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KAT.cr torrents is one of the most popular torrent sites right now. KAT.ph continues to innovate and release new features. Due to its popularity KAT.ph suffers downtimes sometimes.
User rating:
4 / 5
1148 votes cast
KAT.cr is not down
Comments on KAT.cr
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blacbeauti wrote 76 months ago
this is a very detial site, i like it very much
comic smart wrote 75 months ago
i really did find this site really easy to use but know i cant get on it
Andi wrote 74 months ago
One of my favs... Easy to use n lots of content..
chill wrote 73 months ago
It seems like it's the only ad free torrents site on the net.
Toni wrote 73 months ago

...for now. You'll see ads in the future, may standard ads or scam offers in the search results...
adamski70 wrote 65 months ago
they know thier stuff , safe , easy 2 use n if they dont got wot u want no-one has.
blessthefall111685 wrote 65 months ago
very very nice! Me likey!
leonenero wrote 64 months ago
bello e utile
pizdec wrote 64 months ago
ebalo eto saito
down wrote 63 months ago
kickasstorrents is down!!!
rolec wrote 63 months ago
KickassTorrents Taken Down After Copyright Concerns

seems to be the end... :(
kickass wrote 63 months ago
found at facebook: Kickasstorrents.com main web server was shut down by the hosting provider after it was contacted by local authorities. We don't have much details right now but it seems that there was no direct threat or order to shut down the site just the "concerns" about the site activities. We must say goodbye to Ukraine and move the servers to other countries. The site will be back online in 1-2 days, stay tuned.
paul wrote 63 months ago
any kickasstorrents alternative?
dada wrote 58 months ago
its ok
phcon wrote 35 months ago
Best site around
Wondering wrote 33 months ago
Is the site not available?
killfishtuna wrote 33 months ago
come back soon
anon wrote 31 months ago
not working
lopez wrote 28 months ago
they have a new domain: kickass.to
dave salt wrote 28 months ago
it was ok earlier but it seems to have gone down again what thef--k is wrong with this site
Aciire wrote 27 months ago
Hi there peoples, the site is up and running
just go to kickass.to
"What the f--k is wrong with this site"
The problem was not the site, but the domain etc.

U see Kat is an "illigal" site according to USA etc for having content breaking "Copyright" etc,

And that's why there where some problems with the site, but they are working hard and fast to solve this kind of problems,

some h and it was up and runnin' under the new domain.
If you guys have anyproblems getting in to the site, please visit us on facebook.

Ask for help/news there..

And don't forget, it might also be ur ISP that blocks you out from site's like this.

No more "hate" please, the site is working fine, no problems at all. and the comm is a nice place..

don wrote 27 months ago
its under a proxy server
LORD BADN wrote 23 months ago
Amanda wrote 23 months ago
How the hell do you work this site
art mai wrote 22 months ago
Amazing website definetly my faf.
K.A.T lover wrote 21 months ago
Site is down again does anyone know the new site?
Angel wrote 21 months ago
Hey now..anyone knows what happen? site is down 3 days
Swabby Crabbty wrote 21 months ago
My first stop site to look for all my torrents.
adss wrote 17 months ago
Great Job
Ramones wrote 15 months ago
kat is king of pirate web sites
The Best wrote 12 months ago
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Uzerus wrote 3 months ago
The best way is use kat.cr not kickass.to cos its more simple and always up. Its official link.
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