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isoHunt permanently shut down its torrent index. Former popular torrent index with a huge community. Features: releases system and cross-referenced trackers data.
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IsoHunt is not down
Comments on IsoHunt
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shiitehead wrote 81 months ago
this new format sucks!!! what was wrong with the old one!!!
gollo wrote 81 months ago
the new site is so much better then the old one. don't know what you want. may you should upgrade to a modern monitor...
ValHallaYoung wrote 81 months ago
contemporary - simple not too flashy and yet efficient, in just a few days people will get use to it...
hooly wrote 81 months ago
I think the new site is brilliant. Nothing wrong with it, whatsoever
DiggUser wrote 81 months ago
Back does not work! will ssubmit it anyways xD
prasanna wrote 80 months ago
very nice torrent
egasua08 wrote 80 months ago
That's treacker is the best :D:D:D:d
Rataplan wrote 79 months ago
JackRaiden wrote 79 months ago
Filtered, thanks to MPAA. Used to be one of the best torrent search engines. RIP
Daisy wrote 75 months ago
use http://www.plentyoftorrents.com they have a similar old format.
Gone, but not forgotten wrote 74 months ago
R.I.P. Will be sadly missed.
Most content removed by court order.
SSK wrote 72 months ago


SSK wrote 70 months ago
rog wrote 70 months ago
hey wats really d prob..wen wud it open again
MohameZ! wrote 70 months ago
very nice torrent !
isohunt is the best
Drockna wrote 70 months ago
The New format is fine, but what happened to the browse function? "Upgrades" should actually improve the product not remove options.
jing wrote 70 months ago
Gary had to redirects US visitors to lite version (without browsing function) due to a ongoing court case.
Full story here: http://torrentfreak.com/isohunt-redirects-us-visitors-to-lite-version-100406/
pen wrote 70 months ago
i don't like the lite version, how can I bypass the redirection?
mad wrote 70 months ago
Isohunt lite site sucks!
Mr. Z wrote 70 months ago
I'd prefer the old isohunt. Please bring it back Gary!!!
666 wrote 70 months ago
use a proxy and bypass the US ban
long live isohunt wrote 70 months ago
is the old site just banned or completly removed? do you have alternative links?
Isohunt new search engine wrote 70 months ago

UPDATE: for users hating not able to sort, this is one you shouldn't care about. isoHunt Lite obviously has stripped a lot of features, sorting however uses the same "isoHunt Rank" method that's default on regular isoHunt, and is the best sorting method as it combines multiple factors, not just by seeds or leechers. Consider the better, default ranking a feature you don't get on other websites. Also note the Cached links at last lines of search results for a cached .torrent in case the original site is down or changed.
nocd wrote 69 months ago
"use a proxy and bypass the US ban
http://anonymouse.org/cgi-bin/anon-www.cgi/http://isohunt.com "

Thnx man, great idea...and this lite version is bullshit filtered garbage. Copy and paste the link above if you wanna go back 2 old site
tpravage wrote 69 months ago
This sucks I start using torrents for TV and almost immediately XTVI gets trashed and now isohunt is getting torn up too this sucks serious squirrel nuts.
stargirl6878 wrote 69 months ago
thanks for the link to the proxy 666...

i was bypassing thru a uk server and access was hit or miss...your link works well... :)
ISOvpo wrote 63 months ago
guys i see a lot of comments about this new site being an upgrade, it is not an upgrade at all! you need to understand that we at ISOvpo have dealt with legal issues. this lite version of the site is the best that we can give US users. we are sorry, we have however brought comments back.
Berta wrote 63 months ago
I've heard much about Piratebay and Isohunt, and i am sure these sites are worth using, but personally I prefer relatively new meta search engine for torrents - http://truetorrent.com . It has nothing unnecessary: no banners, no ads - just what you need - torrents, categories, many opportunities for downlaod, high speed. I recommend this site.
flip wrote 63 months ago
no ads yet, but also no good results yet. Just another metasearch... And I'm sure it started to grow as an cash cow, like most of them.
http://topbestlisted.blogspot.com wrote 51 months ago
ISO Hunt is no. 1. yeah, The Pirate Bay is 2nd most popular torrent site in the world. see here about 25 such free torrent downloading popular sites list -

[http://topbestlisted.blogspot.com/2011/08/top-25-best-free-torrent-downloading.html ]
kasun wrote 51 months ago
Quality films download with screenshots{ http://latestfilmsfree.tk } also avalable low size movies
vbytesdc wrote 44 months ago
bill wrote 44 months ago

mper147 wrote 42 months ago
you only download fakes if you don't know what you're doing.i been there three years had a few fakes yeah but i've got a 1tb drive full of games,dvd quality films and antivirus.dvd burners etc.the moaners are the ones that expect a dvd rip 2 days after it's gone into cinemas.isohunt is awesome learn how to use it and read the comments they're there for your benefit
tim wrote 36 months ago
Is Isohunt down? Can't open for hours...
cos wrote 31 months ago
isohunt is down due to technical issue
bad wrote 30 months ago
isohunt blocked in italy

Le moteur de recherche de liens torrents IsoHunt est actuellement inaccessible pour certains internautes italiens.
Jack wrote 29 months ago
bring back the old Isohunt, I hate this short one.
sad news wrote 27 months ago
Isohunt to permanently shutter after settlement with MPAA :(
gebert wrote 27 months ago
good bye good bye, and thanks for the fish!
JK wrote 27 months ago
RIP Isohunt.
I count the last days.
Shiyum wrote 27 months ago
what are good Isohunt alternatives?
jenrick wrote 27 months ago
Sad :( one of the best torrent sites is gone. RIP
tom wrote 27 months ago
miss you isohunt!
liz wrote 27 months ago
goodbye Isohunt!
JDog wrote 27 months ago
ISOHunt we will sadly miss you, you are a favorite site in my eyes and always will be.

Bye Isohunt :(
terminator wrote 27 months ago
isohunt.com is disconnected now :(
riderboy wrote 27 months ago
I love you isohunt goodbye :(
sam wrote 27 months ago
any websitei can found what is was on isohunt ???
io wrote 27 months ago
che peccato!
CoNan wrote 27 months ago
gone with the windddd
RIP wrote 27 months ago
fuckingfightback wrote 27 months ago
phoenix rise from thee ashes
gilmore wrote 27 months ago
missing the first torrent site a bacame familar with in 2005 :(
the king wrote 27 months ago
gutting best ive ever used can anyone recommend a simular site i can use?
Subliminator wrote 27 months ago
too bad for isohunt
frogger wrote 27 months ago
@the king kickass.to

isohunt.to is new Isohunt backup some guys set up...
blackpete wrote 27 months ago
isohunt was the best ever, please return
neo wrote 27 months ago
oh man am nw gonna be sad. my favourate torrent shudsdown
maruf sobhan wrote 27 months ago
isohunt was the best reliable torrent site ever, pls return
therealhotshot wrote 27 months ago
totally gutted, does any1 know of any other similar site to download movies from?
what is the new? wrote 27 months ago
what is the new?
Mohsin Akhtar wrote 26 months ago
kat.ph is also best :)
Stephen DIMITRIOU wrote 26 months ago
The MPAA, Hollywood and all affiliates are in breach of copyright. All their material is stolen from artists by police power or Roman priest. They own none of what they control. India stole it from the original people and laundered it through Italy, France, Germany, Australia and settled in Hollywood. It is better to have a free-sharing society than India's caste system as is now the case in America as elsewhere. MPAA and BollyHollyNollywood, must be shut down today. They have shown that they can't share, so shut down their smut. In all Scripture God says use force if you must. They're not the only ones who can make good movies. It's Time To Give Back To Those To Whom It Belongs - not MPAA, not Google and certainly to none of the above. HANDS OFF – LET ISOHUNT GIVE TO THE WORLD.
leo wrote 26 months ago
just visited, its down.
Jeff80 wrote 26 months ago
FUCK, I REALLY MISS ORIGINAL ISOHUNT. Dude who created it was a great guy, refusing to bend over and take it from the MPAA and RIAA and their GREED-motivated attacks!! SUCH A SHAME THEY FINALLY GOT TO HIM!! Those FUCKTWATS are making money hand over FIST, and they have the nerve to go after a people-sharing platform just because they MAY be losing a relatively SMALL amount of revenue due to the free and open exchange of ideas, images and art over the internet?? OH BOO-FUCKING-HOO YOU GREEDY BASTARDS!! WHAT GREEDY FUCKING SCUMBAGS. WHAT RACHET POS'S!! And it's really not so much the artists or writers themselves. Those people know that for one, not everyone has an internet connection, and many millions of people DON'T participate in online file-sharing, meaning that they will STILL, in virtually all cases, STILL make plenty of money off their music, movies or books through other means! Many people want a physical book in their hands, and last time I fucking checked, people are still going out and attending concerts and buying CDs and DVDs in droves!! File-sharing has NOT cut into these folks' profits HALF as much as the media shills would have us believe!! No, it's not so much the individual people that have the problem with it, it's the big corporations involved in the music and movie and publishing business that control (and in some cases practically extort) these artists, that view ANY threat to their potential obscene level of profits as something from the devil that needs immediate extermination! And thus, the 13 year assault and persecution and litigating against all online file-sharing platforms. I have seen TOO many of these fine sites bite the dust over time. First it was Napster, then Kazaa, then Morpheus, then a bunch of others I can't recall, then Limewire (how I miss Limewire!!), and now IsoHunt!!

Isn't it sad???

Too bad these fucking bloated monopolies have so much money and power that they can buy influence with the judges in their witch-hunt battles against all these sites, fight outrageously trenchant court battles for as long as they need, and get the legal system to sing their song ever FUCKING time!! (Really, the words "justice system" in "the American justice system" are about as big of a fucking misnomer that can be found, and for many reasons well beyond just this one!)

The "new" Isohunt was put together from all different people, right? I forget the name of who founded the original Isohunt, I would really like to contact them to express my condolences and support. If anyone has a contact email of the those guys associated with the old Isohunt, can you post it here or email it to vinsthemann@yahoo.com?? Thanks to any who may!

The new Isohunt seems OK, I've only used it once so far, I was able to find the torrent I was looking for (well I think I did, it looks that way but I havent opened the file yet I DL'd to make sure). But it still sucks. I miss the old group I had come to know for so long, and I was actually one who would read the blogs and the comments and the articles on the old Isohunt, and contribute some of my own, besides just using the torrents. Every time this happens, it really blows. It's like losing an old friend.

FYI, for those who may not know, TPB is still going strong. CROSS MY FUCKING FINGERS, I sure hope it stays that way!! I thought Isohunt was a strong fortress, the founder had successfully thwarted all previous attempts at shutdown up until now, and now that's gone. So I'm really hoping and praying the same doesn't happen to TPB!! I will really be crushed if that happens. They are a fucking vault of a massive amount of torrents, and they have been my go-to stop every single time for the last 3 years, with Isohunt coming in second if I couldn't find what I needed on PB.

RIP ISOHUNT!!! May you one day rise again and stick it to the greed-mongering conglomerates who took you down!!! We're still with you!! :((((((
anon wrote 26 months ago
its shut
joho wrote 25 months ago
Shut down and will never come back!
R.I.P IsoHunt

Go to http://kickass.to/ - Site is even better than IsoHunt
guest wrote 25 months ago
new isohunt is .to but the owner is different now...

here's the great news...
ADVICE wrote 25 months ago
you might want to use ( thepiratebay ) also www.torrenting.com, and torlock, and torrentfreak
Meka wrote 25 months ago
for now it looks like even isohunt.to is down at the moment.
down but wrote 25 months ago
You can access isohunt.to via google cache. Just open


The error message 502 Bad Gateway at Isohunt may means that their firewall is blocking the site due to DDoS or some security issue or Isohunt changed its IP address for some reason. No worry, seems to be temporary.
token wrote 24 months ago
isohunt.to is down now too :(
is it blocked or just not available?
malik wrote 24 months ago
it is like to cook very bad
oci wrote 24 months ago
just tried, isohunt.to still has error 502 message
idris wrote 24 months ago
what s wrong
twilight wrote 24 months ago
this is rediculous
Abhinav wrote 23 months ago
hou to use isohunt through proxy...????????
Please help me..........
ahhsi wrote 22 months ago
anyone wanna ...me
wee man wrote 22 months ago
when will u b back
Danyal wrote 20 months ago
no its better than the old version
jarod wrote 20 months ago
this site works great. if you cant find what your looking for here you don't know what your looking for. I got my fav shit here. booyeaa!!!
ugurano wrote 4 months ago
doesnt work
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