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Mininova is now legal, all copyright infringing torrents removed. Mininova is the most popular torrent search engine for all kinds of torrent files and large community. Content Distribution allows content creators to distribute their content.
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Mininova is not down
Comments on Mininova
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internet user wrote 81 months ago
mininova is awesome
whatbot wrote 81 months ago
yes but the search is strange at times
uncanny wrote 81 months ago
mininova rocks keep up the good work
fuck you wrote 81 months ago
yes you all are right
dady pc wrote 81 months ago
DreameR wrote 81 months ago
mininova ur the best keep it up ^_^
Rex98 wrote 80 months ago
mininova is fucked use something else!
Victor wrote 80 months ago
is stupid because is so lent(slow download)
klaudio83 wrote 80 months ago
it is the best
john21 wrote 80 months ago
the best thing ever
ghost wrote 80 months ago
is just another trap ass spamsite sender and f b i tracking site be aware ' ' ;; [[[[[[-
emmanuel wrote 80 months ago
hola soy de argentina y quisiera saber uno bunos sitios de torrentes sin registrarte
Leviticus198 wrote 80 months ago
MiniNova's the shit
MAXX wrote 79 months ago
yeah , MININOVA = 0 TPB TPB is on power
NIKKO wrote 79 months ago

I have my email blocked?
I can not login
This is a great fuck
I'm already sick of this

I am waiting for reply!!!!!!??????????
JackRaiden wrote 78 months ago
A damn fine torrent search engine, perhaps the best. Awesome indeed!
rappen wrote 78 months ago
mininova is a trap do not go there
JackT wrote 78 months ago
why the hating? I think it's a good site
Arvil wrote 78 months ago
I prefer Pirate Bay for variety and btjunkie for easier to spot what you are looking for. For music I mean
MMMM6 wrote 78 months ago
I think piratebays the best,couse mininova uses other sites for torrents....know what i mean????
mB6 wrote 78 months ago
lol wtf they dont even have LOST

POS-site fuck mininova why no divx?
annony wrote 77 months ago
mininova.org is infected!
Gives out viruses for free!
p wrote 76 months ago
poop wrote 75 months ago
ya mininova is old as shit and about as good as that same shit!!
peteX wrote 74 months ago
yes they are shut down you guys are out of luck move to canada asap lol j/k ^^
Predator_Alpha wrote 74 months ago
Sorry for this, but MiniNova is dead. Today, 26/11/2009, is the day they limited their content. No more movies, no more games, no more tv shows, just crap. Very sad...
Drek wrote 74 months ago
mininova is not what isd used to be, now it does not have movie torrents.. that sux fuck the courts!!!!!! and fuck producers !
OMG wrote 74 months ago
from geek.com wrote 74 months ago
Mininova is now legal, all copyright infringing torrents removed.

With The Pirate Bay taken care of attention has been turning to other torrent listing websites with another big target being Mininova.

A court battle with joint anti-piracy program BREIN started in May this year with Mininova eventually losing in August and being told it had three months to clear the site of infringing torrents. Today Mininova complied with the order and removed all listings of torrents deemed to infringe copyright.

Mininova has been active since 2004 just after Suprnova disappeared and was created by five Dutch students. Over the years it has always complied with takedown requests due to copyright infringement, but that apparently wasn’t good enough so BREIN took them to court. The judge ruled that Mininova wasn’t responsible for copyright infringement directly, but could remove access to such infringing files from its site. If it didn’t, fines of up to 5 million Euros could be imposed leaving Mininova with little choice but to comply.

The removal of torrents was not Mininova’s original solution to the takedown order. Instead, experiments with filtering solutions have been ongoing, but none proved successful enough to allow compliance. For now the torrents are gone, but Mininova is considering whether to appeal the verdict of the court.
seeder wrote 74 months ago
Seeding and loading all the years from such a wonderful site. I'm feeling sorry.
hick wrote 74 months ago
any mininova alternatives? I'm waiting for demonoid coming back and now mn hast gone to. What are your faves, maybe h33t?

I'd like to discuss alternatives with all pros and cons so we can find a "new home" ;)
Remiel wrote 74 months ago
RIP mininova
X Faktor wrote 74 months ago
word. RIP mininova. they had a good run, guess i'll look elsewhere. sigh.
anmisto wrote 74 months ago
farewell mininova just hope we all find a good torrent site like yours
RPG wrote 74 months ago
dam, First it was torrentspy, piratebay and now mininova.
Ati891 wrote 74 months ago
C`m on, my main source for 2 years!
Ah damn, anyone who knows an alternative site?
Thank you mininova for everything
gamble wrote 74 months ago
Sylvana_Darkmyst wrote 74 months ago
I personally ran into a trap that came from mininova, my boyfriend downloaded a movie and a week later we received an email from our isp that they had received notice from CNBC that we had dl'ed a movie and that if we didnt stop we would be denied service, the email from CNBC which they also sent said that if we didnt stop that further legal action would take place...fucking assholes.
CS wrote 74 months ago
Slyvana - Trap LOL. Talk about something you understand please. Your isp can monitor your data.
TNK wrote 74 months ago
Mininova's over :(
JackRaiden wrote 74 months ago
TPB is still fine (*smirks*), but it does look like "the end" for mininova. RIP. Also: Fuck the MAFIAA.
haarlem holland wrote 74 months ago
but they changed the site ... dont know what happend.. but after log in u cant find a simple thing
.xxx wrote 74 months ago
http://www.torrents.to/ try this to find new home.... this message will self destruct in 5..4..3..2..1 good bye!!!!!!!!!!!lol
zebrah wrote 74 months ago
:(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( WATH NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWwwwwwwwww????????? :((((((((((((((((((( RIP MININOVA :((( FUCK FUCK FUCK
A wrote 73 months ago
Welcome to the future where capitalism goes above democracy. All of your shit is going to get monitored and anonimity becomes a fantasy.
Today you cant download a movie without your ISP sending you mails about it, tomorrow you gonna get draged into court for being a troll on 4chan.

Give it a bet how long our current law system will remain democratical. We are allready 3/4 way into despotism. Have fun kids. Your future is falling apart in front of your eyes.
Kilore wrote 73 months ago
fuck imiss that mininova haha
ikjfdaghnadg wrote 72 months ago

"tomorrow you gonna get draged into court for being a troll on 4chan."

we've all just been logged.
victim wrote 72 months ago
use are all nuts use keeps givin info to the feds by puttin stuff here, names links etc
rich wrote 68 months ago
it has hardly any music
TPB wrote 67 months ago
Mininova sucks. Bunch of sell outs!
Christos Wattsie wrote 66 months ago
Can someone give me an invitation (PASS) to join Demonoid ? I am nearly 66 YO but love movies!

Maks wrote 66 months ago
i am a demonoid user since more than 4 years now..

one thing i have found out is the number of trackers attached to a torrent..

if you are talking about speedy downloads of torrents.. you should also mention the number of trackers coz it will give consistency any a higher speed rate if any particular torrent site is busy or down..

i have used TorrentsLibrary or TorrentsWave as the easiest

you should also the process of adding tracker to your download file and finding them over othr torrent site
Sarah wrote 44 months ago
mininova doesn't have what i'm looking for ever....thepiratebay and demonoid are way better.
guest wrote 25 months ago
monova look like mininova little brother...
nicolas wrote 21 months ago
este sitio es una mierda una severenda mierda malditos gay trolos y culiados
Mateus wrote 21 months ago
Um dos melhores sites de Torrents, parabéns!
nag wrote 14 months ago
nag wrote 14 months ago
akibul wrote 12 months ago
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