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Torrent Damage

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Torrent Damage
Torrent Damage has been online for several years and has silently grown into one of the best General/0Day trackers in existence.
Torrent Damage
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3 / 5
14 votes cast
Torrent Damage is not down
Comments on Torrent Damage
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Xtreme Force User wrote 71 months ago
Torrent-damage? Only the best fucking torrent website in the world!!!!!
news wrote 71 months ago
from freakbits:

Users of private tracker Torrent-Damage are experiencing difficulties accessing the site right now. The site’s domain name has been suspended and no longer functions. Please read on for more information and details on how to access the site.

torrentdamageOne of the most basic tests to attempt to find out the identities of the people behind a domain name is by conducting a WHOIS search. However, it is not unusual for torrent site owners to take measures to mask their identities, either by registering a protected WHOIS or entering fake information.

The latter is an accusation currently being leveled at private tracker Torrent-Damage. Since this is not allowed, their domain name has been suspended and users can no longer access the site by using it.

The site itself, however, remains fully functional if users follow a couple of tips.

1. It is possible to access the site using its IP address – simply enter into your browser instead of Torrent-Damage.net. However your torrents will not work – see step 3 below.

2. The site operates an alternative domain name which can be used instead: torrent-wiki.net

3. Edit your hosts file (instructions here) adding the information below. This will allow you to use the old domain name effectively and your torrents will also work. www.torrent-damage.net tracker.torrent-damage.net
paul wrote 71 months ago
can't get in, is torrent damage down?
read above stupid paul! wrote 71 months ago
look at my name!
Cluett wrote 64 months ago
i cant get any of that to work?
no TD :( wrote 64 months ago
Anything of the above mentioned doesn't work for me. I guess the site's down for now. Hope it will have all issues solved and be up again soon.
sad panda wrote 64 months ago
anyone know what's going on with TD ?
ja33y wrote 64 months ago
Hardware probs, keep patient
YeTi wrote 64 months ago
all that is from 6 months ago
a little patience everything should work out
DirkTheJaded wrote 64 months ago
Yes, hardware problems this time. Borked motherboard, I gather, waiting for a new one to come in the mail to be able to fix it, someone said on another site. IRC is purportedly up, though you may have to try a few times to get a connection.
rbig wrote 64 months ago
cant wait for it to get back online :)
ace wrote 64 months ago
Miss TD! Hope it all works out. Take your time do it right, we'll all be here waiting.
Challenger wrote 62 months ago
TD is up at the moment, I dont see any problems with em
Smile wrote 57 months ago
i need an invite for this site
if you need an invite and don't know a person in it then i say you work for the movie industry wrote 56 months ago
bob wrote 52 months ago
is this working for everyone else just now?
paul wrote 52 months ago
nope down for me too.
R wrote 52 months ago
Yeah its down D:
bob wrote 52 months ago
sigh :(
bob wrote 52 months ago
EP wrote 52 months ago
Down here. Is it for TD3 update?
DC wrote 52 months ago
Anyone check IRC? Updates?
ashutosh wrote 52 months ago
i have checked. the website is not responding
Mark wrote 52 months ago
TD is always down
Tom wrote 52 months ago
I agree with Mark
jeff wrote 52 months ago
it's back online guys :)
cl wrote 50 months ago
looks like the site is down?
dee wrote 49 months ago
plz can some 1 invite me plz
Snow wrote 28 months ago
You can receive Torrent-Damage invite here: http://strzicky.wix.com/home
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