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Torrent tracker with all kinds of torrent files.
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Torrentzilla is not down
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2 faced shitheads wrote 3 months ago
This site is a total joke, DH or X as she is known there is an arrogant bitch who thinks she knows everything.

im under the impression from reading around that she was kicked off another tracker after doing some underhanded crap.

the content is crap and well below the established trackers like IPT, TL, TD etc and the speeds are crap to say the least.

the color scheme used is headache inducing and the forums have about 10 people in total that post.

avoid at all costs
LoveItOrLeaveIt wrote 3 months ago
Who cares what the colours are. I've been a member for a number of years now and quite happy to be there :)
my opnion wrote 3 months ago
I am entitled to my opinion, like you are yours.

im glad you are happy there, but i dont find it an enjoyable tracker, not that anyone can use it at the moment anyway
Bitsoup Member wrote 19 days ago
Torrentzilla,its a complete shit hole, No one uses the forums,Not many seed back,Its just a site that is completely full of useless staff.

The owner there is just a nerd that bad mouths when there banned from a popular website.
Torrentzilla spammed my website awhile ago with reviews for a few GB'S towards there members. Anything to try to get some promotion of some kind.

The site is a complete joke.
Torrentzilla hater wrote yesterday
A lot of people haven't considered that "cliques" can be a form of bullying as well. A clique is a small group of people that usually do not allow "new" members into their group, and will often exclude all others, sometimes harmfully. There are many instances where cliques and clique-ish behavior leads to bullying and the start of rumors about non-members. These groups can start as early as kindergarten.
I hate to tell you so wrote yesterday
Torrentzilla and gossip.

A gossiper shows just what they're made of and talking shit about other people isn't something that's particularly good to be known for..
Buckload wrote yesterday
The group who is gossiping is probably just doing so because of their own insecurities. Some people (assholes) like to attack other people who are threatening to them in some way or another.
Pete wrote yesterday
I have no respect for those I hear talking shit about people. I think that people who purposely spread gossip that is nasty or coming from a website without regard or legitimate concern about the targeted individual, are trying to validate their own existence.FO Torrentzilla
I call them cowards. wrote yesterday
I have no respect for those I hear talking shit about people who aren’t there to defend themselves
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