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Torrentbits (out of service)

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Torrentbits (out of service)
Torrentbits.ro is a private romanian torrent tracker with all kinds of torrent files - Anime, Manga, Software, Games, Movies (SVCD, XviD, DVD-R, DVD-RO), Music. Torrentbits.ro
Torrentbits (out of service)
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Torrentbits (out of service) is not down
Comments on Torrentbits (out of service)
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What happened? wrote 64 months ago
Ce s-a intamplat oare cu TB? Am cont de cativa ani si la un moment dat era in varful-varfului. Acum sunt seederi in numar mai mare doar la torrente de astea populare.

Dominatia Filelist e atat de completa in Romania ca e de speriat si te face sa te intrebi cum de au atat succes, dar in afara ca-s multi useri cu IQ redus n-ai ce reprosa, si nici macar aia nu-i vina FL, ca doar nu o sa faca sonadaj la inregistrarea pe site sa vada care-i suficient de matur.

Ma rog, eu sper sa-si revina si TB ca m-am simtit bine pe site. Acum e tacere totala aproape - nu mai exista nici forum...
mak wrote 59 months ago
Is torrentsbits.ro down?
down? wrote 59 months ago
I tried to access torrentbits almost a week still no news of what happened to the site.
claude123 wrote 20 months ago
no access ... we must wait ...
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