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KAT.ph torrents is one of the most popular torrent sites right now. KAT.ph continues to innovate and release new features. Due to its popularity KAT.ph suffers downtimes sometimes. New Kickass Torrents domain: kickass.to
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Kat.ph is not down
Comments on Kat.ph
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legit wrote 35 months ago
best torrent site ever! Has lot's of features and a great community.
jakoXX wrote 35 months ago
it's down for me, any kat.ph alternative for now?
blocked wrote 31 months ago
Looks like kat.ph domain had been seized or blocked.
kickass.to works fine!
katuser wrote 28 months ago
ya use kickass.to
KAT torrents switches to new domains randomly
mike wrote 27 months ago


Jave wrote 27 months ago
it's the new isohunt :)
good UX here and nice community.

KAT Torrents from know on
L33 wrote 27 months ago
kickass torrents and h33t.to are my faves atm
Kid wrote 27 months ago
kat.ph redirects to kickass.to
nibus wrote 27 months ago
KAT.ph and kickass.to working fine
jejo wrote 27 months ago
proxies are to slow :(
Dave wrote 27 months ago
Kat proxy is a fast alternative.
Anyway they loads to many ads.
x9x wrote 27 months ago
Jason wrote 27 months ago
kickasstorrents.to and kat.ph are blocked but you can bypass with several kat proxies, have a google search. Or switch to a secure VPN connection.
Jews wrote 27 months ago
I cant get on Kat.ph. It redirects to bookingbuddy.com, whats going on?

Has it been hi jacked?
Im aware its been blocked, im using opera turbo to get around any blocked site.. ty internet
@jews wrote 27 months ago
what happens when you test it with another browser? sounds like your system/browser got hijacked.

I get redirected to kickass.to
bccv wrote 26 months ago
ajay wrote 26 months ago
i love this website
Mark wrote 26 months ago
IS not working, blocked in my country
Dec wrote 26 months ago
This is shocking
Louise wrote 26 months ago
Sky internet provider blocked this site.
impeth wrote 25 months ago
use hidemyass or google translate (it passes proxy)
ninga wrote 25 months ago
man! same thing as louise
fred wrote 25 months ago
search for kickass proxy or get VPN (there are free vpn's too). or use a browser proxy add-on. or piratebrowser...
shuham wrote 24 months ago
Its really nice
amanda wrote 24 months ago
how do I get kickass on me toolbar
search wrote 24 months ago

there are kickass search plugins but you can also use torrents.to browser addons (and search through kickass etc.) https://addons.mozilla.org/de/firefox/addon/torrents-search-site/
muras wrote 24 months ago
kat.ph actually is down.. switch to kickass.to or any kickass proxy
z wrote 24 months ago
working fine with torrents.to search
kartik wrote 24 months ago
i sucks wrote 24 months ago
T. wrote 24 months ago
currently as of 2/6/14 its not working for me. tried both IE and google chrome. and got nothing.
TS. wrote 24 months ago
Yeah just noticed the same thing. So it's not just me then that's good to know. Hope it comes up again fast.
latasha wrote 24 months ago
kat is down I tried fire fox internet brower and got nothing as well I hope it comes up soon too
Arun wrote 24 months ago
Yeah kickass.to is down
Fingers crossed new name or domain , soon might get flashed
Jonathon wrote 24 months ago
Nooooo!!!! Anyone know a site that even compares to kickass???
Yuki wrote 24 months ago
is there any other sites that is as good as kickass? hope kickass would come back up soon!
fujiness wrote 24 months ago
kat torrent is down wait a day or so. :(
Seanstar wrote 23 months ago
anyone with any other kickass site: url....? as kickass.to is down...
no one wrote 23 months ago
giam1two wrote 23 months ago
piratebay down also?
Chris wrote 23 months ago
I copied this post from " www.isitdownrightnow.com " : Pedro Stanley ยท 3 hours 10 mins ago

FIX: Go to http://unlocktorrent.com/ choose kickasstorrents and its working! slow but it does works 100%

It does work and there are other workarounds. Just Google it and search the results.
alternative wrote 23 months ago
google for "kickass proxy" and you also find some fast kat proxies
BOOP wrote 23 months ago
TRY http://proxykat.eu/
bb wrote 23 months ago
this down loadeder has a virus in it
Recrdo wrote 23 months ago
Hello everybody. I find the official full game "The Wolf Among Us Episode 2 - FULL- Smoke and Mirrors PC - 2014" ready to download here: http://filesquick.net/file/04B72D
Please download before removing.
aman wrote 23 months ago
a nice torent
aman saraogi wrote 23 months ago
i love this site
emonty wrote 22 months ago
Has it gone down again? I can't seem to get on it at all. :(
zain wrote 22 months ago
zain wrote 22 months ago
i love you this websites
ravi wrote 22 months ago
chris wrote 22 months ago
i need this applications
Downloader wrote 21 months ago
Its not working
User wrote 21 months ago
Kat how been taken down any suggestions as to how we can access it now? New version. kickass.to not working either. Thanks
Chaz wrote 20 months ago
AST wrote 18 months ago
KAT not working not even .come in any help please

Kunal Bhatt wrote 15 months ago
User nicely to invited on kat.ph.in...
fahad wrote 11 months ago
currently as of 2/6/14 its not working for me. tried both IE and google chrome. and got nothing.
fahad wrote 11 months ago
currently as of its not working for me. tried both IE and google chrome. and got nothing.
king JOe wrote 3 months ago
kickass fucked up.any beta sites?
baidar wrote 3 months ago
i like
vizer wrote 7 weeks ago
Open kat.ph with any proxy site then select ani torent right click on the magnet download button copy the link adress.. Then in a new tab open this site magnet2torrent.com it will show a blank space the copied link address there.. Then wait for 1min it will give u a download link.. Download it and add to ur torrent client.. Works for me.. But there is jst one probelem proxy sites are damn slow and gives lots of ads so u need patience... other wise u dnt have any choice.. For detailed tutorial mail me " sknoman1@gmail.com "
credit card needed wrote 5 weeks ago
do you know if kickass requires credit card numbers
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