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Torrent tracker with all kinds of torrent files.
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2 faced shitheads wrote 8 months ago
This site is a total joke, DH or X as she is known there is an arrogant bitch who thinks she knows everything.

im under the impression from reading around that she was kicked off another tracker after doing some underhanded crap.

the content is crap and well below the established trackers like IPT, TL, TD etc and the speeds are crap to say the least.

the color scheme used is headache inducing and the forums have about 10 people in total that post.

avoid at all costs
LoveItOrLeaveIt wrote 8 months ago
Who cares what the colours are. I've been a member for a number of years now and quite happy to be there :)
my opnion wrote 8 months ago
I am entitled to my opinion, like you are yours.

im glad you are happy there, but i dont find it an enjoyable tracker, not that anyone can use it at the moment anyway
Bitsoup Member wrote 5 months ago
Torrentzilla,its a complete shit hole, No one uses the forums,Not many seed back,Its just a site that is completely full of useless staff.

The owner there is just a nerd that bad mouths when there banned from a popular website.
Torrentzilla spammed my website awhile ago with reviews for a few GB'S towards there members. Anything to try to get some promotion of some kind.

The site is a complete joke.
Torrentzilla hater wrote 5 months ago
A lot of people haven't considered that "cliques" can be a form of bullying as well. A clique is a small group of people that usually do not allow "new" members into their group, and will often exclude all others, sometimes harmfully. There are many instances where cliques and clique-ish behavior leads to bullying and the start of rumors about non-members. These groups can start as early as kindergarten.
I hate to tell you so wrote 5 months ago
Torrentzilla and gossip.

A gossiper shows just what they're made of and talking shit about other people isn't something that's particularly good to be known for..
Buckload wrote 5 months ago
The group who is gossiping is probably just doing so because of their own insecurities. Some people (assholes) like to attack other people who are threatening to them in some way or another.
Pete wrote 5 months ago
I have no respect for those I hear talking shit about people. I think that people who purposely spread gossip that is nasty or coming from a website without regard or legitimate concern about the targeted individual, are trying to validate their own existence.FO Torrentzilla
I call them cowards. wrote 5 months ago
I have no respect for those I hear talking shit about people who aren’t there to defend themselves
Peter wrote 4 months ago
Bitsoup Member wrote 8 weeks ago
" Torrentzilla,its a complete shit hole, No one uses the forums,Not many seed back,Its just a site that is completely full of useless staff."

What staff do they have? The mods never stick around, They made johndoe888 an admin and the only thing he does around there is mod torrents. They are clueless on how to run a site.
Bitsoup Member wrote 4 months ago
The sysop that took X's place is gone A.W.O.L .Yet she visits other popular torrent sites on a regular base.

They make posts about the site getting new upgrades etc and still weeks,months after its still the same whole look.
Joe wrote 4 months ago
Lol,completely funny and a really odd thing to allow,admins modding files. What's next? sysops modding files."
melvin wrote 4 months ago
Joe wrote 3 months ago
that site is ugly
YOULEECHINGASSHOLES wrote 3 months ago
The problem is 90% of them downloaders there are leeching assholes who never upload and always complain about this and that.The people who complain about the site are those leeching assholes.
juggler24960 wrote 3 months ago
No loss there for me, have found another site that is a lot better, same type of site same type of set up but the staff there do listen to you.
Leroy Zanzabar wrote 3 months ago
Seed 100MB shy of 1.1 on 40GB file haha lol
that’s a hit and run.
YOULEECHINGASSHOLES wrote 3 months ago
STFU leech
timmluzzi wrote 3 months ago
my 3rd account there since the admin left.Leech on they ignore leeches, just create more accounts when they decide to stop us all leeching the crap outta them.
YOULEECHINGASSHOLES wrote 3 months ago
The admin that left there was cool, you wouldn't be fucking leeching or creating more accounts if he was still around there, Fuck off back to the public domain dick.
Kemik wrote 3 months ago
HAHAHAHA, i leech forget seeding
David Lozzi wrote 3 months ago
There website can be a little rough to stare at day after day.It’s basic, and EXTREMELY boring. It’s ugly, it is,
Ann Other wrote 3 months ago
This thread realy needs deleting and given a fresh start, looks like only noobs and those band for cheating are posting :(
For the noobs - Hit and Run is never about ratio !

Took a look at TZ, its a bog standard site with mostly Scene content, easy on the eye green zilla theme, seems to get new torrents faster than other sites, seems to be the only site with Isle of man TT coverage !
Repeater wrote 3 months ago
@ Ann Other STFU Noob. What are you a staff member promoting it, don't talk through the backside,its a total lame site.Ugly. And the forums look shit.
Hanzer wrote 3 months ago
LOL, @ Ann Other whats so perfect you fucking moron?? there is 3 posts a month on the site with god knows how many members ,Why fucking even bother with a chat board that does not have any chatting?

the only thing which can derail now is self destruction (which is a distinct possibility because idiots like you as a species are mostly fucking to stupid to realize whats going on .

Joe wrote 3 months ago
Ann Other wrote today

For the noobs - Hit and Run is never about ratio !"

Does it really matter on what ratio is about. ? To have a low ratio it was all done by not seeding back non.And the staff there ignoring them day after day. Take a look around it dip shit. On private torrent sites, everything revolves around that ratio.Ratio exists to ensure the system works as intended. The system there is bullshit. They ignore all that ratio,its why the site is crap.
Shamrock wrote 3 months ago
@ Ann Other, who is the noob now"?
Ginger wrote 3 months ago
Ann Other wrote today
" This thread realy needs deleting and given a fresh start, looks like only noobs and those band for cheating are posting :("

The spell checker is one of the great software inventions,
its banned not band,and its really not realy noob!
Shamrock wrote 3 months ago
David Lozzi wrote 3 months ago
It’s just some ugly website that was put together in less than five minutes,The default style is a few years old now and is therefore stale.

Schmidt wrote 3 months ago
Signed up, immediately left again, there are no words to describe the horror.Are you kidding me,Yuck! In a horribly ugly but nostalgic way.That site is going to give me nightmares! :-)

Jason Beaird wrote 3 months ago
I just laughed for 5 straight minutes.....by myself

Is that bad? ;)

CreativeMilk wrote 3 months ago
Prime example why THEY should always hire a professional.
It reminded me of poorly done, Some might call it too Plain Jane.

I think you guys have invented a whole new art form over there LOL,.
Thomas07 wrote 3 months ago
speechless. blind and speechless. nauseous. need huge amounts of coffee up to the point where amnesia is induced and I forget ever clicking on that tracker
scribbs wrote 3 months ago
Bitsoup Member wrote 17 days ago
" The sysop that took X's place is gone A.W.O.L .Yet she visits other popular torrent sites on a regular base.

They make posts about the site getting new upgrades etc and still weeks,months after its still the same whole look."

There coder made the bed (and he'll have to lie in it when he choose friendships to hard working admins.Those that make sure there around daily. Not those that really don't have any interest being there. When the admin suddenly upped for whatever reason they have told you people, a few upped and left with him. Even some staff never checked back in.

Good rids to bad shit.
James wrote 3 months ago
If any one know where I can get hold of the Admin that was there ,contact me on Acj_taastrup@hotmail.com
Joe wrote 3 months ago
One sure recipe to end up with an Inbox full of spam is to openly publish your email address James
Perhaps choose to shroud the email address with JavaScript and then insert the code into an HTML Snippet to Shroud your email address.
Do Not Feed The Trolls wrote 13 weeks ago
The accuracy of a topic is inversely proportional to the number of trolls and flamers posting :(
hans wrote 6 weeks ago
hThat site will never change,they have promised to update things plenty of times and you can go away for weeks and return there and it's still the same.they offer nothing more than the odd support for a donation. They cant even run a lottery on a regular. The admins there now are a total waste of space, they don't give out any help but just direct you to old posts that don't have much useful tips since things outside that side update. There'sno sysop running anything there, the new sysop has gone awol. But like already said visits sites like iptorrents regular enough why keep it alive if you can't be bothered updating what needs seriously getting it in the 2014 feel.
Bryan wrote 6 weeks ago
The site was better when ice was around, one of the coolest guys I have met..Fuck torrentzilla
smokie wrote 6 weeks ago
I gotta agree on that Bryan, he was solid, Awesome chap.I couldn't care less what that site is all about, many left with ice.Good luck to bad rubbish.
former resident wrote 6 weeks ago
I was a mod there but seriously johndoe888 don't give any mod a chance, he mods all day long leaving nothing on the board, thought it would be different when he got promoted after ice left but it didn't change, johndoe888 still mods like some obsessed idiot.i left my account get placed on staff on holiday, they don't need mods, johndoe888 also bitches about the mods when they Don't log in, what is there for mods if you have a obsessed admins on site ffs.
in a nut shell wrote 5 weeks ago
Crap site
Romney wrote 5 weeks ago
I heard they are crying out for donations for hardware, No doubt a scam since the site ain't active enough to need hardware etc. Losers
Shamrock wrote 5 weeks ago
Most donations never really go where they say they do, the guy that calls himself myrrdin used to own smoking in the rain and the peer hub, he shut both sites down after he got donations. No members got any warning before he shut them down. The guy is a total idiot.
python wrote 5 weeks ago
Myrrdin, trasque whoever he wants to be totally sucks. Does he ever have any loyalty in people that try to help him out. The site sucks cos he owns it.
in a nut shell wrote 5 weeks ago
There are better sites out there
Bryan wrote 5 weeks ago
There's no comparison when looking for sites, torrentzilla is crap
David lozzi wrote 5 weeks ago
Owned by a homo
Buckload wrote 5 weeks ago
,, Lol ugly website, who the heck gave there 3mins to Iintroduce that ugly site to the public.
Tex wrote 5 weeks ago
Better sites are out there that offers so much where zilla offers nothing but files, of course you can get them elsewhere obviously .Zilla isn't anything special, forums are only used by the staff admins who actually create accounts, like eddspace.
Joe wrote 5 weeks ago
Lol, gotta say something bout one off thosebanners they got up, Iit says torrentzilla is watching your ratio, ffs no it isn't, there's a whole shit load over there with crappy ratios and you idiots ain't dealing with them.
kerman wrote 4 weeks ago
That's some ugly website, wtf
Buckload wrote 4 weeks ago
What did you expect, you only need to know the idiot it belongs too to know it won't ever be anything more then what it is now.
kerman wrote 4 weeks ago
shizzle wrote 4 weeks ago
@ Bryan, spot on bro.
sponge bob wrote 4 weeks ago
Shut it down, won't be missed,
David Lozzi wrote 4 weeks ago
Why don't myrrdin pass it on to someone who could and have got the time for Iit, obviously that idiot just expects donations. There isn't a site he has owned yet he could really be bothered with.
Joe wrote 4 weeks ago
He is a idiot that lad myrrdin, and johndoe888 how a noob like him ever got ranked an admin kinda says there really clueless. All that admin does his point members to the faq etc, clueless and a huge dis appointment to that site and to such a rank. It's total shit there.
walking dead wrote 20 days ago
Crappy site,
Mike wrote 13 days ago
Most of us already know it's crap, it's been crap for months since X and ice4man ain't around over there anymore.
James wrote 11 days ago
Connor wrote 9 days ago
I'm not just speaking for myself but if ICE ever decides to return there then many of us will bring ourselves to come out from the shell, ever noticed it went really like a grave yard when the ICE left. ICE is the man.
Rolo wrote seven days ago
He won't return, ain't missing nothing there anyway, ugly and ridiculous offering nothing.
walking dead wrote six days ago
Crappy site
kerman wrote two days ago
They don't even update the bloody poll, let alone a website. Idoits that are running that crap.
Green? wrote yesterday
Took one look at that site and ran, what the hell are they thinking that green was a good color.... Plus, no seeders / leeches, and the forums are dead. Avoid like the plague.
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