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Torrentz is a major torrent search engine linking to the most famous torrent sites. Recently Torrentz got blocked in the UK and other countries. Alternative Torrentz domains: Torrentz.eu, Torrentz.com, Torrentz.me. Torrentz proxy: torrentzproxy.com
User rating:
4 / 5
1887 votes cast
Torrentz is not down
Comments on Torrentz
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petrica wrote 71 months ago
datimi si mie o invitatie fileliat ma chinui de 3 ani si tot nam obtinuto
Devon wrote 70 months ago
need fking member ship to download things
kin wrote 68 months ago
im just trying its is good!!!
deiv wrote 67 months ago
this is shit so it is.!!
Toolie wrote 53 months ago
Nice Torrentsite search engine, however it's been down nearly a week now.
cur wrote 51 months ago
petrica, daca ai nevoie de invitatie pe filelist, iti pot trimite eu...
Top torrents wrote 49 months ago
Yeah, Torrentz is one among The top 10 torrent sites in the world. See here about 25 such free torrent downloading popular sites list -

[http://topbestlisted.blogspot.com/2011/08/top-25-best-free-torrent-downloading.html ]
kasun wrote 49 months ago
quality films download with screenshots{ http://latestfilmsfree.tk } also avalable low size movies
ovidiu wrote 46 months ago
FluxZone Free Sing Up


Tracker Romanesc General cu peste 13.000 torrente
Foarte multe torrente RoSub peste 4500 si numarul lor creste de la o zi la alta

Tracker Statistics
Maximum Users 40000
Registered Users 5,3
Online Users 150
Total Torrents 12.860
Inactive Torrents 7
Total Seeders 15144
Total Leechers 350
leaf wrote 36 months ago
nice site
http://spank-d-monkey.com wrote 32 months ago
low wrote 24 months ago
torrentz.eu is down for me
bypass wrote 24 months ago
You also can access directly by IP address:
Sean wrote 24 months ago
http://torrentz.com has been blocked by virginmedia
Holly Baber wrote 24 months ago
gone with extratorrent and bitsnoop
amish wrote 24 months ago
just load up a proxy
Dave wrote 22 months ago
Can anybody help me please.My isp is Virgin and they have blocked Torrentz I have previously accesed by http.torrentz.eu.prx2unblocksit.es Is there an alternative?
kei wrote 22 months ago
same problem but with sky , any able to help plse
picktorrent wrote 4 months ago
http://www.picktorrent.com the best!!!
ugurano wrote 11 weeks ago
great site
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