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Torrent tracker with all kinds of torrent files.
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Speed.cd is not down
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the same man aka bigguy79 wrote 94 months ago
Your a wanker

And your topsite lmfao , is that the one with
all the internal leeks? pmsl ... the truth is you wouldnt know a topsite if it jumped up and punched you in the face you twat

A topsite hosted on a rented ovh server pmsl, its a fkin torrent site ....

And scene groups lmfao oh you mean SIC the shitty wannabe encoders who just remux other group releases lmfao

Incase anyone reading this wants the url and ip of this topsite here it is


Defqonone.net Server Details
IP address:
Server Location:France
ISP:Ovh Systems

Oh well there goes your super secret topsite lmao

ARASH wrote 80 months ago
this website is awesome !!
man this site got all kinds of torrents
Kids , DVD-R Movies , Music Vid/Audio , EBook , TV Show and so on
this site is shit wrote 78 months ago
i was on this site for a while they treat ppl like shit and the torrents can be gotten faster from loads of other sites keep lookin peeps
i agree this site sucks wrote 78 months ago
this site is a load of balls the layout is crude the ppl are asses and they dont even get torrents that fast i have found quite a few better and faster sites since being on there
someone wrote 74 months ago
ARASH you are there moderator... is not enough to say about speed.cd; that is awsome !! pls do something !
no6 wrote 72 months ago
Speed.cd sucks donkey balls. They are very rude to people and do not support freedom of speech. Try saying something that they disagree with. You will be muted by the F-in Natzis.
Their cherriy torrents are old dated trash.
Pepsky wrote 68 months ago
I just got a 2 week ban from speed.cd.
I had a fantastic ratio and never made any comments because I didn't want to upset the power hungry admins that love bringing down the ban hammer on their users.
Speed.cd is seriously phucked up.
So even if you keep a high ratio of uploads you will still get banned for some retarded reason only a British Fag could come up with. cheri-o bitches.
horde wrote 68 months ago
Just stick with Demonoid if you prefer a private tracker because speed.cd is moderated by a huge group of wankers. Demonoid is a fantastic site. I've been a member for 4 years and have never gotten any grief from the moderators.
DOWN WITH SPEED.CD - Up with Demonoid.
Ellise wrote 68 months ago
What is speed.cd?
lol wrote 68 months ago
Speed.cd is a torrent tracking site that is owned and opperated by a bunch of weak minded social retards that won't allow your opinion.
If you download a torrent that is miss labeled and precede to write a comment about it informing others then your comment will be deleted and you will be muted.
They just don't want to admit they made an error because they are week minded Brits.
In other words they are ANTI FREEDOM OF SPEECH=ANTI AMERICAN, and serious control freaks.
Hibees is an admin there and is a complete jerk.
You can suck my balls Hibees. You know you want to fag.
Hibees wrote 68 months ago
Were not anti american at speed.cd. But if we want to mute you for any reason we see fit. WE WILL! Our torrents are the best and our up-loaders are some of the sweetest people on earth. And if I don't think your opinion should be heard then I'll delete it. We don't need your kind at speed.cd. Go some place else.
Canada FTW wrote 68 months ago
@ Hibees. It doesn't sound like people have a very high opinion of your site and I can see why. You are not helping to change anyone's views by acting like a dictator. Do you not realize how you are acting? You need to seek professional help man.
orangebox wrote 68 months ago
@ Hibees ia a jewbutt nazi homo
Speed.cd wrote 68 months ago
Ive never had problems with the people at speed although i can not seem to connect right now
TheGreatBritton wrote 68 months ago
Will, I agree that the lamerz at speed.cd are a bunch of idiot homos. I'm sick of their lame releases and old outdated material. I quit using them mounts ago. And if you can't connect thats because they banned your IP like their doing to everyone else. Welcome to the club of speed rejects. F**K those fags anyway. Plenty of other great torrent sites to use.
Torrent wrote 68 months ago
Haha, you can't even join speed.cd anymore unless you get an invite or pay $10 US.
speed.cd is for homos and morons.
bM wrote 67 months ago
Evidentially you guys came to speed.cd with the wrong attitude! If you join and keep a respectful image then you will not be mistreated at Speed.CD!!! From my time spent on their website, I couldn't say enough kind words to sum up or come close to justifying my stay there. Also, I wouldn't try to compare their torrents to ANY OTHER SITE!!! That's why I honestly don't think people should judge the site by the prior comments about speed.cd. I only got 2 words for speed.cd and their staff, THANK YOU!!!

sir lorcha wrote 67 months ago
I've been with speed.cd for a while now and i haven't got any serious issues with the site admin except that i was once banned for using multiple username in just one IP add. I got banned for a week but its worth it. i signed up using different IP add but so i passed that part then i change company and uses only one IP add. torrents at speed.cd is OK.
star-money wrote 67 months ago
Speed.cd banned me for nothing. I had a great upload ratio and never posted anything bad. When I try to login I get a message that my ip is banned. I've seen them drop the ban-hammer on a lot of users but always kept my mouth shut.
I don't really care, the torrents are all old stuff and they have a fake aXXo that releases poor quality compared to what the real aXXo released.. Anyone that ever DL any of aXXo releases can tell a huge difference.

speed=$10=noob=lolzer wrote 67 months ago
I only had a few issues with speed.cd and I can assure you that the aXXo on speed.cd is NOT legit. Only the noobs at that site believe that those poor quality rips are worth the bandwidth. Who the hell would want to download "Paint your wagon". I mean. WTF.
muted wrote 67 months ago
I got muted on my old speed account for pointing out that aXXo did not release the file in question and never encoded any .mp4 rips. The uploader jumped all over me and then I got muted by the admin.
They said I was being "cheeky" whatever that means.
Talk about nixing freedom of speech.
maybe speed admins would like to burn my flag as well and kick my dog on their way out.
Demonoid 4ever.
@ bM wrote 67 months ago
I had a respectful image at speed but I got muted as well. I never posted any comments other than "Thanks"
I can not even contact the admin to ask why.
They haven't released anything good in the last year anyway. Better off finding somewhere else to hang.
staff wrote 67 months ago
Your just moaning like a bunch of bitches , if the site is shite like you lot seem to think then why moan when you get banned ? You blab on about freedom of speech , have you never heard of the site rules ? every site has them you dickheads and if you break them you will probably get banned regardless of what the site is .

Speed is a family friendly site and do not allow people to swear / post porn / spam or have adult images in their avatars which alot of you fuckwits seem to think is acceptable

lmao @ the fake hibees comments , do you fkin noobs honestly beleive he would lower himself to the same level as you fkin trolls and post on this shithole? lmao fuckin noobs go back to mininova where you belong!

I hate trolls! wrote 67 months ago
Its quite clear that all the people moaning above are just trolls who like to go from site to site slagging everyone off , well if you lot were / are members who arent happy with the site then prove it ?? otherwise stfu.

Ive seen reviews on fsf and filesharing blogs that were carried out by proper editors/reviewers and they all had good things to say about the site, but i suppose they professional guys are all wrong and you idiot trolls are right!

You lot should go away and crawl back under the rocks you came from!
heman wrote 66 months ago
the very best of the best torrent site i have ever been on
USA=FAGS wrote 66 months ago

owlimagine wrote 66 months ago
to the comment above me, i find that very Rude, im an American and our staff is the best staff you could ever have, i find it very enjoyable, only reason why you guy's are getting banned is because you've done something wrong, i know how you guy's are working it, it's because you got banned or warned so you slagg em off, wel im their newest American Moderator, and if i see any slaggin, i will defo ban your ass, so i dont Tolerate any of that kind of shittness on our site.. so Go take it somewhere else.
kalyan89 wrote 66 months ago
Ok peeps owlimagine is right..Its the best site I've ever seen.
Now why don't you try to SHUT YOUR FUCK UP ..
adgie wrote 66 months ago
speedcd is the only site i have found so far that is fare and fast and iv been lookin for years for a good site rlslog is good for info to but all the shit im hearing here about speedcd me and my freinds have never had any problems in years
lucky wrote 66 months ago
speed cd kicks asssss
and were open on the 15 join up if u want real torrents but if your not ready to seed don't bother
mrdeg wrote 66 months ago
I've very much enjoyed speed.cd since joining last year... fast, reliable, etc.. until being kicked off yesterday, it seems, for seeding too much !! I've never seeded this much before specifically for not being booted off and also to make sure my ratio was big enough for a 45 gb download.. I'd like a valid reason why I can't connect..
speedlover wrote 66 months ago
You cant connect cos the servers are down. This site is awesome. Alway new torrents every day always good quality NO FAKE SHIT THERE!!
mrdeg wrote 66 months ago
Thank you speedlover for your swift reply.
And yes, the site is awesome !
porcelain wrote 66 months ago
i cudn't connect to speed.cd since yesterday.........its a very good site.....infact the best of all torrent site........my ratios are also up to the mark .......do u guys know something about it.....is the server down???or the site got banned????is there anyone having the same (problem the site is not opening)??i am from india.................reply
jardix101 wrote 66 months ago
same as that, haven't been able to connect since yesterday, got to say speed.cd is strict, but all i do is keep my ratio up and get loads of great fast downloads, no hassles. thank you speed.cd
blossom86 wrote 66 months ago
Speed.cd is reliable! The big fish start out small, speed will grow to be a great torrent site.
mrdeg wrote 66 months ago
Could anyone shed any further light as to the situation of this beloved site ?
cookie wrote 66 months ago
2 days now and still no sign of speed.cd been a member for a very long time just aint got a clue wats goin on posted 13th july 2010
trixxtur wrote 66 months ago
yep, i've never had a problem with speed.cd. and whoever says that the so-called "AXXO" isn't real, all i can say is i've followed him from site to site and all the rips are top quality as they always have been. never mind getting some of the dvd rips 2-3 weeks before they're available on the market. and as to everyone else, i've not been able to connect since 2 days ago myself. still looks like i'm seeding but can't hit the site for anything. and i have no clue as to why that is either.
sc wrote 66 months ago
trixxtur wrote 66 months ago
this is what i get when trying to hit the website:

[2013] dbconn: mysql_connect: Lost connection to MySQL server at 'reading initial communication packet', system error: 113
owlimagine wrote 66 months ago
server's are being upgraded it will be back in a few hour's

speed.cd.rawx. wrote 66 months ago
speed.cd is simply the best torrent site i've found,.. fake axxo? i dont think so, its perfect quality as we'd come to expect from axxo.. the latest movies, tv shows, pc games, apps.. etc.. love it.. and so so soooo fast..
SPEED.CD = BADASS SITE wrote 66 months ago
this is clearly the best torrent site out there never had a problem with the site or any of its staff or members, the only reason people moan is cuz there all willing to download but never seed, the reason everyone is respected there is because everyone shares, SEED OR BLEED BITHCHES !!
Charolo wrote 66 months ago
SPEEDCD IS THE BEST NO DOUBT!!!! It's just down for Server upgrades or something.
emmme wrote 66 months ago
Speed.cd is the BEST site on earth!!, btw, when will the upgrade finish?
Happy Member wrote 66 months ago
Mmmm, shame there are a load of idiotic comments above, clearly a bunch of freeloaders.

Speed is a great site, no doubt.

Little frustrating I didn't see a announcement they would be offline for a while. Ho-hum, I might of missed it (Can Speed clarify I wonder??)

If it's an upgrade, it can only benefit us all.

tig wrote 66 months ago
speed in a great site never had problems torrents are of good quality and it seeds well. Hope it gets back online soon.
zedd wrote 66 months ago
Been with speed for i don't no how long now ...since mininova went tits up and have always had faster downloads than anywhere else... always good quality and most importantly clean reliable get what you ask for files. As for you whiney ass sooks who bag speed GET A LIFE
mad manc john wrote 66 months ago
all u bitch ass whining pussy yanks can go fuck yaselves u bunch of fags.speed cd is the shit.by far the best torrent site out there.so quit ya crying and fuck off back where u came from.!!!!!
htlp_12 wrote 66 months ago
People hating on Speed.cd are the ones that like to leech and run and turn every forum into a porno site. I love Speed, it's fast and yes, heavily moderated for the right reasons. There are actually standards and expectations to be a member there, which leads to a great community of solid files. I love it there.
sc wrote 66 months ago

this is clearly the best torrent site out there never had a problem with the site or any of its staff or members, the only reason people moan is cuz there all willing to download but never seed, the reason everyone is respected there is because everyone shares, SEED OR BLEED BITHCHES !!

mrdeg wrote 66 months ago
I feel naked without this site :-(
Eagerly awaiting reconnection :p
avilover123 wrote 66 months ago
I too was surprised that the site was down without warning - I know they are opening up on 15th July as per the banner when I last logged on but I might suggest to them that next time there is a little warnign in the community - to be honest, I am sure they have tried something but it has just not been shown hence the server error notice on the main page - keep up the good work Speedcd and all who run her ship - those of us that use the site and genuinely enjoy it know that the bullshit comments are exactly that, BULL :)
Soup wrote 66 months ago
This is the 1st site i have truly used to d/l or u/l anything (in quantity) and i have found it to be the most-deserving of it's true value to everybody....IT'S THE BEST SITE !
If i ever need answer's to any problem's i alway's find someone to help !
All i can say is.... if slagging-off another torrent site 'rock's yer boat then maybe it's best you're not there with us and everybody else !
Gene Simmons wrote 66 months ago
I agree with soup !
tiakayleigh wrote 66 months ago
speed.cd is the best site , not because of moderators, torrent speed or choice , or even the layout, its the best because we dont have to listen to shit like this and there are no fake torrents. go elsewhere to bitch or download crap
jimmy1966 wrote 66 months ago
speed cd is currently being updated so be patient and soon the best site in the world will be back in action seems the only people moaning have been barred hmm building a picture! speed cd 4eva
AjRunner wrote 66 months ago
Im from Canada and i love speed.cd. Thanks for your work. Hpe your back on soon!
SPEED wrote 66 months ago
the reason no notice about the site being down is because it was unexpected, we were all on the site chatting and it just went down, it will be up and running again soon with no bitch ass people on there, 9/10 people on the site want to share and it for a good reason, best torrents no bullshit and excellent community
PakRat wrote 66 months ago
I have been with Speed for a LONG time and never been banned or even had an argument with a Mod. Probaly because I don't criticize and nitpick each and every upload like some do. Of course some releases are better than others but if I download a below "par" version then it's MY fault, not the uploaders or sites fault. I am very satisfied and happy with the way the site works, including the bannings. My only regret is that I can't contribute as much as I'd like due to low upload speed. I've done the Demonoid, Ace, Mini-Nova, even Kazza back in the day but have stuck with SPEED simply cause its best I've found. They sometimes ask for improvement suggestions and after much thought... none! It's aleady as good as it gets in my book.
kdrweld wrote 66 months ago
speed.cd #1 bar none, If you have a problem with the staff then you are probably a foul mouth hit and runner cuz thats the only way you'll have a problem with the staff. Hurry back speed, I feel like i'm missing an arm!
Kaffy64 wrote 66 months ago
Best site out there....PERIOD!!
MKB1020 wrote 66 months ago
I love speedcd....waiting for it to come back to the net. Oh, and by the way we really don't need the British or American bashing. Wonderful site...one I'd let my kids use that's for sure! Get it fixed please so we can enjoy once again. If an individual doesn't like the content then press on.....you are free to do that.
MKB1020 wrote 66 months ago
AXXO keep up the great work too!
EVILTOAD wrote 66 months ago
DavePDBear wrote 66 months ago
speedcd.......great site.
looking forward to a hasty return.
I have M8s that are hoping they dont miss the 15th/7 sign ups.
They are just jealous as I am already a member.
HaH Hah!!
DavePDBear wrote 66 months ago
By the way....Where am I???
Can I join this site?
Sandy wrote 66 months ago
Thank god...... they are back
RFJ2803 wrote 66 months ago
I've been checking the site all day as I heard it was open for signups but when it has come back online and I hit the signup link it went to the usual donation request. Not that I mind but I am a fair user and seeder and have have paid for sites already and was hoping to catch a break. I'm missing Axxo and missing a good torrent site.
Can anyone explain why the doors aren't "open" after all?
mrdeg wrote 66 months ago
Welcome back, speed.cd !! With open arms !! Need I really mention how much you are appreciated and loved ? Yes I do.. LOVE THIS SITE AND ALL AFFILIATED WITH IT !!
trixxtur wrote 66 months ago
rfj2803. if i had your email i could send you an invite but i only have 1 to give out. and i'm sure if you post your email address here, you'll get bombarded by junk email and someone would probably post their's trying to make me think it's your's then they'd get the invite instead of you. if you know of a way for me to safely get the invite to you reply back.
bitbot wrote 66 months ago
doors are open but sign up doesnt work. activation email never arrives.
RFJ2803 wrote 66 months ago
trixxtur thank you heaps. great offer and much appreciated. i found the doors open as promised this morning and signed up.
bitbot i had the same experience and sent an email direct to the address at the bottom of the signup page. i received a repl\y that i was all cool to login and it was true to its word. i'm in and looking forward to being a latest member of speed.CD.
good luck to anyone else and again trixxtur - legendary - cool to find others out there wanting to offer the helping hand :)
trixxtur wrote 66 months ago
cool. welcome to speed.cd! may i suggest checking out "THE REAL AXXO'S" torrents.
The one wrote 66 months ago
Speed.cd is the only family safe torrent site, and the torrents collection is great,
and the STAFF one words WOW

i think the sign up will be open again on 15th

thanks http://www.speed.cd for everthing
Bodzio wrote 66 months ago
This site is great :D
richy wrote 65 months ago
omg, been with speed for over a year now.
I just got my IP banned. I have a great ratio and I never leave foul comments .
it happened to me too. =(
stupid speed.
bob the builder wrote 65 months ago
A whole lot of people defending speed. most of which are using fould language in the comments above. How can you tell someone not to be foul and use those words yourself?

Not very bright are you.
speed is ok wrote 65 months ago
its ok but pretty lame torrents. nice people though.
Not a pro site. pretty noob stuff.
to each his own.
speed.cd wrote 65 months ago
Who brought popcorn?
Jenny wrote 65 months ago
Speed has been a great site for as long as I can remember.
But all of you are acting horrible.
? wrote 65 months ago
What is speed.cd?
phil wrote 65 months ago
Is the site down? I cant connect.
I've been trying to connect since yesterday.
deg wrote 65 months ago
same problem as phil just above. Any ideas why ?
lee wrote 65 months ago
im trying to get in on the open signup but it goes to /takesignup page on IE8 and firefox but wont load the page. I think everyone trying also is getting this. Can anyone help?
Justice wrote 65 months ago
MoMo wrote 65 months ago
i need an invitation please but how?
MoMo wrote 65 months ago
i need an invitation please but how?
Get a Grip wrote 65 months ago
Speed.cd uses a fake axxo for publicity. The staff are rude and the site is nothing but a knock off of IPT. Speedcd is the Romper Room for Lamers. Find a real site to download from with actual encoders. anyone can rename a torrent folder. Speed.cd isnt worth your time.
Speed.cd = Nazi site - stay clear wrote 64 months ago
My friend and I joined speed together. He went and started his own site and asked if I wanted to help him. Do you know those faggot Admins at speed.cd banned him for poaching a user? The user was me and we were friends before that shit site. Damn Nazi speed staff, you don't control where I want to sign up on the internet and with which sites i choose to work with. I havent been back since. Anti-Freedom = speed.cd = Nazi site

Fake Axxo torrents, poor layout and Nazi staff . you can take my account and shove it. I wont be back !
Charger440 wrote 64 months ago
I tried to sign up but apparently their sign up section is broke or they are not accepting open sign ups and just not saying so.
Member wrote 64 months ago
speed is one of the best site who comment here all is one user, i'm a member from 2 years i get Ratio warning 2 times but they didn't ban me until now, the STAFF is friendly and aXXo torrents are good the quality, so stop crying if you want invite let me know i have 2 invite
speed.cd is lame and outdated wrote 64 months ago
They never have any uptodate material and everything they have you can get anywhere without a membership.

Only lamers use speed.cd lolz loosers.
the real deal wrote 64 months ago
aXXo is not the real deal on speed.cd
only a moron can't tell the differance.
Seriously quit faking speed.cd YOU SUCK.
wanna be lamer wrote 64 months ago
I signed up through a friends invite.
and I gotta tell ya......
Lamerz using others torrents and fake aXXo's and call it their own.
bunch of wankers at speed.cd.
I didn't see one torrent worth the d/l

yawn. how boring to see something last updated 1/2 a year ago.

speed.cd is NAZI idealism wrote 64 months ago
who do these jerks think they are.
You can not control others vioces you hitler fags.
Banned me for informing others that a torrent had a bad rip with out of sinc audio half way threw.
OMG. would everyone want to know so they don't bother downloading.

F U speed.cd hitlers.
You'd probably kill jews and kick my dog.
IRC TPB KAT FTW wrote 64 months ago
you can get everything speed.cd has and a whole lot more at TPB and KAT.

no need for lame signup and dorky power hungry, ban master staff.
Get a life speed admin. you guys are seriously weak minded socially retarded Nazi lamer dictators.
I have some IRC friends that had issues with you..
They were the ones that made your material possible you retards and you fucked them over. Thats why you lamers don't have new material. They moved their rips so your so fake rippers can't leach any more.
You lamers

won't be seeing you tards anymore.
speed.cd = TRASH wrote 64 months ago
so many better sites, google is your friend use it. get away from a site built on lies.

axxo was here
jesus was here
---- yeah right...slow ass shit site puhhleaze
fux0r wrote 63 months ago
"you can get everything speed.cd has and a whole lot more at TPB and KAT."

Yeah a whole lot more crap. Viruses/Morons/Trolls/Fake Torrents.

And why do you people follow aXXo arround like he's a god or something it's pathetic/dumb. He's not even the best encoder by a mile. The scene (FLAWL3SS, ViSiON, KINGDOM, LEGi0N ect.) is better quality/faster release time anyway. And we got alot of that at speed. The guy is obselete. K so he used to do some good DVD Rips... so fucking what lmfao.

The truth about Speed:


1. Friendly, helpfull community.
2. Alot of new content added daily.
3. Great normal uploaders/Scene uploaders
4. Great speed/alot of our users have seedboxes
5. Family safe


1. Very strict...
> No swearing in comments/chat
> No porn/No offensive avatars
> No talking about religion/faith/politics
2. The look of the site needs updating imo. I Like IPT's layout alot better.
3. Other sites have a bigger database.

Rant Over
Dave the "yank" wrote 62 months ago
I have my issues with certain members, but as a whole SPEED.CD is a wonderful sight with super fast servers and MOST of the new releases. NO one sight has ALL of the newest releases. I do not believe the posters, on this sight that say "I kept a high ratio and never did anything wrong, but I got banned for no reason." Bullshit. You are a liar. I have been at SPEED for a LONG time and have been staff for a while, but never saw ANYONE get banned for "no reason." If you are banned than you did something stupid, and deserve it. If you wanted to stay, you could have PM'd an admin to plead your case and I guarantee, you would have been treated fairly.
My only other issue is with the asinine posters who keep slamming "Yanks." Whats your problem with Americans you poor limy? If not for us you would have been speaking German for a long time so try a little humility.
My britt buds dont own the sight. It is a Russian who OWNES the sight dumbass. If your going to hate something, than at least aim your hate straight. And he happens to be a nice guy.
SPEED.CD= FAST, FRIENDLY and SAFE. If you want porn go to IP. If you want viruses than stay in the public sector where you belong.
Anonymous wrote 62 months ago
speed.cd is a total shithole

slow uploads, low number of seeders for such a "popular" site, the ui/theme is fucking hideous, the banners/graphics look like they were designed by a 12-year-old, the staff/admins are arrogant clueless noobs (and it's amusingly pathetic to see them worship the fake axxo).
wow wrote 62 months ago
speed.cd is a good site and friendly site i don't know why this people crying ? i'm a new member of speed.cd and my download is as fast as my end of connection and the STAFF is friendly, my ratio was low and i asked them they give me free upload credit, so people who post here Stop crying and register your user name if your ip is banned go to facebook and speed.cd have a group ask them for unother chance they will give you other chance,
ass holes :)
Not looking a gift horse in the mouth wrote 61 months ago
What's with all the haters, man. Every download I've done from these guys has been quick, high quality, and best of all, FREE. Thanks are in order. Focus your rage on the true restrictors of free speech. Your elected or non elected officials. Keep up the good job SPEED.CD.
Speed Cd members don't give a stuff. wrote 61 months ago
Us members at speed cd couldn't care about you trolling crybaby's. We are happy and pleased with what you get. Obviously those complaining are those type of idiot trolls that love getting on sites and just being flat out arseholes. I highly suspect most of those having a whinge got booted from the site for abusing other torrent uploaders and they are pissed because they haven't found another decent site yet. BTW - Axxo may have been god of bit-torrents but he is old news now. Their are way better uploaders doing some awesome jobs.Well, back to my favourite site, SPEED CD.
Comparison of private and public wrote 61 months ago
Though i agree with the 'ratio' of SPEED.CD and famous Demonoid, sometime these ratios get wrong when i use multiple ip, such as mobile brodband. that's a issue i face the most, thoug i face no problems in upload speed.

I believe it's foolish and pathetic to compare SPEED.CD against Domonoid, which i'm a long term user i Demonoid.
omg speed admis are rude wrote 61 months ago
An admin on speed got cranky with a user that only only pointed out the inaccuracy of the torrents title. I took the users side because he was correct and suggested that admin take a break because the admin was obviously cranky. He then later changes his original post to sound all nice but mutes me for 2 weeks. wtf... complete bull.
who ever above is defending speed.cd's integrity is a complete retard. Are you blind or just dumb? These guys are power hungry lieing jerks.

I was never rude, Never cussed, was only defending the poster that was correct in his statement and still I got muted.
also who ever above said to take it up with an admin to plead your case. ha, when your muted you cant even msg them. so thats complete bull too.

besides, I agree with the few above that know of better places to share torrents. speed is falling way behind for months now.

Fux0r is a complete tard wrote 61 months ago
dude look at the hash files, speed cd is sharing the same stuff everyone else has already gotten off TPB and KAT. Fux0r, you are a phucking noob. You dont know 5h!t. lmfao
speed's shit is always days old
Member of Speed wrote 61 months ago
I just want to add a comment about several of the previous posts above. First, Ive been at Speed for a year now. Second, I have had nothing but kindness and continual support and help from not only the Staff but most all of the members as well. I have NEVER found a site that is so eager to help people with ANY problem, LARGE or small. If you get into ratio trouble, visit the Chat, and I will promise you that at least one of the Staff Mods will offer to help you get that corrected.(By the way, when your ratio falls below 0.5 your account is ONLY prevented from DL'ing until your ratio is back up. You can still PM a staff member and participate in Chat where you can get help. YOU ARE NOT BANNED for ratio !) Even if you break one of the rules that keep the site family friendly, you ALWAYS get warned first, and usually you just get an informal reminder before that.) If you are someone that believes that the rules are for "other people" then your continous violations will most certainly get you banned. If that happens, it was your fault.

On another note, several folks here have talked about Speed having the same torrents as the other sites (and assuming that Speed got or copied them from the other sites), let me clue you in on something you obviously dont know, or else dont want others to know. 1. Most all of the torrent sites on the net recieve approximately 75% of ALL torrents from Scene Release Servers or Newsgroups. That being said, most all of the scene releases are UL to all of the sites on the web, henceforth, they all can contain pretty much the same stuff. 2. What categories a site has (porn or no porn) is solely dependant upon the site owners wishes. Not the availability of that site owner to get those types of torrents.
3. It is a common practice in the P2P industry for Uploaders to be members of multiple sites and transfer or share files found at one site with others and vice-versa. Its always happened, and always will. 4. I happen to know that as of right now "aXXo" is residing at Speed, as he is an upper level staff member there. aXXo also has/is a member uploader on several sites, more so in the past that at the current moment. As he doesnt get paid, nor do any of the volunteer only Staff at Speed, for ANY of his UL's, why do people expect and demand that he be the 1st at uploading every new movie that comes out? I rather like the fact that he spends considerable time working on movies that are really good and popular, and produces results that are far superior to most, and I repeat most, all other encoders/ UL'er in the P2P scene. There are many excellent encoders in the scene, and I take my hat off to all of them.

Lastly, I must add that I know that a lot of the negative and nasty comments posted here are being done so by a small group of individuals and former Admins who tried to "overthrow" the upper level staff by acts of false accusations and underhanded tactics, so that they could steer the Speed site in a direction that wasnt in accordance with the owners wishes. As a result the owners took action and it really ticked off those that were up to no good and they undertook a campaign to smear Speed and deplete its member rank.

To those of you that fall into this category, I say the shame is upon you. You attempted to carry an ill-conceived plan and you deserved the sanctions that were levied against you. Even then, you were not banned, just demoted. That's the way of Speed, to forgive and move on. Enough said.

In summary, Speed is a wonderful site, that has a community type atmosphere, and is devoted to providing a place where every member of the family, from grandma to little Johnny, is comfortable and safe from the common hazards and pitfalls of the lewdness of the modern day websites. That is the desire of the site ownership, staff and members. If you dont want to be a member of that kind of family oriented community, then by all means exercise YOUR freedom of choice and dont join.

Those of us that belong to SPEED welcome that and love being a part of a site that has some values.

Thanks for reading.
Not a member nor will ever be. wrote 60 months ago
@Member of Speed

I considered joining speed.cd by donating because the small amount of money is acceptable if the site is good.

The question i have for you is how can YOU prove anything you've written? None of the persons on this site can prove shit about what they've said.

But from what i've heard i'm not going to pay a dime for that site.

If aXXo still exists then i'll tell you what, have him go on his TPB account and PROVE that it's him and announce to people where he is. Not only would that PROVE he's not gone but it would also bring alot of positive attention to the site that he apparently is a staff member off. And unless this is done then you can fuck right off with your bullshit, because that's the only thing it is, bullshit. However if aXXo does prove this, then congrats to you.

But before that's done, then i'm going to side with the people who trashtalk this site, if you want to try and trash me or contact me i'm "Ninjazat" at TPB.

But i warn you, call me out and i will give you a piece of my mind, and there are few i've met that have the intelligence to even so much as remotely hurt me.
Ex speed.cd staff member wrote 60 months ago
I'm a ex staff member at speed an would like to point out something to you all, If speed is such a great site, why did half the staff including myself all leave at once an go to another site?
not me wrote 60 months ago
wher did you all go?
speed.cd lol wrote 60 months ago
Im a member i joined ages ago when some genius was spamming minninova saying how aXXo was on speed.cd . So i went to take a look and downloaded one of his torrents Terminator Salvation and the quality wasn't the best there is a dark scene at the very start which was pixelated. I had never gotten a pixelated rip from aXXo before so i said this aint aXXo and low and behold i got banned from commenting on his torrents so all you ever see is comments kissing his ass from the clueless because and people saying the quality sucked got banned from commenting on his stuff lol. I would say it is the most hated torrent site on the net, which is funny when they like to think of themselves as a friendly site. And Btw the same fake aXXo is now uploading at torrent day which is a far better site which gets releases faster than alot of sites, and he joined 2days ago. And no there isn't any trolls just honest people givin honest comments on the quality of torrents, something speed.cd doesn't tolerate.
Ex Speed.cd staff wrote 60 months ago
Not one for spamming but we all at the Fookas release groups home,
Former Staff wrote 60 months ago
I have never in my life found more lick asses. Censorship is WRONG!! Just because "upper management" doesnt agree with Western views , and the fact that we like WOMEN, does not give the right to censor. We all LEFT together for a statement. Fuck with the bull and get the HORNS!
FooKaS Member wrote 60 months ago
Makes me proud to be a member of such a fine upstanding group of encoders.
FooKaS because we just dont care!
PUG wrote 60 months ago
speed sucks and everyone knows it its got stupid rules and you get banned to much and banning hard working staff get a life :P twistedtorrents.com is a real site speed sucks milkshake
fail .cd wrote 60 months ago
Ex staff member wrote 60 months ago
I edited over 2,000 torrents an got banned that being there way of saying thanks, Twisted Torrents where people are real an not on a power trip is the place to be.
loooool wrote 60 months ago
some lifeless people here. lol
Speed.cd is closed today. forever. if you grabbed your seat like me then congrats! have a great time ;)
the download speed is awesome! and the environment is very Family friendly for my kids.

Thanks speed.cd!
Member of Speed wrote 60 months ago
Its kind of funny that the ones that tried to stir up all the trouble at SPEED are the ones that list themselves as Ex Speed Staff,Former Staff, and FooKaS members, and are still talking trash. Grow up, and let it go. You tried to have it your way, and FAILED ! Move on FFS !
sceneline wrote 60 months ago
as i know speed.cd is a really good site and the STAFF and members are very kind when ever i face any problem i asked them and they tried hard to solve my problem,
now the door is closed
who write shit about speed.cd they are some bad people, don't do any bad and don't expect kick in the ass :)
lmao wrote 60 months ago
Trolls galore on here or what !

All these assholes on here to say they love speed yet trash it with shit need to take a look at theirselves , if the site aint worth the trouble and is shit like you claim , then why bother that you all got booted ?

You fookas group are a bunch of fakes all you do is remux other group releases and name it as your own ,as you recently got found out on ipt but now that real groups are finding out the truth and will spread the word about your shittiy little group and by leaving comments on here you just showing your group to be a bunch of fkin idiots.

And as for twisted torrents , dont make me fkin laugh your shitty flash in the pan site has shit torrents , no leechers and sysops who cant even speak fkin english even tho they are english, as well a power crazy staff leaders who like nothing better than to have full control over everything you do on site.

SPEED ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And you twisted assholes pm me again on speed and im reporting you to the staff for promoting your crap site!
dave wrote 60 months ago
Got to say been a speed member for over a year now and have never had any problems with it at all , the staff are helpful and friendly the torrents are fast and theres loads of leechers/ seeders so ratio isnt a problem , and theres also bonus points you can trade for upload credit so even members with slow speed can keep a ratio.

Some of the things being said above are are just false and are being made by staff members of another torrent site with the one goal to try and steal members away from speed , well it wont work speed members are loyal because we like the no pron rule and the no swearing rule as well as the fast downloads .

I dont want to join a 2nd rate site that has no leechers , crap torrents , flash animations and porn everywhere and have to listen to power hungry members give the senior staff a bj to get a promotion.

If you want my advice you'll try and get invited to speed and just ignore that other shithole you wont regret it .
steve wrote 60 months ago
Yea following on from what "lmao" said, i got a pm from a staff member of another site while on speed aswell and was going to send it to the staff but didnt want to cause any trouble as it was a former admin who sent it to me , but i got to admit behaving like that is shameless tbh , and they think they harming speed but all their doing is showing that they are nasty , vindictive little people who need to get a life away from their pc's.
joe wrote 60 months ago
I went to their site after getting a pm aswell and it looks so bad my head hurt after 10 mins , they spend more time worrying about the animations then the fkin torrents ...noobs.
speed rules! wrote 60 months ago
hahahah yea i went there too and tbh i not a coder and never will be , but the level of animations on the site is that bad they limit your pm's to about 15 or it affects the site page load time lmao , after that the system auto deletes them thats very intursive going into a members pm box without their concent to delete their messages but hey this lot dont give a fk as their internal release group admin (we just dont care) .

Dont leave speed for this bunch of fuckers you'll regret it .
craig wrote 60 months ago
Im not going to get involved in the name calling , but i just had to post to say i been on speed for nearly 3 years and love every minute of it .

Right from the day i joined ive loved being there , its family safe which means i dont have to hide the page everytime my kids walk in and can even let my kids surf on it on their own without worrying about some pervert of porn torrent, all in all speed is a very good site.

Keep up the good work guys. ;)
martin wrote 60 months ago
Yea fully agree with the above comment it good not not having porn and adverts all over the page when you have kids wandering about so yes speed defo gets my vote.

You rock guys and thank you got the birthday present of 250 points , 3 years young and still going strong.
hmm wrote 60 months ago
Yea i got a pm from a guy called joe on speed and bigguy on ipt asking for my msn (very stalkerish tbh) as i dont even know these people , my mate did give this joe guy his msn and got invited to a site that was fill of g@y pr0n and kiddie pr0n , so beware people .

Stay away from these people and if you get a message report it to the site staff at once.
oh wrote 60 months ago
I got 1 of those pm's on speed aswell from someone called "selina" and couldnt understand what she was saying due to the very bad grammar , at first i thought it was sent to me by mistake but after reading this i now know there was a more sinister reason , thanks for the headsup guys / girls, if i get another i'll be reporting it to the staff .
hahahaha wrote 60 months ago
I love a good troll so i'll start with FooKaS or as it should be "fuckers" , these fuckers dont thank their sources and their best encoder a guy called "twisted" had the fkin nerve to argue with the digital ink release group , well you twat ink have forgotten more about encoding than you will ever learn you fkin idiot, why dont you fk off back to your fkin noob little site with all the other fookas bitches before you get an nfo pre'd about you and dos'd .

And now your site lmao if thats what you call it ,never in all my years have i seen an uglier fkin site and i mean that , their staff are so vain its beyond funny when i watched members join their chat if they didnt pay homage by bowing and saying hello the staff ignored them lol and no thats not a joke!

They are making alot of influencial people angry and if they keep going the way they are going then they wont be around for too long i can promise you that. ;)
speed rocks wrote 60 months ago
Speed rocks enough said!!!!!
pmsl wrote 60 months ago
I like it how all the staff at twisted can come on here and flame another torrent site because they got caught breaking the rules at speed .. they certainly not the brightest bulbs in the box ,
selina cant speak english even tho she is english
fifer is just a twat
bigguy is a attention seeking asshole
floridajoe well pervert i think best descripbe him tbh
twisted is just a cock
jungledave just behaves like a spoilt child when he doesnt get his own way
pug moderator roflmao
And tbh the rest are not even worth the mention they just pondlife.
ronnie wrote 60 months ago
You know reading some of the above posts you'd think the guys at that twisted didnt like speed lol , im a member and have been for some time now and although i like it and its a good site there are better .

But i tried that twisted and i didnt download a thing and didnt log in again , the main reason was the porn (i dont like that on a torrents site) but the staff are not anywhere near as friendly as the speed staff, for instance i seen some members say hello in their chat and not a single staff member said hello.

compare that to speed ...when i had a problem i went into their chat and said hello and had both admins and mods saying hello and offering help.

Its these things that make the difference between a site and a good site but this is just my opinion and no doubt someone from twisted will be a troll about what i said.
rosco385 wrote 60 months ago
There's a lot of comments in this thread, some of them well thought out, and some of them repugnant. I'd like to make a comment as an admin of speed.cd.

Yes, there has been some conflict of late with some staff members who left to join another site. I don't want to start a flame war so I won't go into the reasons why these users were dismissed from staff, but suffice to say that all demotions were made in consultation with, and approved by, the site owner.

It's a sad day when conflicts like this happen, we all wish that we could've gotten along better and this might never have happened, but we can't take back the past. We wish those former staff members who have gone elsewhere the best of luck in their future endeavors. Although their current home has a long way to go before it's up the the standard of a site like speed, I'm sure with a bit of hard work and dedication they can do it.

For those loyal speed members commenting here, we appreciate your desire to defend speed, but the last thing we want is for any of you to insult or denigrate others to do it. Of course we appreciate you voicing your dedication to our site, but please don't sink to the level of those insulting speed here. We all know speed is the best site around, even those who are bad mouthing speed now only do so because they're not a part of our community anymore.

So, in conclusion, good luck and best wishes to everyone in the P2P scene :-D
lmfao wrote 60 months ago
Hello my ex speed staff members lmfao
lmfao wrote 60 months ago
An I talking to the ones defending speed lmfao
lmfao wrote 60 months ago
Hibees,Rosco an smelly
juju the tribal king wrote 60 months ago
well i use to be on speed but it went down hill big time staff are total bum bandits and only think of themselves to eager with that ban hammer same as sticking there cocks up each other arses shit site shit staff shame use to be a good place but now i would not piss on it if was on fire
hibees is a wanker wrote 60 months ago
well i used to b part of staff on there at 1 time and let me tell ya its a load of shit waste of of my time a could name loads of prats on the site hibbes is the most big wanker that goes to all the staff there hibees can ram that ban hammer up his ass he thinks hes a right stud over a stupid key board
Thank you wrote 60 months ago
I left speed when a staff member gave me a invite to IPtorrents so thank you to that speed staff memkber. best move I ever made
hibees is a wanker wrote 60 months ago
oh and a staff member called FBI u have to watch this dude back stabbing twat trust me ppl all speed cd staff are wankers if u aint up for ur ass gettin shagged u aint in the clan folks all the admins are wankers all the mods are pricks and well the rest arent worth talkin about oh and hibees if ur lookin at this hibs are shit wouldnt piss on them if there on fire
bigguy wrote 60 months ago
I wont hide behind any false name i dont need to , but the arsehole who said there is kiddy porn on twisted is low ,

I really no interest in any rubbish been thrown but if someone knows who he is he should be banned from ALL sites
floridajoe wrote 60 months ago
ok both sites have there good points and there bad points that being said both sites are good site if you think speed is better than great if you think twisted is a better site then great also for the ones bitching back and forth about the sites all i can say is grow up please if you dont like speed then just let it be and dont go back to it if you dont like twisted than let it be and dont go back to it, with that all being said,my opion about speed is it's a good site i have alot of friends on there but TBH they have one bad apple on there staff and they know who they are other than that it's a good site enjoy whatever site you like and long libe the perv FLORIDAJOE :)
Selina wrote 60 months ago
like bigguy i will hide yes i am selina , 1st off i bear no harm to speed its a very well run site as with all sites it has its good and bad to it but on whole ive member off speed for alot off years . i hope speed will keep up there good work and carry on growing ... naw for twisted yes there is porn on the site but in all done so only member over 18 can get them d/l there no child porn at all , i do staff twisted and i belive the site is also well run , we do welcome every new member to the and we also do take the time to help if need be .. we dont need to drop down to low life way but nockin speed . cd or any other site , as speed need nock twisted . i never pm anyone on speed tryin to get them to join twisted , i also keep all my pm s . id be more than happy to show who ever asked to see them , as i said i have nuthing to hide , as for my spelling im sure everyone on speed and twisted would tell you all i have Dyslexia , im not scaird to admit it im poud off how fair ive come and wont i lose in spelling i make up in heart ... speed / twisted are both grate sites naw i hope this can put a end to all sillyness ...

all the best

oh tha drama wrote 60 months ago
Dont you just love watching all this e-drama most of the time its better than tv lol.

From what i can see the twisted release group came on and slagged off speed , their members slagged off twisted some staff have posted reasonable suggestions but still we see people from twisted calling staff from speed wankers etc, im on the outside of this looking in but that seems very immature to me that grown adults (i assume) have taken to childish name calling on a website specially when they cant use their own names !

Now im a speed member only joined in november so not been there too long but from my brief experience of the site the staff are polite and helpful , i'll admit that im not on twisted so dont know what the site or staff are like but looking at this entire thread they dont seem very mature.

Im assuming that selina if staff at twisted after readng not only her post but others and she makes some good points well i'd advose her that if she is senier staff at the site to have a word with her members / staff about thier conduct here as it doesnt paint the site or the staff in a good light to every other person reading this thread.

I supposed that speed members have been involved in this but you got to admit that as soon as their admin asked for no more insults no more were posted .

That to me says that the members there are mature enough to let the issue go , so why do the twisted people keep continuing ?
interesting wrote 60 months ago
dr phil wrote 60 months ago
Remember what i said to about about being a bitch in my pm well you just proved my point . ha bitch
misterb wrote 60 months ago
Speed.cd is a site moving in the right direction, not like the other site in question which has to poach users from other sites to make it. The people who are flaming here and bitching about speed have all been banned in the past, for not sticking to the rules. Must have a real sad life to keep going on and on about how bad it is *yawn* if its that bad then concentrate on yer own template share site ffs.
jim wrote 60 months ago
What does that mean in english ? lol
Selina wrote 60 months ago
lol jim ...
a member wrote 60 months ago
like both sites, selina right its silly grow up !! go on twisted torrents or speed .cd both well run sites with a homely feel to them

keep up the good work both sites

jim wrote 60 months ago
I meant your comment selina as i couldnt understand what you were talking about . lol
Selina wrote 60 months ago
thank you a member i hope to see you one day on ether speed or twisted , if you need help just ask im sure both twisted / speed will be only to willing to help you

all the best

juju wrote 60 months ago
wee juju's coming for you all so assume the position coaster ye bum boy
juju wrote 60 months ago
ger it rite up ye speed ya wanks away and beat the meat as usual lmao
user wrote 60 months ago
english only please lmfao half you lot on here cant even spell you straight out of borstal or something that would explain alot of these posts half wits
JD wrote 60 months ago
speed are all morons, twisted all the way
marsby wrote 60 months ago
This is sad, The ones who put down peeps wank. People on both sites put a lot in so you everyone can enjoy. Fbi is a great friend an whoever you are (hibees you a wanker) you aint a friend of mine. pmsl you got no idea an I guess you have never done anything to help a site in your life. All staff on both sites deserve a thanks
boo-hoo wrote 60 months ago
Look at all the speed pussies crying cause we poaching all their members lol
Soup wrote 60 months ago
When i first started with Speed.cd i thought it was a great site, i liked their range of upload's. I was with them for over a year when out of nowhere i was banned. I was never offered an explanation as to why i was banned and reading through these comment's i have heard it say that people were warned before being banned, this never happened to me, and for that reason i was really glad to move from their site.

I bear no ill-feeling toward's the staff at Speed.cd, but feel they could have handled it a lot better.

This flaming of people / site's serves no purpose but to alienate member's and former member's, it does no good to continually 'have-a-go' at each other. I am now part of Twisted and feel right at home here, this is a site where we offer everyone a chance to download whatever they require (there is an age-limit for certain torrent's) if that is what you require. But we welcome everyone !

So do yourself a favour, stop bitchin' about who's got the best site, join us and see for yourselves !

lol wrote 60 months ago
soup your a tosser [img]http://i56.tinypic.com/1572o2s.gif[/img] , i was a member of both sites but not anymore the staff at twisted are full of wankers the site is bollocks and the torrents have no leechers so if you download anything your ratio's fucked and you have to donate or they ban your ass and speed is full of the axxo fan club , its like noob central in there.

And another thing if they banned you soup how are they supposed to explain it to you ? via email ...get a grip ffs you tosser.
Soup wrote 60 months ago
I don't suppose you'd be brave enough to let everyone know which name's you used whilst on each site ? No of course not, you prefer to hide under a snake's belly !
marsbuy wrote 60 months ago
Soup is the best forum mod I've met. Get a life fucks. Get over ya up against the best. No forum mod beats him
jungledave wrote 60 months ago
Would like to thank the poster "lol" for the GREAT tosser gif. Been looking for a good one for my MSN., Through ignorance, you have helped the enemy. I cant thank your insecurities enough. Tell your mum I'll ring her again tomorrow.

By the way, I still love BOTH sites. Professional, fun and we SHARE users.
We dont compete for them and sure as hell dont POACH them. If I find it happening , on EITHER site, I'll make sure to ban the member or send information to SPEED staff who will do the same.

The Flame war is over.

(Spoiled Brat)
lol wrote 60 months ago
oh soups got back up !

@soup , you know plenty about being a snake from what i hear soup and your 2 little bum boys who have arrived to back you up know even more.

Dave your a tosser, you got a staff member demoted and banned because you too busy living in the past ya fkin twat

And marsby lmao , your just a fkin idiot who likes to throw his little dolly out the pram when you cant get your own way , we seen it many times at speed and twisted ...fkin fool.

Go back to your new look twisted complete with mysql errors all over the place
hmmm wrote 59 months ago
Ive been on twisted and the xxx content is questionable to say the least any younger and you'd end up in jail!

Staff are not much better their chat is full of sexual innuendo and certainly not a nice friendly place to be if your a female unless you like being asked what your sexual habits are....Pervs!
hidebehind aname wrote 59 months ago
it shows who is the low life here - coaster you hide behind false names , you have no bottle and no respect from anyone , bought your way up to admin . what a loser you get votes at speed awards did ya fuck cos you not liked users have to put up with you pmsl
DEMONOID.ME REGISTRATIONS are OPEN wrote 59 months ago
and speed.cd is LAME
idiots wrote 59 months ago
Oh look marsby's back

FFS have you girls not got a life yet ? and to think your a staff member on twisted even tho your obviously 10 years old, if your not you certainly act like it !

If this is what the twisted staff act like on an open thread god only knows what they are like on their own site.

I think you lot need to go away and grow up a little as all this acting like babies will be working wonders for your sites reputation.
fags wrote 59 months ago
Jeez after reading this thread i dont want to join that site seen enough here to tell me that its not a nice place to be .
marsby wrote 59 months ago
lol an idiot the same person as suspected, then chuck in a fag
jim wrote 59 months ago
This is like watching my kids in the kindergarden , almost everyone who has posted here are just acting like spoilt children and to think most of them are staff on different sites.

Grow up already and start acting your ages.
rod wrote 59 months ago
Well said and it clear for all to read who the instigators are aswell but still no excuse for everyone acting like babies.
1234 wrote 59 months ago
speed = rubbish
newguy69 wrote 59 months ago
I was demoted and warned for replying to a thread. I must have said something that offended the owners but I had no idea what it was. It took me about 20 back and forth PMs to an admin to figure out what it was but even then it was still unclear.

I was later banned by rosco for disagreeing with something he said in chat (fucking lol) and probably also the fact that I own him

Overall it's a decent site but the problem is they are too strict and have no respect or loyalty to long term staff members. In the space of a few days half the fucking staff were banned. And these people weren't dickheads they were people who had been contributing to the site for a long time.

So be aware if you want to be staff there because no matter how much respect you earn you will still be treated like shit by the admins.
souless42o wrote 59 months ago
I'M NOT A MODERATOR!!! and i have been a member of speed.cd for a couple of years, and so is the rest of my friends and family. Its A FAMILY SAFE torrent site. Most of you aren't looking for a site such as this. Doesn't mean you have to bad mouth them based off of other comments from inexperienced speed.cd users. Download go with the flow, be a generally NICE person and they'll treat you with respect.
steve wrote 59 months ago
In my experience the staff at speed are decent people but what alot of people dont seem to understand is that it is a family friendly site , most of the people on here ive witnessed swearing and being abusive to the staff and members in their chat room and forum and then the same people come here and say that they are too strict well those same members knew the rules when they joined but complain when they are punished for breaking them !,do they not realise that the decent members dont want to see this shit .

And if the site is as bad as what is claimed here then why bitch and moan when you get banned ?
souless42o wrote 59 months ago
see... steve is cool he knows whatsup
pmsl wrote 59 months ago
Twisted lmfao , i was on there site this morning and watched 2 admins (soupre , marsby) throw a tantrum because one of the other staff were deleting their chat comments, they then pissed off in a bad mood behaving like 2 year olds , and these arseholes are administrators .... fkin babies more like lmao
newguy69 wrote 59 months ago
jeez wrote 59 months ago
Jeeze man think of your site and what your doing to its reputation by coming here and using language like that towards another site and its staff.
woonyboi78 wrote 59 months ago
well look at ur site banning people for saying hi and doing nothing wrong. says alot about speedcd
peter wrote 59 months ago
Speed.cd banned me for nothing. I had a great upload ratio and never posted anything bad. When I try to login I get a message that my ip is banned. I've seen them drop the ban-hammer on a lot of users but always kept my mouth shut.
I don't really care, the torrents are all old stuff and they have a fake aXXo that releases poor quality compared to what the real aXXo released.. Anyone that ever DL any of aXXo releases can tell a huge difference.
OuTLaW35 wrote 59 months ago
Well I thought the last comment I made was going to be my last comment.

Jeez before you say something about 1 of the Staff on Twisted, and how they are acting scroll up and look @ the language displayed by Speed Staff as well. Don't be a biased hipocrit.

Over a month ago I was chat banned on Speed.cd for not saying anything in chat when I would log into the site.. they deemed this as "lurking". There was no warning accompanied with it. I then had a conversation with rosco, who did the banning, via MSN, he then changed it to a 2 week warning. 2 weeks went by, warning was lifted, and had been going in there just fine since. Went in last night, chatted, had a good time, played by the rules, had no issues. Went into the site today, said hello to the whole group in the chat. Said hello to 1 other member that was sitting idle, next thing i saw was my login screen. Tried to log back in, "This account has been disabled." is the message i received.

If you ask me, the crap that is going on here on this site is beyond the most childish crap I have ever seen from both sites, but the fact of the matter is. We are all here doing P2P sharing, it really doesn't matter if the Speed.cd site is "Family Friendly" if that is how you want to preach it. Everything you are doing on that site with filesharing and torrenting pirated material, no matter how you shake it, IT'S STILL ILLEGAL. What I do on here I'm not trying to justify to anyone, but it's not something that I want to teach to my wife and kids anyway, the less they know the better off they are. It's called "Plausable Deniability".

If Speed.cd wants to flush out the people that have been loyal to their site, donated in the past, been long time members, even staff. They are only hurting themselves in doing so. We at Twisted Torrents will not stoop to their level and ban them, they have free reign to come onto the site and be welcomed while they are there.

Enjoy the reign of Dictatorship to those of you that stay at Speed.cd, and feel free to come on over any time you like to Twisted Torrents.

jungledave wrote 59 months ago
Well said Allen bro.
pinkdoll wrote 59 months ago
i was on speed last night and i got banned for saying hi, i have never caused any trouble and was a nice friendly member, but did join twisted cos bigguy and selina were there, i guess that must have been why they banned me.Its very childish.
jeez wrote 59 months ago
Im not a biased hipocrit wonnyboi im not even a member of either site and after reading this i dont want to be either.

Im just giving my opinion on what ive been reading here and if that differs from yours well tough , you lot are supposed to be staff so why dont you act like it instead of acting like children.
ahmed wrote 59 months ago
This is stupid the people here are moaning and claiming to be inocent but your not.

Im a member of speed FB group and your staff have been spamming me with sign up links to your site , yes eric1166 has been spamming me and he's staff on your site, do you think its ok to spam member from other sites? dont be so silly what ever happen to your people was brought upon yourselves.

What do you think any other site would do if you spammed their members? what would you do if someone spammed your members ? Grow up !
screw speedcd wrote 59 months ago
They wil get shutdown by goverment soon enough anyways. just a matter of time
lmao wrote 59 months ago
The above posted is a fkin noob
who cares wrote 59 months ago
who the fuck cares about anything written here , why doesnt everybody just shut up and fuck off !!!!!!!!
long time member wrote 59 months ago
Alot of truth written here about speed.cd
boo-hoo wrote 59 months ago
This blog is supposed to be for proper reviews not personal differences fkin cry babies go cry somewhere else as we not interested iam sick of hearing it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
brunkonja wrote 59 months ago
it is very simple...
file sharing is free...
log on to torrentz, pirate bay, iso hunt, etc etc.
find what you need, make sure you click on peers button to have them listed more to less, and click download.
No torrent site, i repeat NO torrent site will ever improve your speed. Use utorrent, google proper settings, and of you go. All my downloads finish in @10-15 minutes, @700mb. More peers - faster download.
You can even use your google search, just write down name of movie for example followed by space and the word torrent. You should get lots of results. Simple...
Always, always always seed...
brunkonja wrote 59 months ago
brunkonja wrote 59 months ago
here is a list of other well-known release groups that also upload quality DVDRips:

* BeStDivX
* BugZ
* C H W D F
* MiNO
* DoNE
* DragonRipper624
* DvF
* ESiR
* ELiA
* FiCO
* FxM
* HLSretailSupplier
* HooKah
* iMBT
* iNTiMiD
* mVs
* NeDiVx
* NhaNc3
* PreVail
brunkonja wrote 59 months ago
Sites Not Requiring Registration
http://www.black-tracker.gr/- Greek
http://www.chomskytorrents.org - 1400 files
http://www.d-addicts.com - Asian - 8900 files
http://www.dnbtracker.org/ - Drum Bass
http://www.fulldls.com - 30000 files
http://www.isohunt.com- 421300 files
http://www.lnx-bbc.org - Linux - 4 files(?)
http://www.linuxtracker.org - Linux - 50 files
http://www.mininova.org - 175800 files
http://www.mrtwig.net - South Park - 180 files
http://www.novatina.com - 294000 files
http://www.thepiratebay.org - 538500 files
http://www.tokyotosho.com - Subbed Anime And Asian Music
http://www.torrentbox.com - 20600 files
http://www.torrentlocomotive.com - 190000 files
http://www.torrentportal.com - 567600 files
http://www.torrentreactor.net - 609400 files
http://www.torrentreactor.to - 236300 files
http://www.torrentspy.com - 472700 files
http://www.xtvi.com - TV Shows
http://bt.eastgame.net - General 0day
http://bigfoot1942.weedns.com - 260 files
http://jtv-tracker.clubbed.org - Asian Movies - 75 files
http://rickw512.no-ip.com:6969 - Cartoons - 50 files
http://tracker.reprobate.se/ - Science Fiction
http://tracker.zaerc.com - Horor Movies - 6500 files
http://wdupe.j0ker.net - Wrestling - 6800 files
brunkonja wrote 59 months ago
pmsl wrote 59 months ago
lmao , so you want people to go to public download sites? But all that will do is increase the chances of you downloading fake torrents , virus's and lets not forget that the public networks and monitered by the mpaa etc , so yeah downloading from public trackers is a real smart move lmao
kat1974 wrote 59 months ago
torrents are illegal and will always be thats what makes us download them, and i dont think unless you r 21 you got a right to use it. so whats the sense of havin a family safe torrent site. so my rule is below 21 piss off.
Anonymous wrote 59 months ago
speed.cd is a tracker for noobs and children, so most of you will fit right in since you all sound like a bunch of 12-year-old girls.
A commenter and junk wrote 58 months ago
I was going to sign up to speed.cd but now I've saw this... not so much, thanks. from a BRITISH person
AshishGamer wrote 58 months ago
Speed.cd is awesome Private Tracker
it has all types of torrents

Last but not least
aXXo is there :)
i think every torrent downloader knows aXXo
Fuck Speedcd wrote 58 months ago
Not the real aXXo. They have not done anything in ages. Just someone using the name
bitches wrote 58 months ago
What a lot of shite this topic is , its just a bunch of ladyboys throwing their handbags at each other , its ok girls dont wet your knickers .

Pay for your movies wrote 58 months ago
Or stop complaining.
ASHISH wrote 58 months ago
speed CD has fuked up themselves they only use the axxo name to earn money the real axxo never expected any this from any speed.cd is fake one.
someone wrote 58 months ago
stay away from speed.cd. They are shady people that run the place and i am glad i left them
lmao wrote 58 months ago
If your glad why the fuck do you feel the need to post here? asshole troll !
lol wrote 57 months ago
Agree with above poster maybe now everybody will STFU
MAYBE ITS THIS WAY wrote 57 months ago
So let me get this straight, the people for speed think the people from twisted are a bunch of cunts.
And vice versa the people from twisted think the people from speed are a bunch of cunts.

When will they learn?
... wrote 57 months ago
As long as a torrent tracker is kept closed, or invite only, or worse... asks for money "donation" to join I will always look away. It is piracy what goes on there. Who do they think they are? How dare they ask money for piracy? If they want to earn money, build an online store and sell music, movies, etc the right way.
Also there are tons of trackers out there with free membership, quality material (release groups and uploaders are not tracker dependent) and fast posting, AND friendly admins and users.
A site like speed.cd can go screw itself.
lol wrote 57 months ago
You can tell the above poster is a TPB/public tracker lover cant you lol .

Private trackers close thats what they do not just speed but all of them eventually close registrations , and telling speed to "screw itself" i bet the staff at speed are broken hearted that you wont be joining.

Speed had open registrations for over 2 years but because of the amount of noobs (just like you) who have no idea how to seed and just hit and run or the blatant ratio cheaters the tracker went invite only and is alot better for it .

You should just go back to your trojans , porn , fakes and mpaa warnings at the public trackers and leave the private ones alone , its safer for all the sites that way. lol

Fcuk twisted wrote 56 months ago
I was a member of that hell hole (AKA twisted torrents), i made the wrong torrent choice when i joined and ended up with a low ratio so to correct it i made a $50 donation and it wasnt applied to my account.

When i pm'd the co/owners asking where it was they banned me , if you ask me they are a bunch of rip off artists who are only after your money.

Luckily a complaint to paypal got me my money back so beware everyone.
Luka1 wrote 56 months ago
Speed.cd is one of the best torrent tracker on the Net right now!!!
1st time this has ever happened wrote 56 months ago
they just put a worm/virus on my computer...
no im not a troll or whatever wrote 56 months ago
I am paranoid about even saying this much, but my desktop will not function now - im on my pos school laptop now, and am so pissed off. i needed to vent, and i guess this is about as good as i can do. say 1 if this happened to you too! be careful!!! Hope this helps save some1s computer. I am livid, and punched a hole in my wall bc im gonna have to pay to get my good computer fixed. PISSED OFF!
antifasist wrote 56 months ago
u all are right. fucking shit, this speed cd seems to be a trap.
hahaha wrote 56 months ago
Looks like twisted torrents keeps being hacked lmao , anyone who is a member better pray their info wasn't as easy to get into as the site was or your in big trouble.

Just goes to show whats happens when people who have no idea what they are doing set up these type of sites lmao
lol wrote 56 months ago
pmsl @ antifasist

You say the sites a trap and you base that conclusion on what mate ? truth is your ass just got banned for hit and running and because of that your now here bitching about the same site who you begged not to ban you , the truth is your a fkin troll so away back to TPB and download some trojans where you belong.
lol @ hahaha wrote 56 months ago
I just been on and the entire forums are gone ,all the torrents were gone and everyone had been demoted to member lmao , everyone had to request a password reset to get into the site aswell so i wouldnt be surprised if the user datails had been compromised and by the look of it it's not the first time its happened either they obviously pissed someone off...oh well just aswell i signed up with a disposable email lmao

fuck twisted wrote 56 months ago
Im already getting spam and crap on my emails because of these fkin amateurs all because i made the mistake of signing up to this fkin place, dont make the same mistake as me unless you want your info in the hands of h@ckers and spammers.

Twisted = fucking noobs!
lisa wrote 56 months ago
Yea im now getting spam too , the worst thing i done was sign up there and the staff dont seem to bother about their user details being out in the open.

I contacted one of the co owners and asked what they were doing about the leaked info and was told to reset my password ? alot of good thats going to do now.
tinrock wrote 56 months ago
yes they are fucked and my pc is infected i saw a email send from my email to all my friends who are listed in my MSN
i made a big mistake to register in fucking twistedshit
Am wrote 56 months ago
Hy ppl, does anybody have an invite you can give me on demonoid? Everyone is raving about it and I can't seem to join now.
Rex wrote 56 months ago
The people here complaining about Speed CD are obvious fuckwits who don't have a life AKA Trolls. Those saying there are better "faster" sites then name them or crawl back into your cave (i suspect you will crawl back into your cave because you can't name one). Those saying everyone had to reset their passwords are lying their asses off as i have been a member for nearly 2 years and have had NO PROBLEMS WHATSOEVER. As for Fcuk Twisted and his mates...What a load of bullshit. Anyone saying it puts a worm on their PC is convieneintly looking to blame Speed CD when they probably have been looking at porn sites and downloaded it that way. As for spaming...LOL!!!!!! i highly doubt Speed CD has anything to do with it. Oh and if you want to donate money to increase your ratio instead of doing it the correct way then tough fucking luck to you.
speed.cd wrote 56 months ago
speed,cd registration is open come on get in before it closed again
LOL wrote 56 months ago
LOL @ Anonymous

speed.cd is a total shithole

slow uploads, low number of seeders for such a "popular" site, the ui/theme is fucking hideous, the banners/graphics look like they were designed by a 12-year-old, the staff/admins are arrogant clueless noobs (and it's amusingly pathetic to see them worship the fake axxo).
Thank you speed.cd wrote 56 months ago
Thank you speed.cd i just signed up and so far im impressed, nice selection of torrents fast speed and lots of other leechers.

Debz wrote 56 months ago
Thanks ive been trying to sign up for ages now but never seemed to find them open. :)
Hamed wrote 56 months ago
Good open now i can get in
At last wrote 56 months ago
About time you opened the doors was starting to get pissed off with all the shitty public sites.

Nice wrote 56 months ago
Thanks for the heads up
dave wrote 56 months ago
Maybe now i can see what all this fuss has been agout.
Doublehelix wrote 55 months ago
All of you people are just complaining that you've got banned, but did you write why you got banned? most of you probably did because of more than one account as it is a bit tiresome to keep your ration above 0.8. I have been with speed.cd since the beginning and was always treated leniently. Regarding the torrents, i have never experienced speeds below 1 mb/sec when i am downloading from there, so if you are not able to then you have not portforwarded your port or you are using a bad torrent or a torrent with bad settings.
You may think many people are banned for no reasons, but there are always reasons behind them, just that the mods and admins working there think that is not necessary for them to explain every single action they do, so if you have a problem , then don't come to speed.cd, but badmouthing it just because you were banned FOR a reason is just a piss poor thing to do.... the amount of people who appreciate speed.cd > then the ones badmouthing it..
JJ wrote 55 months ago
will speed.cd open registrations today too?
Luka1 wrote 55 months ago
What are you talking guys? Why dont you like us?
Speed.cd will do everything for user, will help him with Ratio,fill his Request.
Better come and join us in Chat room and lets make some fun ;)
sonic wrote 54 months ago
all losers users who get banned from speed.cd are here, as i know and use speed.cd is one of the best site i ever been,

Losers Users = Banned users
Rehman Khan wrote 54 months ago
Wow R_K
sonicsucksballs wrote 54 months ago
sonic, you are obviously the spawn of inbred midgets, so i suggest you post here after you have learned how to unrar a torrent... :(
Ahsan Meer wrote 54 months ago
Looking for an invite, can somebody please help:)
Shaky wrote 53 months ago
I need a invite email is sjl95@hotmail.co.uk thanks
usagi wrote 52 months ago
speed.cd moderator

p2p is all about sharing if you dont share you get in trouble same rules for most private trackers .

share and have fun is what speed.cd wants and offers .

greetz to all who made p2p what it is today

speed.cd staff

AXXO? wrote 52 months ago
HAHA, That's funny shit Mannard. AXXO ( If he truly was still around) wouldn't upload any of his torrents on any pay-site EVER!!! Would go against his philosophy...... Don't you think usagi? After all it's called SHARING!!! As you so Elegantly put it, which AXXO was the very best at and, he would pull his torrents from speed.cd faster then he did with TPB for all the SHIT you guy's pull. LMFAO@YGF HAHAHA!!!!
Wouldn't ya like to know wrote 51 months ago
I;m not an never been a member of speed cd. but have heard on the torrent world the new axxo is none only than usagi. lmao now that is funny
cld wrote 51 months ago
Well i just been banned from speed.cd for the 2nd time for speaking the truth! And that coaster is a proper wanker!
Stortrapp wrote 51 months ago
yesterday i went to speed cd, and was talking like a normal person, and after an hours or two i was banned for nothing. they didnt tell me why and i cant pm them.... and aXXo will never join an site that ban people for nothing. btw Usagi i hope people will understand that aXXo is fake, even my grandmother can make better rips than the fake aXXo and she cant write a sms :) Annnnnddddd, Bigguy miss you :)
disgruntled fan wrote 51 months ago
have seen many ex staff members banned from speed simply for not going with what the admin like

have seen many well respected members banned from speed simply because they are staff on tntasylum/twistedtorrents

I mean really folks cut the shit each site has there own positives and negatives both sites are really great so why do speed need to keep carrying on with the anti tnt attitude nobody on tnt does it to speed I am a member on both sites and honestly it is a very 1 sided assualt by speed staff

on the fake aXXo .. pffft how could you think he was the real aXXo coaster himself has even said he was a fake and now he is uploading 1.4GB rips yeah rite ... how hard is it to start up an account and and upload files you have ripped using AGK or megui

lol and dont fear usagi he is a little 15 year old who thinks he is awesome because he is a mod hahahahahaha
usagi sucks hairy coaster cock wrote 51 months ago
as per the title
Why so Abusive wrote 51 months ago
I really dont understand why ther eis so much need for abuse, especially abot fucking some ones Gran thats just plain disgsting and disrepectfull, obvioulsy a few noses are out of joint but thats just life at the end of the day both sites exist to cater to the needs of a audience and in my honest opinion both sites are as good as each other.
I cant beleive that speed.cd banned cld he was a legend there and rom what I recall was a Moderator and put in alot of time on that site but I guess its the same they did it to Marsby, Bedsy, Bigguy, and Selina ...
yet in chat on tnt/twisted you see moderators from speed dop in but never see mods from twisted in speed.cd chat why is that ? cuz they all banned becuase speed.cd admin has issues with tnt/twisted
yeah well ummmm youd have to be a idiot to think the aXXo on speed cd is not a fake, he disapeared from there months ago and now is suddenly back and doing 1.4 GB rips, sounds funny to me, aXXo's home was the DARKSIDE RG website

but on the whole Id like to congratulate both sites for doing a great job and hope that in the future they can work together because p2p is about sharing
cld wrote 51 months ago
Yes indeed i am banned from speed.cd as is bigguy and marsby but the reason i jumped ship to tnt is coz the members and the team there are a different class to speed! Yes speed has some good staff I'm not saying that but at tnt is like a big happy family and the site is getting better all the time! Everyone knows axxo is fake but the members ther are 2 dull 2 see it! TNT is the home of the best staff and members anyware in the P2P world! just come along and see!
italianoFBI wrote 51 months ago
Tnt is getting better all the time and the reason for this is every good member of staff speed.cd has had have all gone to tnt! Bigguy cld bedsy jungledave marsby jaiwalla the list goes on and on. I'm a mod on speed.cd and i know that aXXo is fake but our members love him!
bashtati wrote 51 months ago
da ti eba maikata
underdog wrote 51 months ago
then its only your members that love him :) i want the real deal not a fucking fake wannabe that likes to play with him self :)
Jungledave wrote 51 months ago
I play with myself, what the hell would you have the internet for otherwise?
usagi (the real one) wrote 51 months ago
rant , I'm not 15 lol .

Speed.cd november open sign up , just register to see if it is bad or not .

Funny to see that grown ups still talk bad after such a long period of time , Each sites has its possitive and negative .
Get over it and deal with your own problems before flaming on others .
Zia wrote 51 months ago
i am owner of speed.cd and yes i have invented a new aXXo so our members stay happy .

Also sign up is only $10 you will like site we have fake aXXo and we late getting torrents .

And we proud to have an all gay admin team
Twisted (the real one) wrote 51 months ago
I agree usagi both site have positives and negatives and the BS that goes on is out of order, tnt/twisted has never banned any of speed staff and wont fook i even suplly a radio for that site but they still attack us here and ddos i wont attack back cos i dont hurt speed staff i hurt speed users and thats not the intention, Yeah taking a site out is easy and getting the ip and tracking it back to people is easy so you know who is doing what but whats the point if you attack site its back with in a few hours maximum so you done no damage all you done is made yourself look stupid so drop it grow up and learn there more to life than attacking constantly other people and other sites.

my site been attacked regular over the past 6 weeks but you will never keep me down but i wont attack back ill post here in futre when it does and the ip that does it and the trace info which shows who done it then let people decide who is carrying this point arguement on
merwais wrote 51 months ago
zia i thought we was keeping that quiet? best just open the doors now coz no dull coont will pay $10 for a fake aXXo rips!
what the heck , plat op de bek wrote 51 months ago
wondering why only tnt members get offensive in here , didnt see a bad word spoken by a speed.cd member of staff , I dont visit those sites but if I would join one it would be speed.cd .

proud IPT member
Jungledave (also the Real one) wrote 51 months ago
Well said Twisted coont.
As a smarter man once said, "We all come to these sites to commit the same felony, so may as well have fun doing it"
In case anyone missed that, [b]TWISTED[/b] supplies a radio server to SPEED.
Does that sound like a Hate/Hate relationship?
Its the disgruntled user who feels the need to surface out of his mom's dungeon (basement) in order to Troll on the individual sites.
The main difference between the sites is the mood your in. We have the same torrents ( Except for exclusive site torrents ) We both have exceptional Release Groups, we both have exceptional Staff.
Our Shout box is just more fun LOL
Join both and have fun with all of us while breaking the laws of your country and stick the finger to Hollywood.
ahsan wrote 50 months ago
its fuck
stortrapp (the real deal) wrote 50 months ago
okei guys, the one who wrote that they are going fuck my grandma is a necrophilic, she have been dead for the last 30 years, so i think this guy need to calm down and dont write stuff he/she dont know any thing about :)
stortrapp (the real deal) wrote 50 months ago
hello proud IPT member since i dont know your username i will say that :)

if you look abit up on the site you can see that they are trash-talking about tnt's staff leader, thats me :)

but i hope you join both site, so you can see who the two sites are :)
have a nice day ;)

warm regards
Marsby wrote 50 months ago
Good to see Zia an merwais here, who is the real owner. I was banned by merwais, let back in by zia an re ip banned by merwais. So who is running speedcd. In regards to aXXo well unless ya a noob you know the score lol.
Marsby wrote 50 months ago
P.S Talking about having sex with any ones grandmother is sick. Get help you sick fuck or be put down.
unsentletter(I dont know if I am the real one or not lmfao) wrote 50 months ago
I am well known on both sites and have tons of friends from both sites and I am a proud member of both speed.cd and tntasylum.biz, Have been staff member on speed and currently staff on tnt, both sites are awesome and both sites contain the same content at pretty much the same time as they both run upload bots. I really dont understand why all this needs to be this way. I often visit this thread to have a laugh and it kind of reminds me of the crap in fighting you see in "the scene". I think its time to put this to a end. At the end of the day we are all in the game for the same reason and need to work together as a community.
Many good things have sprung from both sites groups like DiVERSiTY, PRESTiGE and iNiTiAL

who on earth dreamt up the sick sick fantasy of coaster usagi and hibees ....... I will be having nightmares for months after reading that LMAO the only thing I could think more disturbing than that would twisted and bigguy havin a romp in greggs LMAO
aXXo wrote 50 months ago
im not the only fake at speed.cd what about that little hibbes arse licking wanker usagi ? he not even the real usagi! his father was a great guy he be ashamed of the little twerp his son has become! as for aXXo we all know the real aXXo has long gone! famous for his 700mb rips and now he is uploading 1.37gb trash? gimme a break!
unkown wrote 50 months ago
i know both site and the comment all are fake speed.cd STAFF don't have enough time to wast on comment here and tnt not worthy to stay as no seeders and leechers,

lol wrote 50 months ago
You lot sound like a bunch of women bitching at a tea party!

All i see here is staff from tnt making up fake names of speed staff and then replying with their own names its clear for everyone to read here who the instigators are and given the choice i would choose speed .

You need to scroll the page up about 200 comments to see a comment made by a speed member / staff and to me that just says everything there is to say so you can bitch all you like but your previous comments say it all.

So lets all sit back and watch the tnt staff and members make complete fools of themselves . lol
davie wrote 50 months ago
If anyone was ever in any doubt about what pricks tnt staff are then just read above (and yes im a member of that site) but after reading this im ashamed to admit that .

The fucking lot of you are just childish pricks who need to grow up !
beezy wrote 50 months ago
I got banned from speed.cd as i knew rosco shagged selina!
lol wrote 50 months ago
lmao @ beezy bigdog , didnt you hack twisted not long ago because they banned you aswell ? at least that was the story florida joe and bigguy were telling everyone in the chat box .

I thought they were taking the piss tbh as i personally thought you couldnt write your name correctly never mind hack a website. lmao

But hey bigguy and joe are convinced it was you who hacked them so who am i to argue. lol

And speed banned you because you were a knob end i remember your chat posts and tbh you were a dweeb then and you obviously still are , my advice to you would be to go get a girlfriend lol
cld (as far as i know im the real one!) wrote 49 months ago
i been banned 4 times now from speed.cd! is that a record? or do i need to sign up again? PMSL!

1 Regret? never jumped ship sooner!
usagi wrote 49 months ago
im glad that you find it so funny cld! everything seems to be a big joke to you! we dont need or want you at speed ! you made your bed now sleep in it!
Hubdehub wrote 49 months ago
look guys all this hate is making me cry , i am a sensative person , and i really dont like it .

I am a member on both sites and twisted site is better has they have the better chat fun , because they have funny guys there .

speed has most seeders but once they realise aXXo left when bigguy did then they might think again .

now please lets all be nice .
AnonCUnt wrote 49 months ago
hey i am ddosing speed.cd
i was being nice on the request i sent them . to be let in there
but they were so rude on the answer so now haters gonna hate.
to the tnt twat above wrote 49 months ago
Now that wouldnt be a tnt staff member threatening speed with a dos now would it ?

To quote an above poster

davie wrote 16 days ago

If anyone was ever in any doubt about what pricks tnt staff are then just read above (and yes im a member of that site) but after reading this im ashamed to admit that .

The fucking lot of you are just childish pricks who need to grow up ! "

Seems to me that all you have done is prove what that poster said is right , that you are just a bunch of childish morons who are that engrossed with jealousy towards another site that you dont have time to concentrate on your own site.

I do hope that your own members (like me)are reading this so that they can read for theirselves what the staff get up to and have second thoughts about staying a member of your site .

I was a member of tnt but after reading this i will not be logging back in i want nothing to do with a site that thinks its funny to dos and slag off another site in public out of pure jealously.
hmmm wrote 49 months ago
Well now at least i know the reason selina left tnt was true , that you are a bunch of children who cant move on and look to the future.

Im also leaving tnt as i want no part in this shit , the quicker twisted , bigguy and the rest of the senior staff wake up to the fact that they are only damaging tnt the better but untill then goodbye tnt.
steve wrote 49 months ago
I was on chat this morning and was sickened to see some of their staff laughing about this and plotting what they are going to do next , to be perfectly honest im disgusted with the site and staff , how the senoir staff can sit back and watch this happening without even bothering to lift a finger to stop it is disgraceful and i will not be going to back to witness this .

And yes selina was right you are children who are stuck in the past.
assholes wrote 49 months ago

Or should i call you twisted (yes everyone knows its you)

All you have succeeded in doing is turning your own staff and members against the site , bravo you did well .

TBH you make me sick thinking you can bully and intimidate others sites and i wouldnt log back into tnt if it was the last site on the net !

May the exodus of members continue because thats exactly what you deserve you asshole!
number's mans wrote 49 months ago
so lets see been on the site almost a month and on chat a lot and i had a lot of great laughs with the admins mods uploaders super speeders etc and im just a user ROFL I don't know what you noobs are bitching at but just really shut up stop flaming speed.cd and move on to one of your noob tracker sites speed.cd has bonus points for when you seed for a time and you get points for that, that u can then spend on upload credit i don't see any of your noob website trackers with that so seriously stfu and gtfo we don't want your noob comments flaming us just cause u didn't follow the rules bout what torrent clients ur spost to use and doing ratio hacking so just stfu SPEED.CD FOR LIFE THE BEST TORRENT SITE IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ssmaster wrote 49 months ago
Speedcd sucks, only recent recent torrents are good, but the others just SUCKS, you can't even search anything in subcategories. To everybody who want to join speedcd, believe that you're not missing of anything.
Pussies! wrote 49 months ago
Im reading this shit and the first thought that comes into my mind is ... You are a bunch of fucking pussies!

You got "CLD" a tnt staff member moaning that a site is crap one second and then moaning at being banned , well if its crap why moan when you get banned ?

Could it be that your all just fucking cry babies who like nothing else but to make a spectacle of yourselves on the net for everyone to read and laugh at ?

I know why your hear and it because your trying to cause trouble but in the process of causing this trouble you made yourselves look like wankers.

So to quote an above poster

If anyone was ever in any doubt about what pricks tnt staff really are then just read above.

Friend wrote 49 months ago
I have been using SPEED.CD for quite some time now and a member of SPEED.CD for as long as i can remember and have recommended it all my friends.
It seems to be one of the only sites that dont display naked women and pornographic pictures, and yes free from foul language.
So i dont have a problem with my daughter using it.
You also get to view the still pictures to see the quality before downloading.
Please and Thankyou go a long way, no other language is necessary.
Dont get me wrong, i do swear and am far from innocent but there is a time and place for everything and SPEED.CD is not it.
THANKS SPEED.CD for keeping it family friendly !!!!!!!!
cld wrote 48 months ago
I never said speed was a crap site? Far from it! I enjoyed my time as a member there! But when a member of admin wants members to lie about getting a message from tnt staff to join their site just to get a certain tnt co owner banned is below the belt! Chris fbi toon 202122 mgw some of the best guys you ever meet! I moved on they moved on lets all move on and each to their own!
Pedo wrote 48 months ago
It's full of pedophiles and degenerates.
Pedo wrote 48 months ago
im a retard
mmdddddddd wrote 48 months ago
i can't sign up speed.cd
i tried it on 15th
but i can't
tnt = Pedo's and wankers! wrote 48 months ago
The tnt staff are wankers and pervert pedo's

Ive seen them several times asking girls in their chat if they swallow etc which is a fucking disgraceful way for staff to behave , the only people who should join this site are preverts and pedo's as any sensible minded person wouldnt go near that shithole , i got them to ban me after witnessing this by telling the staff that they were nothing but a bunch of pedo's and that i was reporting their shithole site to the feds / mpaa . ;)
@cld wrote 48 months ago

If you have moved on why the fuck are you still posting here then you fucking twat ?

After you were given another chance why did you take to spamming the speed chat with shitty links ?

Yea sounds like someone who has moved on ! Thats sarcasm by the way , away back to your pedo site where you belong!
JiG wrote 48 months ago
As a recent member to speedcd I happened upon this reviews site. Thanks for the laughs, torrentsto users, they lightened my day.

For someone interested in torrent trackers, though, I'm not sure everyone will catch the jokes(or the ignorance?). Its a reasonably good tracker with a smallish community - every community has room to grow. I think this one is worth some time investment.
Sauron wrote 47 months ago
spangy wrote 47 months ago
Cld one of the best torrent editors I've ever seen! It's speed.cd loss and i know that as I know the p2p community better than most. Speed.cd is a good site but they lost the best staff any site could have in bigguy cld marsby besdsy fifer jungledave ! Loose these guys is a huge loss and that's a FACT ! Speeds loss is TNTs gain period!
Daniel wrote 47 months ago
So I saw that some Skins was released on speed.cd

So I went to their site and they're like LOL FOR 10 BUCKAROOS YOU CAN JOIN.

I was like what the fuck?

So I looked around for an invite, eventually got one off a guy on youtube for nothing. I started searching their torrents and I downloaded the skins episode I wanted and what the fuck. It's 1.6GB but it's the fucking shittest quality thing I've ever seen.

Only afterwards did I find this site and realise that I wasted all of my time. The place looks like it's made by a bunch of fuckwits and these retards look like the fucking definition of 'mods = fags' obviously just a bunch of 9gagging, 4channing fuckwits who think themselves kings.

Any fuckwit can make a private torrent site.. but this is just balls. I'd take demonoid any day.. the mods are epic and the files are fucking top notch. Never any bullshit EVER with demonoid. Do a google for the top 100 torrent sites, speed.cd isn't even on it... what a bunch of losers. Fucking britfags.
Daniel wrote 47 months ago
Also, to anyone who isn't fucking 14 years old on here talking about some of the dumbest shit I've ever read in any comments, ever. Take a look at all the comments from all these retards arguing back and forth. This Speed.cd site just isn't worth it, if you pay $10 then I feel really fucking sorry for you and everyone else who put into this utter shit-stain of a torrent site.. the mods will probably just go out and rent a fucking porno with the $10 you are buying them... you aren't missing out on anything.
Daniel wrote 47 months ago
P.S. The funniest thing is that everyone is talking about 'tnt' and I haven't ever even heard of tnt (or speed.cd) until today bahahahaha! Doing a google for 'tnt torrent' just comes up with some Polish site lmao! Dumbasses.
Unknown wrote 47 months ago
Torrents meh. Cyberlockers, filehosters yay.. max speed, torrents 100kbps no thx. rapidshare the way.
mike wrote 47 months ago
speed cd is very good site i use daily good movies good culture i didnt realise sexuality made a site good or bad typical bigots gay this and gay that grow up people
zed wrote 47 months ago
Ive been a speed member for 2 years and got 0 complaints , fast downloads , friendly staff and good amount of seeders / leechers on the torrents and no porn shit so i dont have to hide the page when my kids walk in and i can let them use it without worrying about some pervert's.

The site gets a thumbs up from me ;)
a man wrote 46 months ago
lol is this argument still going on. ahahaha. I used to be staff at speed but got banned with all the others. I didn't really give a shit tbh. Don't get me wrong it's a decent enough tracker but staff are some of the biggest wankers on the net. Anyway I left the torrent game for a year and that has been the best thing for me. I just started up again now and got an invite code to speed. Man it's so dead in there now. and they still havn't changed there shitty modern theme that tries so hard to look like IPT. IPT is a much better site to be on cause they have a better upload team and staff are always cool. Anyway it's all good cause me and ex speed staff now run a new topsite with most scene groups. Shout is very lively and basically it's THE place to be atm.
the same man wrote 46 months ago
so in summary admins at speed have shot themselves in the foot and I knew this would happen. without the old staff and members it's just an empty shell. there isn't really any point to being a member there because they don't really have anything going for them apart from being one of the only 'family safe' trackers on the net. so I guess there userbase will consist old ladies and children lmfao peace
lol wrote 46 months ago
@ above poster

I dont see any arguments all i see is tntaysylum / defqonone staff slagging off another site but anyone who has ever logged into your site will know that its all because speed.cd is 100 million times better than your Templateshare shithole that you call a site.

But now that you have your "topsite" (to everyone else that a private torrent site) its called defqonone.net BTW you think your elite lmao

TBH i thnk you need to call a plumber to fix all those leeks that your "topsite" has lol , and who's idea was it to call it a topsite ? as your clearly deluded and have no idea the difference between p2p and the scene.

Topsite is a term used by the scene and real topsites are super secret and encrypted / hidden , your has its own .net url isnt encrypted or even hidden pffttttt noobs.
Gregsy wrote 46 months ago
Speed is my first choice when looking for new releases , good download speed , nice relaxed and firendly atmosphere and plenty of other seeders and leecher.

The twat above (a man / the same man) why dont you use your own name bigguy? Anyone who has been a speed member for a while will remember you and remember what you tried to do to speed and you can bleat and bitch all you want at the end of it all speed is still going stong with more members than your 2 shithole sites put together.

Oh and anyone wondering where this new topsite is , its defqonone.net and like the above poster says its crap and has more staff than members lmao , tbh i got more torrents on my seedbox than they got on their entire site lmao

They have an internal group called SiC (noobs) and when one of their torrents got leaked a few weeks ago it was funny watching the staff go on a witch hunt accusing anyone and everyone of being the leeker and they ended up banning 2 members and it wasnt even them ... it was me you twats lol and i'll be leaking more when i get the chance and theres sweet FA you can do about it lmao .

But banning members for sharing when p2p is all about sharing tells you alot about the wankers and pedo's who run the site HAHAHAHAHA
THoRN wrote 46 months ago
Um .. im to stoned to comment , even if i did ill'd get some hater saying im a cunt .. but realistically you just jealous of my awesomeness over you
not a member of either wrote 46 months ago
im not a member of any of the sites mentioned but im interested to know if the speed cd staff claims are true why are they even on the sites and why are they leaking stuff from the sites seems strange to me but i think you will find the speed staff are spreading lies cos they see boths site mentioned as a threat to speed.cd
Gregsy wrote 46 months ago
Im not staff on any site just a member of many , and roflmfao @ threat

Explain to me how a site with more staff than members is a threat to any site ? lol , even TPB is better lmao

Never mind more staff than members you also got more staff than torrents lmao

The only reason i joined and use the shitpit is because i love leaking your torrents and then watching the staff throw tantrums and blame every man and his dog its a great spectator sport tbh lmao


Jealous of your awesomeness pmsl , i think you need to lay off the heroin mate you obviously had way more than you can handle .

Anyone else reading this join me and defqonone.net for a good laugh at the state of the shithole "TOPSITE" roflmao..... but one warning tho ... Leave the kids at home bringing them could result in them being touched or photographed inappropiately.
wankstains wrote 46 months ago
speed cd axxo what a load of shite as for coaster and da rest of them bawbags suck on me chooper you coounts,your site is the same as many others all same stuff nothing new
axxo on your site lmfao sorry i find it so funny i cant stop laughing lmao
spangy wrote 45 months ago
I have not commented on this board for over a year.

A friend has just informed me that someone has been making a few posts using my name.

Those of you who know me know i speak for myself .... I dont need or want anyone's help.

What I see here is counter productive to the goals of the file sharing community and reflect an immaturity and lack of vision and respect for the people who are trying to accomplish private trackers for the p2p communities benefit and enjoyment.

Like art and music sites are a matter of taste .... what one person enjoys another person may not like.

Fair enough but slagging each other off accomplishes nothing but embarrassment for the file sharing community as a whole.

I am friends with people on both sides of the fence who have been slagged off here. I WOULD NEVER CHOOSE SIDES for the purpose of some cheap entertainment. If I have a beef with ANYBODY you would hear it directly from my own mouth privately or in person via IM/PM.

Would the person tarnishing my reputation and good name by impersonating me kindly cease and desist.

There is only one spangy and thats ME.
Demonoid wrote 45 months ago
Does anyone have a invitation code for demonoid and is willing to swop for a invitation code to xspeeds.com or torrentday.com. Thanks in advance
Defqonone open sign ups wrote 44 months ago

open sign ups quick get in at this site! home of leigon prestige 26k voltage dont miss this chance
speedcd sucks ass wrote 44 months ago
has opened there doors for the first time get in while you can has a mass of encoders and release groups also has a massive collection of bang up to date torrents,friendly staff and a very relaxed feel to the site,gotta say since joining dont really use any other sites
DIABLO wrote 44 months ago
Speed.cd VS Demonoid.Seriously? are you having a laugh?
Demonoid has no competition and reading the above comments should give you a pretty good idea of how poor Speed.cd is.
i received many invite to join but after i've seen the despot behavior of the moderators don't see the need.
Demonoid user for many years and never once did i ever hear anything bad.
so please don't even try to compare them- NOT IN THE SAME LEAGUE!
Blue Devil wrote 44 months ago
lol. Defqon is the most poorly coded piece of bullshit ever to be on the internet. Don't fucking disgrace the term private tracker with that fucking useless site. As for the jackass comparing demonoid to speed, how the fuck are you safe there you dumb cunt? Demonoid tracks using public trackers as well as their own you dipshit.
yetti wrote 44 months ago
i have tryed to join but no invite i use demonoid now as thay dont count ratio's yes seeding to 110% is the best thing to do but in a lot of country's internet supplyiers dont give good up load speeds. i can down load 1gb in 30min but to upload the same as i take can take 3 or 4 days demonoid under stand this and it is better to have 100 slow seeders than 1 fast seeder
anon wrote 44 months ago
If the site is so bad and your never going back why not use your real user names?

I'm not a member on there but am at IPT and TD ect.
Anon No2 wrote 44 months ago
Speed.CD as i site is a good site, the only downsides are mostly the staff, not all but some of them. One of the rules is Obey all staff even when they abuse their tools they're right and you're wrong.

If they start an arguement and you join in, your banned from chat. If they're having a bad day and they target you, your banned or given a warning or both.

Chat is for chatting obviously, seeking help, ask a question, read the advice, dont take the advice or explain your problem the godfathers see it as moaning and sticks a 10-day warning on your account and bans you from chat, hibees is a moron who just abuses his power.

Kazzy is an argumentative trouble-maker and shes staff, get on the wrong side of her she'll ban you.

Staff who will ban you because they feel like it: Hibees, Coaster, chris, kazzy, Merwais.

Good staff: Superfruity, usagi, ItalianoFBI, warhawk, mully1985, and some others so speed.cd is a good site its just a shame about the select few staff.

They never admit when they are wrong, they abuse their power and some of them are ban-happy. Doesnt matter if you're a donator/vip they treat you like shit either-way.

Releases they havee all the new ones, they say all the encoder groups the well known ones like PRESTIGE have made their home there..well they havent, all the admins and mods have done is got the torrents elsewhere and added their speed.cd txt file lol.

They had some dude claiming to be aXXo uploading 1.37GiB dvdrips, its a fake claiming popularity. If you say to staff "Thats not aXXo" they ban you from the site. Hibees says they dont ask for donations.. well if thats true take ya donations link off the site and you clearly spell it out on the closed front page.."If you dont have an invite or dont know anyone, you can always donate".

Speed times are slow most of the times unless your downloading from a seedbox then its fast but most users are on adsl.

I'll recap the staff are knobheads, only a select few will off advice and seem like top ppl, the rest are power-hungry, the speeds are rubbish most the time, they allways blame your connection and never their site.
silvermagpie wrote 43 months ago
after reading this could anyone send me an invite for demonoid. thanks everyone. jackdaw24@hotmail.co.uk
Richard wrote 43 months ago
I've been with Speed.CD since it started and to be honest never had a single problem.

Recently, they have been doing loads of work on their search engine and content. This has made it easier to search for movies, music and software of all types. Including True HD 3D content that has just been released.

I have never had a download that has stoped as everyone does seed.

However.... That does not meen Speed.cd is the best out there and i can fully 100% back you guys up on the admin staff as i have read they respond to users who ask questions or have a valid point about the site.

Power made yes! but look... were all inteligent people here if your not keen on them then leave soon the number of users droping from their site will give a clear message.

Can anyone advise me on how I could join Demonoid? it would be nice to give them a go as they should solid!

@fruitela wrote 43 months ago
Download speed has nothing to do with the site , just a website , its the seedboxes/servers/users that give the speed .
Not your overpaid home connection from an ISP that shapes torrent trafic . LOL

ffs do some reading before making comments .

Anon No.2 wrote 43 months ago
@fruitela comment.. Whose fruitela? So download speed.. if someone can download 10MB a sec from say an open tracker that the majority dont use seedboxes and speeds site they download at 150-500KBps then its the users connection or isp? lmfao dont make me laugh.. the isp i been with doesnt shape traffic, plus added vpn. why isit speed.cd isnt on any review website? oh and btw websites do control the allocation of how much bandwith it allows.. many big sites do it all the time as do filehosters.
@ Anon No.2 wrote 43 months ago

i think - "you dont know what you talking about" lmfao
fruitela wrote 43 months ago
On speed ya get 150kBps and a rareity 1.2mBps.

On td you get max speeds all the time. TD has been going less time than speed.cd and yet TD has more seeds and scene releases only. TorrentDay is the best.. Friendly staff, latest releases, most within 2 minutes of it finishing on tv.
pmsl@ the noob above wrote 43 months ago
Your a noob go back to TPB where you belong as you clearly have no idea how the scene works.

latest releases, most within 2 minutes of it finishing on tv. [/quote]

ROFLMFAO..... Noob !
@fruitela wrote 43 months ago
fruitela wrote 43 months ago
Me a noob? lol ive never been a member of TPB. I know exactly how the scene works. Why don't you put your real username up eh are thats right ya know fuckall about anything. Hiding behind ya keyboard ya numpty.
LOL wrote 43 months ago
@ST3V30 wrote 43 months ago
I've been with SPEED.CD for 2 years now, I have never had any problems at all. As far as im concerned, anyone thats had a problem with SPEED.CD you were probebly doing shit you shouldn't have. So from me to all the SPEED.CD haters, you all can suck the snotty end of my fuck stick!!!
Jadekit wrote 43 months ago
SPEED.CD seems to be down !!
Noel wrote 42 months ago
I have been with Speed now 4 years after getting a link from mininova, best move I have ever made. Great speeds, quality downloads and helpful people there. I will come clean though, I am a forum mod there (used to be a mod, no doubt in time someone will tell me why I was demoted but thats life) What does annoy me intensely is the personal attacks I have seen in this forum, language which seems to indicate that some people have advanced Tourettes syndrome and lack the most basic level of English. Speed is a private tracker, its rules are clear, if you want to join any other tracker, please do so but avoid using that trackers names in chat or forums, swearing is not acceptable as it is a family site, abusing staff or other members is also unacceptable.

No one twists your arm to join Speed, it is up to each member to get as little or as much as they can all that Speed asks is that you seed back, not much I would have thought to ask.
kazzy wrote 42 months ago
Nice one Noel honey x x x x
you hit the nail on the head, couldnt have said it better my self lol
orphan wrote 42 months ago
All interesting stuff but you have to play for a long time to find the truth.
fruitela wrote 42 months ago
I didnt know about seedboxes so i asked on speed.cd and coaster thought i was taking the piss so he banned me from the site. Its no loss, its a shit site anyway.. low speeds, unoriginal content and stuck up staff. sshould rename slow.cd.
Stevo3 wrote 41 months ago
I've been a member at speed for 3 years and ill be honest the site is not as good as it was ! Most of the torrents are uploaded by a bot and there is no internal group ? The fake aXXo is now gone and diversity are 2nd best to the likes of legion rx unigue etc a huge loss to the site was when they lost the likes of bigguy cld jungledave all great staff uploaders etc there no real appeal no more I'd say speed is now another avarage site in the middle of the pile ! Not being nasty just being honest
hahaha wrote 40 months ago
Diversity are the internal group.... noob . If you think they are not as good as they used to be then leave no one forces you to login now do they !
Nona wrote 40 months ago
I joined speed.cd and immediately downloaded a bunch of freeleech. I let that seed for a week or two and built a fine ratio (~6-7). I try to log on a little later and it says "This account has been disabled."

I have no clue why they disabled my account; I didn't comment on any torrents and I didn't talk on the IRC. Literally the only thing I did was download some freeleech and seed it.
DQ1 wrote 40 months ago
DQ1 is open sign ups ! hurry get in while you can !

kazzy wrote 40 months ago
@ Nona
speed.cd dont have IRC lmfao
and you dont get banned for no reason either lol
so what is/was your username on speed (if you were a member at all) that is, il find out "why your account was disabled" lol
Awsome speed.cd wrote 39 months ago
I have read all of the comments from the above. I have found many of them insuting the site. For my part they are the some of the common cheaters. I am a speed member and is facing no problems for the above mentioned. I have faced some other problems in the site but the site staffs helped me without insuting me. They were not rude towards me. The site uploads are also very good. Thanks to all site staffs. Thumps down to all those cheaters making the reputation of the site go in vein.
lol wrote 39 months ago
That's actually quite poetic. lol
hmmm wrote 39 months ago
Dont know about poetic i'd class it as pathetic tbh considering the site is full of pedo's and grasses id have thought they would want to stay under the radar not put a big "BUST US WE'RE PEDOS" outside the door .
ppppp wrote 39 months ago
speed.cd is great because you never have to worry about fakes and DL speeds are great. Yeah they run a tight ship but thats why I love them, they dont let the bottom feeders and scrubs on to screw the real users. demonoid was amazing but the bastards shut them down so I'll stick with speed.cd.
dragon wrote 39 months ago
is speed.cd offline tonight? whats going on?
your mom wrote 39 months ago
I'm wondering too
??? wrote 39 months ago
What have speed.cd got to offer no internal torrent very boring shout box cheap rip off of ipt and TD plus almost all torrents up by a bot so they real slow and late aswell
noel wrote 39 months ago
Ain't that the same Noel that begged for a staff pos at twisted torrents you scumbag you and usagi says everything we need to know about speed.cd !
DG117 wrote 39 months ago
i like it is fast and maxes out my FIOS speed... thats all i need to know.. so na na na na boo boo stick your head in doo doo
john wrote 38 months ago

open sign ups !!!!! get in quick

home to 26k MATiNE aXXo LEGiON and many more !!!!
ababab wrote 38 months ago
hey smokie, if you dislike the site why you have came here wasting time for writing this big bluff, stupid lectures. Go and get a good nap.
david wrote 37 months ago
then every one should find a way to get the speed cd taken down
CC wrote 37 months ago
Never been on this site but to me after reading the comments, it's just like all the other private trackers i've been on and never gotten banned. Maybe one day i will put in the money to join. I hope you all have a great day.
ST3V30 wrote 36 months ago
I have been with SPEED for over 2 years now and not once has anyone said anything to me for stating my opinion. I have never had any of the Admins ban me for anything, I have spoke to alot of people young and old, and i can honestly say that everyone there has been very kind, will do anything to help you with your problems (seeding d/l ...ect) just a bunch friendly people. So for those of you that have never tried SPEED.CD maybe you should use your own judgement and find out for yourself, and for those of you that were banned from SPEED.CD you know why you were.
kazzy wrote 36 months ago
( CC wrote 20 days ago
" Never been on this site but to me after reading the comments, it's just like all the other private trackers i've been on and never gotten banned. Maybe one day i will put in the money to join. I hope you all have a great day. " )

just for the record CC, you dont need money to join speed.cd lol, all you do is click sign up and send an email stating why you would like to join :)
I agree with ST3V30 :)
So, you can either get sucked in by all the negative comments above or try speed.cd out for yourself and join - no money needed ;)
China Jedi wrote 35 months ago
Speed sucks Nazi balls, especially Hibees!!
I had a Gr8 ratio on Speed, never had any problems.
Shared back nearly 3x the amount I DL.
Then I was accused of trying to "cheat my ratio"
while seeding a freeleech torrent 24/7.
I tried taking the matter up with Hibees, who just
assured me that the Speed system is infallable, and I must've "cheat modified" my utorrent client!
I'd been seeding several torrents 24/7; locked at a
25 kB/sec. but somehow I "cheated" cuz the Speed
system said I was uploading at 15 mB, which is
quite impossible considering my slow Internet
connection. I tried to point this out to Hibees,
and have now been banned just because I was
trying to seed 'til I bleed and share back on a site
I thought was cool, but now realize has unhelpful,
social retarded, Nazis for staff!!
I was always polite, thankful, and helpful
in giving A/V comments for every torrent I
ever DL, but that ban happy Hibees is a deaf Nazi!
Thanks Speed for alienating the good users who
try to help make your community a place that
is better than the public sites!

:< ( X
LOL wrote 35 months ago
Yes its everyone else s fault and not yours how could we be so naive (thats sarcasm btw)

stop crying like a little baby , when you spam staff with abusive messages what did you think would happen ?

Maybe next time you'll think before you cheat your ratio and spam and abuse staff .

Now away back to the pirate bay where you belong you n00b.
Awsome speed.cd wrote 35 months ago
well, I was wrong speed really does suck. They kick me out the wankers!!!! Phookin Nazis hope your cock swell and xplode!!!!
tschudya wrote 28 months ago
Speed.cd is not trash, its got to be one of the best. They don't put up with crap, which is the way it is. if you break a rule like swear in chat, you cant chat anymore.
but if a torrent of a cam is mislabeled, I talkabout how it was weak to do such a thing and alllll that, and didn't even get my comments deleted, I went back, removed them, just cuz it wasn't worth aguring with someone about, to have my name defiled with this trash talk. So, If your a responsible member, you stay around for a while, and if your just a leech, then don't be mad if you get removed, your just leeching, even at a high ratio, your not communicating, or getting to knmow anyone. were a family, not a bunch of people keeping to their selfs. :D
usagi wrote 28 months ago
defqonone.net DOWN

wondering why speed.cd is still up? :-D

'cause they are better !!"
dodododo wrote 24 months ago
I've been on 20 private trackers and I can safely say that speed.cd was the worst one of them all. Its library is smaller that rutracker or piratebay. Its download times are average. Scene and new content comes slower than torrentshack and other comparable trackers. The forum and community is like this weird happy-go-lucky cult. The admins are greedy and the ratio system is pay2win. There are no rules regarding quality control, and bottom-of-the-barrel releases like Yify are OK there. The site does not use gazzelle and is generally poorly curated.
meme wrote 20 months ago
I have found also that one can get better copies of avi files in HD from other sites and download faster than speed cd, I am a member of the site as well and recently told off in a way for having 2 accounts stating it is against the rules. I have read the rules and found nothing to support this, makes one think about the staff in that they can/cannot be helpful.
I have also heard that they will ban your iP address what a laugh if you do not have a static address and if you do once you power off your router and power on again have a different iP address.
meme wrote 20 months ago
Further to my post about Speed CD, I expect that you will laugh, I contacted the person who replied to my post in his reply to this was:-
Reply from Hbees
Listen mate im not putting up with your attitude ok , im telling you its against the rules and i banned it . I dont have to ask you permision and im not here to listen to you moaning either . And send me another pm like the previous ones and you wont have any account on speed , ok !

That clear enough for you !!!!

I was only asking a simple question regarding the rules and that is what I had back, I replied again saying :-

In reply to your message,firstly I do not like your attitude as well I asked a simple question and got a reply of this nature.
I see in your profile that you are a controller how you got it when you answer in this manner makes me wonder !!
I am going to re- post your reply so other members can see it and if you want to ban me then that does not worry me either as I can obtain files via other means which I have been doing any way.
And guess what my account is DISABLED/DELETED !!.
What a lot of W~~* s
meme wrote 20 months ago
Makes one wonder about speed cd as i can get files from other areas and better quality
meme wrote 20 months ago
This is how the STAFF reply:-

***** i see your still bitching like a little girl , well good for you but your still banned . And enjoy your "legal" sites they must be good if your still bitching at us, Prick!
Enjoy the pirate bay !!

Just proves what a lot of wankers the staff are !!!
Rant over
SIMONB68 wrote 20 months ago
Hey fellow PIRATES! It doesn't matter who says what or why as we are all fans of P2P and look guys its free. You either choose a site that is full of abuse like TPB or a family friendly site which is Speed.cd. I have been a member for 5 years today which sucks as it is down for the first time and it is a choice. I have been offered to help out 4 times, but I have a chronic back disability and was thrilled just being asked as I have 20 years experience in the IT arena. The thing is that I feel welcomed and have chats with people and now go further with Skype and other ways of communication, just from 1 torrent site and have made friends as I am in Australia and chat with people from Canada, USA, Europe and UK. There are loads of fun and games to do and I think that the encodes come really early as I check competitor sites which don't have them up. Anyway, I keep up a good ratio of 6.3 by seeding as I bet a lot of people just hit and run, where it would be faster if everyone seeded back what they have leeched eh.
Look guys you are going to have personality clashes anywhere and it is up to the person who may of broke a little rule and got offended by a warning, as I see that now and then, All the mods say is " can you reframe from using abusive language in the forums please" To me that is the end of it, but to others maybe they take it personally and get the ump and follow up with another slip of the tongue and get in further trouble. Just accept that you did a boo-boo in a family friendly site like Speed.cd and get on with seeding as I have had no problems with the quality, and if there is, it is fixed up really fast as there are all sorts of jobs that people volunteer to do. Fare enough they get some perks, but they are doing it in there own time just checking that everything is friendly and not abusive as I have 2 nieces that D/L who are 12 and 11 and go there as it is so easy for them to see an awful image of porn which could change their innocence as young people grow up too fast. Call me old fashion as I am 45, but they grow up so fast and reach puberty so quick that you can say goodbye to the care free young girls and hello to adulthood with 1 pic.

I have made friends in my country and others all over the world and they are real as we can leave photo's of ourselves in our profile or a quick vid, but you always want to know the face behind the chat or avatar.

I think that Merwais and Hibees are just ordinary people who do their job well as there is around 30 or so people that help out to keep it clean and up to date. I was with Mininova before Speed came alive and the old BT Junkie and Demonoid lol. I just would not think of going anywhere else as I am hooked on the friendliness you get from all of the helpful staff to an ordinary user. There is one tracker that has uploaded about 1.5 petabytes of movies in 6 years. There are loads of different categories to choose from, but I like Diversity as it is always 720p. Look I respect that people have different views and notions of what would make Speed better as they welcome any feedback as you can have your say in the chat room or in forums as most of the problems are in categories which are easy to read and practice on like BB code and what I like is quality help from people that are in the know like aps and others that know what they are on about and you feel that learning is easy with Speeds staff and users.

I have even learnt a few things as you all know that there are endless amounts of computer knowledge that one can absorb.
Here's to a happy and wonderful experience at Speed if YOU choose to join as there are thousands of sites out there, but not many like Speed which is clean and tidy and free.
I have read most of the above comments and I can remember the names of people that have left and some have come back which just shows the quality of the site, very user friendly and can't quite understand why all of the foul language as that reminds me of TPB.

Thank you Speed from me and my family and friends as you save money and time getting quality encodes from amazing and genuine people at Speed.cd Thanks:):):)
meme wrote 19 months ago
Yes the site is good but if you ask a question to one of the staff ie hibees for advice on how to increase ones uploads get an answer back stating that he/she does not like your attitude and you would be banned !! for what ? then re worded the question and asked for help on which torrent to use and reply came back that I was banned !! very strange reply as Hibees said I make the rules contacted their help section via email and asked if could re instated reply came back and stated threats against me !! this time for what beats me ??? when I was only asking in a polite way. I have since reported the matter to gmail and forwarded a copy of the mail that was above 3 weeks ago and I see that speed.cd help@gmail.com is still active to prove this I sent another request for me to be unbanned and just got a rude answer. Proves the point about the admin staff and I will never bother with them again
meme wrote 19 months ago
One would never guess !! Speedcd are NOW accepting new members, I have been on the site and registered under an alias name and using a different e mail address from for example:- hotmail, yahoo, gmail and so on.

It was very easy to do and they sent me a token to register and haypresto on the site again after being banned for what I do not know. I wonder are they loosing members for file sharing that is the reason for anybody to join without being invited from a member.
lol wrote 19 months ago
If the site is shit and full of wanker staff why do you keep posting here bitching about it ? Surely if it was as shite as you say you wouldnt go back there anyway ? TBH this sounds like sour grapes , you got caught doing something you werent supposed to do and got banned only you cant accept even some of the responsibility . And now you moan about them having open sign up's and you sign up still moaning .... What exactly is your problem ?

If you didnt like getting banned then be happy you got another chance , otherwise leave the site and stop spamming this thread with crap .
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