathomable amount of content that is unattainable, possibly even lost forever. Why don't big broadcasting companies have their content available as podcasts or even audiobooks for purchase? Seriously, WHY? We live in the 21st century. Making content available is not hard. Get some intern to go through your archives and make your content readily available. You could even make money off it. What a novel idea...
Malcolm Bolan wrote 21 months ago
I also think it is a tragedy that this site has gone. Have there been any updates about it to anyone's knowledge?
Look and ye shall find wrote 20 months ago
Most of the sites are invite only, it took me 6 months of effort to get into the XXXXXXXX-archive.
Steve wrote 19 months ago
I like many others adored the site but understand when people who give their time freely decide that they've had enough. The time and effort, never mind the expense, is colossal and invariably unappreciated. Further more any hint of legal ramifications for doing nothing more than a service for devotees of radio is more than a good reason to say thank you and goodbye.
I'd like to say thank you very much to CHEOPS for creating THE BEST SITE on the internet for the period that you did and hope one day someone else will have your initiative, hard work and guts to start another similar site.
Thank You Steve
John wrote 19 months ago
Thank you Cheops and Radio Archive. I miss you so much..
I am so grateful to you all seeders, sharers and lovers of great radio.
Dear Look and ye shall find i am still look but to no avail - any hints?
Thank you John
Steve wrote 19 months ago
Any hints for me too Dear Look and ye shall find.

Thank You

Jota wrote 18 months ago
John wrote 15 months ago
Desperately seeking radio ....
sj wrote 13 months ago
Unfortunately it now seems that Radio Archive.cc is gone, however if you visit some of the other sites such as demonoid you can still get archival radio programs....
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