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Torrent tracker with all kinds of torrent files.
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I Love Torrents
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I Love Torrents is not down
Comments on I Love Torrents
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JackRaiden wrote 79 months ago
A pretty slick private torrent tracker and community!
Cage wrote 74 months ago
been trying 2 sign up 4 a week, no matter what i do i cant get a confirmation email. very frustrating!!!!
underradar wrote 74 months ago
you won't let me back in so i paid toxic torrent $20 to become vip I wanted to be vip here to but you kicked me before i could your lose not mine
gazz77 wrote 73 months ago
was on for a week only downloaded a few films even paid two lots of $5 then with no warning i get kicked. all i get is forbidden 403 message when i try to conect.does any body know of any other site i can use to download like ILT i am a newbie at this .can anybody help?
mil wrote 73 months ago
why the hell do you guy pay for being member of a tracker? you should spend your money for useful stuff...
gazz77 wrote 73 months ago
where can i go and get films?
hawrote 72 months ago
no matter what tracker i ha
tough guy wrote 72 months ago
these guys fuckin suck bunch off goofs ignorant assholes,love to punch them out
Shafique wrote 72 months ago
My login account is musakhail786,but when I click to login show me this you are not authorized to view this page why i m not authorized to this page.
Merlin wrote 72 months ago
musakhail786, your user class on ILT is LEECH, looks like you didnt seed anything you downloaded back

I have been a member on Ilovetorrents since it started, and firefly before that (never staff) just power user and sometimes vip and never had any problem with them (server problems omited)

tough guy, you really are, lol, its easy to hide behind a name on the internet, they dont ban members for nothing, they wouldn't have lasted so long.
otella wrote 72 months ago
been kicked out of ilove torrents 2 times in the past year an half i paid 25.00 each time to use the site for vip. kicked again
tweed jacket wrote 71 months ago
I have just found an account on ILOVETORRENTS with same name as above, that hasnt been used for 2 weeks, but is deff not banned
mumusha wrote 71 months ago
ilovetorrents is the worst tracker I have seen ! Stupid stuff, stupid rules... FAQ them
tweed jacket wrote 71 months ago
quote:mumusha account disabled: constant abuse of the "report torrent/user "link. abusive msg's to staff. unquote

its never the user's fault, is it?
roy324 wrote 71 months ago
cannot get on this been a member for years forgot password so crap.
tweed jacket wrote 71 months ago
ilovetorrents is 5 year old and they have put a lottery on home page, winner gets $1000
dln wrote 71 months ago
i cant even sign up
can't get back into I Love Torrents wrote 71 months ago
Merlin, are you a moderator for ILT? If you or anyone can help me please tell me what i can do.

I'm unsure if I have been banned on Ilovetorrents.com could you check for me? The username could be mbkobra or mbkobra6048. I just realized the mbkobra6048@yahoo.com email address was recently deleted by yahoo (I guess for lack of usage) so i speculate that could contribute to the problem.

However when i attempt to login i get:

Login failed user name or password incorrect

when i click reset my password and enter my email address i get: error
he email address mbkobra@yahoo.com was not found in the database
he email address mbkobra6048@yahoo.com was not found in the database

or when I attempted to create a new account it told me my "the ip xxx.xxx.xx.xxx is already in use" I am sure my ratio was good as i would seed things for weeks before removing them.

Would you please check for me and advise how to correct this matter. I really love the site.

Forgot to say I went back to yahoo and recreated the email account mbkobra6048@yahoo.com so if indeed that is the issue I have re established the account.

Suckers wrote 70 months ago
Haha you saps pay for your torrents. That's p. much against the pirate movement. You're essentially no better than consumers paying the RIAA/MPAA behemoth to lease thier shit
HazChem wrote 70 months ago

@ can't get back into I Love Torrents
".........was not found in the database" normally means, an account has been deleted due to inactivity (all private sites do this, but I dont know what this site has set its time to)

"the ip xxx.xxx.xx.xxx is already in use" error could indicate you have a dynamic ip and have walked into one that someone is already using (just wait a few days and retry)

I am not staff on this site, but another, and we operate similar policies.

@Suckers, grow up, no one pays for content on these type of sites

belg wrote 70 months ago
geweldige torrent site :)
sumidiot wrote 69 months ago
Tried different email addresses still no confirmation. There are many other sites to where why would I waste anymore time wjth I Love Torrents
HazChem wrote 69 months ago
@ sumidiot have you looked in email spam/junk folder, some email clients have a habit of putting site confirmation emails there
harley7985 wrote 69 months ago
I also just experienced the "403 Forbidden" message at ilovetorrents.com... I am a power user and I really cant see that I have done anything wrong at all. I got the message the day after I tried a new torrent client called Tixati. Can that client cause any problems?? I really would appreciate if anyone could tell how to contact moderators at ilovetorrent.com...
ted wrote 69 months ago
I also have I Love Torrents login problem, can't access the members area. Getting a "403 Forbidden" after my login...
403 forbidden wrote 69 months ago
no notice. damn moderators!
chicpea wrote 69 months ago
@harley7985 seems quite a few sites that have spoof client scripts are banning members using Tixati. it seems to piggyback on bittornado
Merlin wrote 69 months ago
@harley7985, I spoke to the sysop on ILT about your ban, he asked me to tell you he undid the ban on your account.

Iam just a power user on ILT not staff, before anyone else asks for help.

Anyone wanting help, but cant get on site, go on their irc channel irc:bitsoup.org channel #love
oneye wrote 68 months ago
Can anyone help, been a member with ilovetorrent for a lot of years with very good ratio, but about two months ago I couldn’t get on. My ip was still being used on the site some how so I couldn’t get on as a new user. I would greatly appreciate anything you can do to help.
SkinnyV wrote 67 months ago
I was a loyal member at Ilovetorrents, seeded everything from my seedbox and even donated money to them. One day I said thank you for a guy posting a game and added that ''normaly game based on movie that get released before the actual movie are crappy:P'' They censored my post saying I was abusing the comment system and flaming. They banned me without any warning over that comment:
''Man, op are trigger happy! I never said the torrent was crap, I even said thanks you and gave an opinion on game based on movie that get released before the actual movie. Geez, you guys need to lighten up.''

Those guy are acting like dictator
HazChem wrote 67 months ago
@ SkinnyV

There is always 2 sides to a story, wonder what the other 1 is?
2true wrote 66 months ago
this is a good site ive been using for couple of yers now with no problems at all
dj s wrote 66 months ago
i am a loyal user of ilt and swear by it. If you cant follow the rules completely then you should be on a public site wiv all the other leechers
pothead wrote 66 months ago
anyone having trouble getting on? think the server might be down.
Kennydo wrote 66 months ago
Yes, been trying all day. Hope it's just temporary and nothing has happened.
Donna wrote 66 months ago
Been trying also - thought it might have been me - glad to see others out there are experiencing the same things
cat wrote 66 months ago
There is a power outage with the server. It is being worked on and hopefully back up soon.
ILT Admin
asmodeus wrote 66 months ago
i've been having this problem for a couple of days. glad to see it's not just me. hope it's fixed soon.
jest wrote 66 months ago
dirk wrote 65 months ago
at jest, I wonder why you are posting here with that, isnt it 10 year olds that go stamping their feet when they cant get what they want
your post is the proverbial stamp
EMILY_P wrote 65 months ago
I do not know what jest did, but it must have been bad.

All the admins and the sysop on ilovetorrents are brill.

They spend time helping you where other sites would have give up long before.

dja wrote 65 months ago
The best torrent site !I'we been a member since they exist and never had any problems ,never paid for membership and it,s my favorite site to download movies ,useful comments under uploads and great copies .ILOVEtorrents :)
Challenger wrote 65 months ago
I got signed up no problem. Only problem is they use a wait for all new/low ratio people. Kinda hard to build your ration when you cant get the new stuff everyone wants. It's hard for me anyway cause I don't usually get movies and that's what usually popular. They was also discussing whether they should do waits in their forums like other sites do. I have been a member of a lot of sites and this is the first to make me wait to get something good. I'm not saying they are good or bad, just saying what i know about em.
meep wrote 65 months ago
@merlin Hey I noticed you talked to an admin for someone else. Ask them about meowmeow please. I have been having issues for a while now... couple months I think. I noticed someone write this @harley7985 seems quite a few sites that have spoof client scripts are banning members using Tixati. it seems to piggyback on bittornado.... I use bittornado. I wonder if this has anything to do with my error? I won't save I have the best ratio but most certainly I dun have the worst and after a year or so... maybe more I forget when I joined... I have never been given much crap about the less than perfect ratio except the nonstop automated warnings that come and then go all the time.
nexor63 wrote 64 months ago
I signed up with ILT, got registered and all. I can even log in, but that's where it ends. Where ever I go from there I get logged out and cannot log back in... Did everything by the book.. even cleared my cookies and everything else that had to be cleared (stopped short of clearing my entire harddrive). Read somewhere else where one of ILT admin guys advised someone to get another browser...or get another PC...just so you know.ILT we are not all morons when it comes to PC's...I have never come accross so many complaints about a Torrent site.
GSDR wrote 64 months ago
@nexor63 there is a thread about that problem in guides forum.
BTW, I have been a member of ILT over 3 years now, and have never seen, any admin tell someone to get a new pc

@Challenger,plenty of sites have wait times
Shrike wrote 64 months ago
Hey, I just got banned for no reason today. I had some warnings about my ratio, but had started seeding some high leech torrents to 10 to get my ratio up. I'm seeding from a box in europe and my computer is in the middle east (I'm American, working here).

My account has been disabled on ILT....would like to keep it.
Joe wrote 63 months ago
Being a former ILT uploader I would stay away from them for security reasons on your own behalf. They asked me to record all IP and send to sysop on a certain torrent and I told them **** you.
Canabi wrote 63 months ago
I don't know much on torrenting but I only got 1 movie from Ilovetorrent and my isp sent me a message that I was subjected to illegal content or something. I filed a report on them so i'm sure they will be in jail soon.
BITSOUP KITCHEN wrote 63 months ago
all you jerkoffs were not banned for being innocent. read the rules and stop jerking off
xray wrote 63 months ago
so joe, you were an uploader were you? what a load of bollocks, carry on drinking whatever is turning your brain to mush.

@Canabi, your name says it all, I have downloaded TB's and seeded back more, and nothing from isp or any other anti p2p idiots.

or is that that you are from some site that cant get members so have to try and slight others?
kamisamaq wrote 63 months ago
very good site, i keep my uploads high to the community!
Lan Li wrote 63 months ago
this ilovetorrents.com site is very good, thank you
XXXKATYXXX wrote 61 months ago
hodgesbo wrote 60 months ago
I've been a member of various private trackers over the last 4 years or so and an ILT member for at least a few years. ILT has been nothing but good to me since the day I signed up. What a great community.

FYI - 1/28/2011 - ILT has closed their signup page. They may open it up every so often and they plan to create a invite system.
milly wrote 59 months ago
try these 2 sites there awsome mazysmadhouse.net caters for all torrents and extremetv.org this site does all uptodate tv and they have a large selection of classic tv retro movies and all new released movies
lone star wrote 59 months ago
i have been a member of ilovetorrents.com for some time but since they closed their doors and became private, the site has been getting worse. it used to be a good genral 0 day tracker, but recently has been flooded with old stuff. any new stuff gets many seeds on very fast so is hard to maintain your ratio without seeding a simple xvid for days and days. most of the decent staff have left including the sysop and some admin. a staff member has said they are losing hundreds of members every week now and if it go's on for much longer they will have only a few die hards left. R.I.P. ILOVETORRENTS.COM it was good while it lasted
ILT got my vote wrote 58 months ago
I've been a member for awhile now....before they started the whole wait times for new members and low ratio and went to invite only. I fill requests and post torrents which really helps the ratio after that's an option. Quit whining about "I can get my ratio up" boo hoo. Get smart fools and download several files of a high traffic torrent and just share the few files before you go downloading gigs of data with nothing shared. I did that for a week before downloading much and never looked back.

I Love Torrents kicks ass. They put the rules out for everyone to see and about all aspects of use...from ratio requirements, posting requirements, admin treatment, what and how to properly upload, and oh yes....even what clients are allowed and the settings you need to use. If you get banned it's because you simply can't follow the rules. I inadvertently broke a couple rules and I got a message and life went on.

It's NOT a requirement to donate money to them either. I donate on occasion because I really appreciate the community and what it offers and trackers and web hosting are not free at that level of usage. If you don't personally like it then go back to fumble fu**in around with the public trackers and quit bashing one of the few good private torrent communities that are left!
hueybourbon wrote 58 months ago
Can Someone check if I was banned. User Name HueyBourbon. I think they blocked my whole router.
I LOVE DOC wrote 58 months ago
Ronaldo wrote 58 months ago
ILT is a scam. The winner of the lottery is a fake. Donate $26, get 600gb and win $1600? The winner only has 104.27gb total .If this winner did not donate to get the 600gb, how could he win?
ILTdonator wrote 58 months ago
so how come the winner of the 6TB has 9.00 TB, try looking at correct winner noobhead there are three lotterey winners with three different prizes 6TB, $1600 cash and one year vip.

Ronaldo wrote 58 months ago
3 winners but TB's and VIP are token prizes that cost nothing to give away. The winner of the CASH prize is fake and that $1600 went into the same pockets as your donation. Really man, don't take my word on that. Not looking to convince you. Only saying keep your own critical eye out on VIPs that win stuff that cost money.
Ronaldo is a pratt wrote 58 months ago
whats up? didn't win anything? theres always one isn't there. I didn't win so it must be a scam or fake or a fix.
Why dont you just contact the cash winner and let them confirm they got the cash, oh no you cant can you, because the winner is a fake account of some underhand staff account.
grow up
Ronaldo wrote 58 months ago
Didn't play so didn't win. Had a laugh seeing NOW credit was added to the winners account with some bogus comment posted on the account. Correcting mistakes don't make it less fake but thx for reading lol.
ILT SYSOP wrote 58 months ago
Ronaldo not sure what your problem is but there isnt 1 draw ever done on the site that is a scam... You have nothing to back your crap up with... member's win all the time if was a scam you think people would keep entering???

Get a life and stop the bs..

Dont like it Get off my site

ILT ViP wrote 58 months ago
I have been a donating member of ILT for many years.

Now that you mention it, in my time at ILT I have never won anything and also never spoken to a member that has won, so this rumor could be true.

Now someone asks about a rumor and the sysop says "Dont like it Get off my site" ?

Sounds like guilt to me. what a drag.

Maybe ILT is not the community I thought it was!
Killer wrote 58 months ago
Why not consider a new site such as...

Diverse Torrents is a new private tracker around two months old and specialises mainly in official Scene Releases. There is plenty of FreeLeech to be had on the site and a Bonus Points System to help build ratio. The release times are on par with the likes of many top and established trackers. All torrents are on a 1 Gbit line for fast downloading.
We also have a Request Section and all new members are credited with 2GB upload.
Come on over and introduce yourself on the site's shout box.

ILT donator wrote 58 months ago
@ILT VIP, I have never won a prize either, but then I do not donate to win anything, I donate to help keep ILT running.

All winners are always announced, if you have any doubts why dont you contact them..

As for the sysop coming on here, do you really think it was the sysop?

Anyone can call themeselves anything and write anything on here.

On sites like these, any site can try and run another site down, or hijack it for there own purposes (see above)
Ronaldo wrote 58 months ago
I have nothing to back up my crap with?


The first img is the winner announcement, the second is the winner account on the same day with no sign of 600gb from a $26 donation to enter the contest. The third img is the winner account after I posted here that now grew 850gb and got txt fit for a sales commercial all at the same time.
Haz Chem wrote 58 months ago
@Ronaldo. and that tells us what? you have photoshop installed on your computer?

The more you go on about it the more you sound you have something to do with another site, and thats sad.

@ILT donator, yes, I agree.
I am staff on another torrent site, but since I am on ILT's page, I will not say which, but this nick is the nick I use everywhere.
Ronaldo, do you use the same nick?
dutchess wrote 57 months ago
I was recently invited to ilovetorrents.com by a friend, I have nothing but praise for the staff, they have helped me throughout, and have been do patient with me.
Thank you to all ilovetorrents.com staff
CoolDude2011 wrote 57 months ago
Go to http://bolt.cd/ you'll be amazed what you can find
Shelly wrote 56 months ago
Big hugz and cuddlez to Doc, you were so sweet and understanding of my problem. Ilovetorrents.com is my #1 site. xxx
blackmikeg wrote 56 months ago
I hadnt been able to log on for two days and today it says my account is disabled. I have been a user for years, never any problems with seeding or leeching. Ratio was 1.37 and just nothing now. Does anyone have an email of an admin so I can at least see why im disabled?
outside wrote 56 months ago
i too woke up today and was unable to log into the site. ive cleared my cookies, reset my password, and my ip adress and nothin works. i cant sign-in! is there a way to contact them to find out if ive been removed or banned? plz help i love this site!
Shadowdawn wrote 55 months ago
I am getting the error message that the server is not found. Are they down or just gone?
pewak wrote 55 months ago
try iptorrents its way better
dan wrote 55 months ago
no still here just invites only
dargirl wrote 55 months ago
ILT site is giving me this error message:

[1129] dbconn: mysql_pconnect: Host 'iltweb.ilovetorrents.com' is blocked because of many connection errors; unblock with 'mysqladmin flush-hosts'

I recently donated and my ratio is very high.
I just don't get it and there is not a lot of info on the net about this sort of thing.

Any help would be appreciated.
Muffin wrote 55 months ago
I`m getting the same dargirl,its something to do with the site
dargirl wrote 55 months ago
That's a relief to hear, Muffin. I was worried.
It sure is taking a long time for them to upgrade their site.
Some people say that they're not having problems and the site is working for them. I wish I was one of them.
When you are on every single day, you sure do miss it when it's gone. LOL
Nib wrote 55 months ago
Site gives me the exact same error as well as 3 of my invites
oldguy70 wrote 55 months ago
i also got the same error...sigh...
oldguy70 wrote 55 months ago
just came back up!!!
dargirl wrote 55 months ago
Yay!! Whew! What a relief. I hope everyone is back up now.
enforcer wrote 54 months ago
I've been on holiday and I think I must have forgotten to 'park' my account . . . Now I get the "Username or password incorrect" also states my email address is not recognised. . .
Anyone have a contact email so I can beg !!!
enforcer is/was my username
Youngster wrote 54 months ago
Can someone please tell me why I have been banned. My username was Youngster. Thanks
anonymous 2.0 wrote 54 months ago
ILT should have bonus for seeding torrents with low leechers.. its hard to increase ratio
they keep banning people to increase their donation

Torrentday is way better
ILT wrote 54 months ago
Really wish people would stop assuming they are banned to increase donations..

Ilovetorrents has never been about donations..

There are members on the site that go back 4yrs who have never donated

Keep your ratio in check follow the rules and you will be fine..

sharkrc wrote 53 months ago
I can verify that I have been a member for years and have never donated
ryan6047 wrote 52 months ago
been a member 3 years now.. never donated but i keep my ratio high, i havn't had any problems and ILT is the best!!!!
Straticus wrote 51 months ago
Don't get it at all...I've been a member for 5 years , I've donated several lots of $25, and I can't log in. Seems they've deleted me from the membership, and there's nobody there to talk to about it. WTF is going on
Straticus wrote 51 months ago
Forgive the double post, but I thought that donating was a better way of keeping one's ratios high. The donation in my view is supposed to supersede this fact. I donated because I loved the site and wanted to help out, and to not have to worry about my ratios. I uploaded torrents to be sure; and I would LOVE for someone from ILT to respond to this, so that I can understand why I've been deleted. Had I not ever made a donation, these posts would not exist. With respect, Strat
Mark wrote 51 months ago
You have to log in at least once every 30 days or 90 days if you park your account or your account gets deleted. It says so in the FaQ.
i just got denied wrote 51 months ago
seems my internet provider says they are filing a lawsuit on torrentday and ilovetorrents and I will not be able to access them until it's solved. My guess is they are protecting me from being sued along with them. sucks but oh well i didn't create the illegal site.
Dude wrote 50 months ago

Right, and aliens landed on the white house lawn also. lol
dolfinbaby wrote 50 months ago
I got sick, went into the hospital for awhile came home to get better. When I was finally allowed to use a computer again I logged on to my site which I donated to all the time, and always kept my ration up. Never was a problem to anyone. Now when I try to sign in it says my account has been diabled. When I try to sign in on my husbands computer by registering so I can atleast talk to someone it tells me the account is in use. I can't re-register because they show I already have an account.. What do I do?
Me wrote 50 months ago
Make a completely new account and contact staff. Your account is probably disabled for inactivity (you haven't logged in for more than 30 days).
dolfinbaby wrote 49 months ago
Before they closed the doors to new people I tried to open up a completely new account. Told me no that I already had an account. Tried to open up an account with husbands email and was still told no that I could nt do to the fact that I already had an account but of course when I try to log in it is disabled. I know I was probable disabled when I had the heart attack and went into the hospital. Now they are trying to give me another one. Please isnt there any exceptions for health reasons. I was told I died 3 times on the way to surgery. Does this not qualify me to have an account back. As I said, before the heart attack I had a very high ratio, had just donated a lot of money, had lots of invites and never caused anyone any problem. What do I do? Any Staff available or someone that can ask a staff member? Thank you for any help that you can give.
ILT OP wrote 49 months ago
@dolfinbaby your account has been restored..

Merry Xmas
ILT wrote 49 months ago
We do not ban member's for no reason..

Accounts do not get locked cause we donation whores..

If your locked out there is a reason...

This site is not a help desk for our site... Contact our help desk if needing help..

Thank you

ILT Staff Member
Nunis wrote 49 months ago
I want to contact the Help Desk but I can't log in so I don't know what to do. My account is suddenly disabled, and there is no way to find out why or to contact anyone about it. I always kept my ratio up and donated to the site.

Can a member of staff please point me in the right direction?
Me wrote 49 months ago
Get into IRC and ask for a Mod.
nytstorms wrote 48 months ago
I forgot to park my acct. and now its disabled If anyone affiliated with ILT reads this, could you please re-activate my acct.
madlora wrote 48 months ago
Looks like their servers are down now. Could be a follow up on that megaupload thing?
@ilt Staff wrote 47 months ago
@madlora No idea where you are getting your info from but its pure bullshit.. ILT isnt going anywhere
michelb wrote 47 months ago
my account was also recently disabled (probably for inactivity - don't use it that often). Anyway I can get it re-enabled? I think my ratio was over 1).
madlora wrote 47 months ago
Yup, down for good, bye-bye ILT!
just been on ILT wrote 47 months ago
That name suits you madlora.

Have just been on ILT, you are either an idiot or a trouble causer.

Long live ILT
John Boy wrote 47 months ago
They are a bunch of rip off merchants, they run multiple torrent sites begging for donations on each and every single one of them. Do some research into moxie communications, which is the company that owns ILT though they will deny this. By funding purchase of hardware through the torrent sites they can run a legitimate business making money out of hosting solutions, one problem though you have technically gained the money by deception and I hope you are imprisoned for it.

All of the torrents on the site are scene releases, very rarely is there anything exclusive on there, copy the name of the torrent on the site into google and you will find 100 other torrent sites all with the same release because its just a crappy scene release. Hell you might as well just use tpb if you want scene stuff. I don't see why you should feel that paying for the stuff you download is a good thing, other trackers don't work in this manner, donations are for helping to run the site, not to buy upload credit, wait times or whatever other crap they spin.

All this bunch of con men are doing is ripping off people with only a little bit of torrent knowledge, that is wrong.
Ilt Staff wrote 47 months ago
John arnt you the wanker that was banned today?

Many people have said that this company or that company own's ilt blah blah blah..

ilovetorrents stands alone as it always has and always will

John Boy wrote 47 months ago
No I'm not that wanker I'm an entirely different wanker.

Many people have said it, because its true. Lets ask everyone here, does a torrent site require 16 servers to run? I can be sure that every person that understands torrent sites will tell you that you are full of shit.

You are ripping people off, you are scamming people out of their money for nothing more than shitty scene stuff that they could find on tpb.
michelb wrote 47 months ago
still hoping to get my account (michelb) un-disabled.

ILT Membe wrote 45 months ago
I have been a member of ILT for quite a long time and have seen many changes on the site. No it WAS never a requirement to donate which you will see has changed in the very long ILT staff message below sent out yesterday. I have always maintained my ratio well above what it needs to be with little issues as I uploaded torrents that I created in an attempt to give back since since my income does not allow me to donate as often as I would like and It takes money AND members to provide the torrents to keep the site alive. Donations will now be required and there will be no more lotteries or huge upload credits which is more than fine by me. They have already instituted the new mandatory donation rule but have not given any clear outline (That I have seen) as to what donation is needed to keep your account active and although I suspect any amount will be sufficient to keep it active...how long will it remain active for a set donation? I am not going to potentially put myself in a position where I will donate $20 that I cannot afford and it only gets me through a month before my account be made inactive for non donation. Since they mention in the below message that they would be set for life with a couple bucks a month donation from every member (would yield over $21,000 if you only use the people that i see seeding and not even close to all members), I would assume (taking into account the potential loss of more than 50% of it's members from this) that you will need to donate $5 a month and maybe more. Now this is speculation since no outline has been set. I will not donate UNTIL donation rules have been set. If this doesn't happen before I get banned / made inactive then goodbye ILoveTorrents. Thank you for the years of service and hard work you have put in to offer your service to me. I wish I made more money and was not a single father to where I could donate what you feel is appropriate for your time and costs. Good Luck. If you do set outlines and they are reasonable for my situation, I look forward to many more years as a very happy member.
Here is the Copy Paste version of the message word for word. I have made NO changes of any kind.

The Most Important Thing You'll Ever Read at ILT!

First let me say 'Thank You' to all our current and past supporters! You have single-handily supported the operations of ILT and your fellow member's activity up until now, but that's all about to change!

The Cause

For the last couple years, we've been coming to all our members and portraying how hard it is to maintain the quality of service that ILT is notorious for without the proper support from all our members. We've ran promos, we've had forum posts asking for members input on what they needed in order to receive that support; and we've listened and have done, for the most part, what has been asked. All this has been to no avail, as the amount of supporting members has been declining over this time; especially in the last 8 months or so.

We hate to spam PMs as much as all you hate to receive them; however, we're trying to do our best to fight for something we believe in and keep alive, so we have done whatever was necessary to try and keep ILT as healthy as possible. All our members say the same thing.. "this is the best site ever!" but yet the evidence speaks something way different! The evidence says "I want everything for nothing and someone else can pay the bills!" "Someone else can pay my way!" "Someone else can pay for the service I use!"

The thing I hear most is this "Why should I pay for something that is free?" Well, you know something, you're right! You shouldn't have to pay for something that is 'free'. However, you're sadly mistaken if you're thinking that you're paying for the torrents. The software is free, but the service you're using to get that software is not free and someone has to pay for it, otherwise it will cease to exist!

If you think that donating 10 dollars every month or two does not justify the 10s if not 100s of thousands of dollars you're saving on said software, then you have more problems than a struggling site trying to stay alive. And that's just simply one way to look at it.. Another way, is to think about the used 'service' which is the real heart of the matter. If almost every member donated a mere 2 dollars a month, ILT would be set for life. Will we have a 2 dollar donation amount.. No! The past mentality here has proven it wouldn't matter even if we did. Not to mention that we would only see a small portion of that donation after 'other services' took theirs.

Donating is truly about 3 things only 'site support', 'something you believe in' and for 'services you use' in most cases on a daily basis, which is why most places give you nothing for donating. We like to give something back to say 'thank you' and that we 'appreciate' your support. To only make a donation when you need to fix your account or ratio is exactly the reason we have to spam donation promos. Too many people have that mentality and only donate when there is something 'BIG' in it for them.

Well, now there is exactly something 'BIG' in it for you as of today, so do yourself a favor and keep reading!

The Transparency

I'm not going to reiterate all the reasons why we don't open our books to the public. To do so would be a huge security risk to us and to you! If you can't understand why someone would not do this, then you obviously have nothing to loose.. well, at least you think you don't anyhow.

However, I will let you in on a little background noise here at ILT.

Our Goal for the last couple years was to run a few promos at the beginning of the year through our BDAY and generate enough donations to operate for the rest of the year. This is ideal for several reasons.

1. We could leave the doors closed at all times and let you members enjoy a truly private site.

2. We would not have to have any fund raising throughout the year. Something everyone seems to bitch about, but does nothing to help fix.

3. We would be able to start truly unique and beneficial programs for all our members; including invite rewards, seeding bonuses, free-leech programs, double (even triple) seeding credit. Just to name a few perks of a private community!

This will never happen as long as we are depending on outside help to keep us running for a bunch of long-term members that want to do nothing but bitch and complain and not lift a finger!

For all you members that think our cost should only be a couple hundred bucks a month: Our network is completely private and shared with no one.. We run our own DC and own all our own hardware. Why would we want to put ourselves and our community at risk by renting hosting somewhere; where we are dependent on someone else's care and security? Especially now that the rules and laws are changing. Not to mention all your private information being secure. This of course makes all aspects of our service better, but more costly.

Have you seen the number of sites hitting bottom and taken down lately. Do you really want ILT to become another statistic? This is happening for 2 reasons and for only 2 reasons.

1. They have insecure means of operation where no one is safe; even MEGAupload, who would have every thought! Even the big time Hollywood folk starting and fighting for all this copyright crap used that service, but yet there they sit; broken!

2. NO SUPPORT! I'm not going to list all the sites lately that went down for this reason, but the one closest to home recently was TFA.. I had a member just yesterday moaning about having to donate to reinstate their account and told me "When I was at TFA, I never had to donate!".. Yeah, no shit, and look what happened to them! This is not brain surgery good community, without support you can not run. Without gas your car won't run. Without paying your electric bill or ISP you won't have an internet.. a website is no different than any of these other services that you pay for. The difference is that you have to pay for those services or you get something taken away!

Hmm.. what a noble idea!

The Options

For the last year now we been hinting at introducing ads on the site. Begging and pleading with members to donate. Thinking of ways to entice members to donate with prizes and huge promos, even though you should be supporting yourselves for the sake of support. Talks of downsizing, etc..

None of these hints or concerns have warranted any kind of response in the community to step up to secure ILT's future. In fact, 98% of our community still sets idly by while continuing to take and take but not giving anything back in return but a little bandwidth, and even that is becoming less and less.

1. We're not going to flood the site with ads.. this is too much like business and would create a whole other issue with keeping business ads and pop-ups on the site (again someone else paying and working for you)

2. We're not going to try and downsize the site by taking some of our hardware off line to make operating cost cheaper. This would be just plain detrimental to the site and our service itself. It would cause slow page times, as well as many other things I will not discuss here.

3. We're not going to keep offering huge credit to entice members to donate (which has nothing to do with our current promo needing to replace the rest of our hardware we've been using for 7 years now)

4. We're not going to continue to spam members with promos. In fact, we're not going to have promos at all.

The Solution

As we come into the slowest season of the year, donations will be at an all time low, if that's even possible, so we have decided to only support those members that support us!

What does this mean?
This means exactly what it sounds like! Unless we make enough money to sustain operating cost for the rest of the year over the next couple months, we will no longer be available to the masses. Only those members who support us will be using ILT in the future.

I'm not going into the details here and now, but for those members that do support us, it will mean no ratio, no rules (within reason), a totally exclusive site, no bad members, no leeches, no cheats, etc..

For way too long the majority of our members have done nothing but abuse our service and turn their backs when it's time to step up and help support us. Not anymore!

What if I've donated in the past?
How far back are you talking about? I've had many members that have donated 4 years ago and think that their contribution should last forever. This is not so.. Albeit, you donation was needed at that time and very much appreciated, it can't last forever. Operating cost are a constant concern with a new cycle every month, so your 20 dollar donation that was made 2 years ago was just that; support that was made 2 years ago. No one can argue that your past support hasn't been totally compensated by now.

What if I'm already a EVIP or VIP member?
You have nothing at all to worry about! In fact, anyone who has donated in 2012 has nothing to worry about and we will continue to honor any packages that you have made to date. Including, all months already credited to your account.

How will the new format work?
Exact details are still being worked through, however, I can tell you that your account will be independently based on a month by month format. All accounts will work much like they do now with the exception of being suspended. No longer will accounts be suspended for inactivity but rather or not you're a supporter. This means as long as your account is flagged as being a supporter it will remain active for you to use how you see fit. If not, then it will go into a suspension state until such time that you reinstate it via support.

Is this just a scare tactic?
Absolutely not! There is nothing false about what you've read here. If you think there is, then continue to do nothing and one day in the near future you will indeed be locked out of your account!

What can I do to help stop this madness?

That's a good question and one that deserves an answer! It's because of you, the non-supporting member, that things must go this way instead of continuing the way they have always been.

This process can simply be stopped by doing the right thing! Step up to support the service you use. That doesn't mean supporting ILT once every couple of years.. ILT needs all the support it can get on a continuing basis. It shouldn't be that hard to make a small donation every couple months or so.

We're not trying to get rich, nor are we trying to break anyone's bank. However, if everyone did their tiny little part, which in fact is the right thing to do, then there would be no worries for anyone and ILT would live forever.

It's up to you, the ILT member, to keep this site alive for the future. You say ILT is the best, and from most of your accounts, that statement is true.

However, time has finally come to put your money where your mouth is and prove it!

To help keep ILT alive for the masses, please DONATE!
LOL wrote 45 months ago
A paid service for illegal material.... ...... .... doesn't justify typing any more than that for those with an IQ above 60
banned just for posting the truth wrote 45 months ago
sean corbin who owns ilovetorrents,com also owns secureaccesscolo,com (aka moxie hosting)
sean corbin is using ilovetorrents as a cash cow to prop up his alling hosting company.
every day there are more and more threatening pms to donate or else.
this once great torrent site is being made a laughing stock by its greedy owner
Harold wrote 45 months ago
Yea, that pretty much sums it up. Go look at bitsoup or a bunch of other various torrent sites all run by the same people, same IP range, same themes, same tracker engine, a few of them with theme mixups that were made for the other sites. Every single one of them begging for money like they offer anything special. The main seeders are all, again, in the same IP range and belong to them as well, just using different account names.

Moxie is a joke of a hosting company and they are funded entirely by idiots actually shelling out money for torrents. They claim, of course, that everything is kept secret for your own protection, yet they only accept paypal, which will be more than happy to shell out user information to anyone that knocks on their door.

Anyone who asks too many questions or points out that they don't need $20k a month to run a freaking torrent site is banned immediately. What you'll be seeing here is a shunting off of users like they did with TFA -> ILT, but this time to bitsoup, which is also theirs. Then ramping up the donation begging on that site as well. Same thing, over and over and over again. It's all just scene releases which can be had anywhere else with no problems. Hell, for that $20 "vip", you can buy access on much more secure, more private tracker sites that will never beg you for money ever again.
trsolo wrote 45 months ago
Hi I have not used ILT for months other than loging in monthly.
when I tried to login, I get a message that my acct has been disabled. Why? and how can I get back in
Fancellu wrote 44 months ago
Same for me too.

I had a good ratio, can't log in. No reply on IRC. Try to ask for forgotten password, just in case, says it doesn't know me.

I've been a member since 2009, even donated. No warning, nothing.

Username: Fancellu
John wrote 44 months ago
Anyone recommend any good private trackers where the admins aren't ban happy?
Steamlover wrote 43 months ago
See this is one reason I've moved away from Torrents the constant bans yet they are always begging for donations at acting like it takes thousands of dollors to run the site each month. I do know a little money goes into it but by far no where near what they ask to make.

If so stop cutting yourselves such big checks I rarely go onto the site anymore mainly it was to seed somestuff to keep my ratio going up download something popular and watch it go.

Now i'm being made to feel like I owe you something to try and help your site a bit Donations are one thing but the constant begging for thousands of dollors each month is crazy.

I can donate $25 a month to your cause which is clearly milk your users for as much as you can or I can take that $25 and by quite a bit of stuff legitly and not deal with the hassle you are causing I will move away your site since clearly it's all about the money and not the scene.

May You Rest in Hell ILoveTorrents!!!!
Raj wrote 43 months ago
Yes all that is said here about Sean Corbin and Moxie aka Secureaccesscolo aka Mr.Greedy Sean Corbin. Its people like him that will ruin this torrent revolution. We need not worry its all over web Hosting Talk how Low this man really is. When he dries up his torrent sites he will be broke and have to work like everyone else
Dan wrote 43 months ago
The laughable thing is how they have resorted to using their own seedboxes to seed everything on their own bandwidth. Seriously, might as well just turn it into an ftp site at this point and be done with it. Same damn thing.
not going to donate wrote 43 months ago
how the hell are you supposed to seed back using a slow home connectionwhen there is a dirty great big site owned 5 gig box sucking everything up? the answer is you cant. they expect you to "donate" to raise your ratio. what is corbin up to next? charging $1 per gig? (if he does, I want a cut for the idea) this site was great a few years ago when doc was running it, now it is just pay us money, what? you dont agree with me? banned! that is corbin's (muckmuck) way of running a business.
tired of the bitchers wrote 43 months ago
All of you complainers on here... There are an awful lot of users who have no problem maintaining a good ratio from a crappy home connection. Just because you do not know how to manage your accounts, it doesn't give you the right to bash a site or their staff/owners.

It is very classless and you should really find something better to do with your time. Maybe stick to public trackers were you don't have to worry about sharing back. It's obvious that you have no intentions of doing so.

And if you need assistance with your disabled accounts, the staff are very easy to get a hold of... There is a link on the sign in page. The staff are very friendly and eager to help you out.

Best torrent site around as far as community goes. None better.

Thank you ILT and all the staff who make it a great site!!!

peace out!!!
Debbie wrote 42 months ago
My acct has been disabled due to inactivity I believe. Is there an way I can get it re-enabled. The site says my account has been disabled. My name is mzshapphire on ILT. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My email is mzshapphire@verizon.net. Thank you ILT. I really like your site and would love to return.
frowblooha wrote 40 months ago
is ILT down?????
nosh wrote 40 months ago
must be down,been trying for 2 days
and i have been with ILT for years and a VIP Member
never had this problem before

Have they done what they did to DEMONOID TOOK IT DOWN
Hurr Durr wrote 40 months ago
It's up again (although slowly dying as stated before)
givntake wrote 38 months ago

I got a little problem. I have an acount at ILT but unfortunaltly i move to another internet provider and chnage e-mail. Or ive been disconnected and i cant come back in because i dont remember the password and cant recover it because its the old e-mail that's in your database.

If a moderator can help i would appreciate.
bobby1960 wrote 38 months ago
Can an account that has been disabled, be enabled?
Very new to ILT. 3 weeks and made mistakes, (downloading wrong formats then downloading correct one.)
random hero wrote 38 months ago
If you have your account disabled join the helpdesk channel on the login page.
ILT Staff wrote 37 months ago
The account has been disabled as you forgot to log in for over 10 weeks now.
Join the helpdesk channel via #help for assistance.
athynz wrote 37 months ago
@ILT Staff - I've tried a few times to get on that channel but I keep getting an error message. My account is disabled although I have an excellent ration - mid to upper 4s. Thoughts?
jimtibbs wrote 37 months ago
I have been a member for about 4 years with no problems. All of a sudden I get a message to say i had been warned. for hit and run i explained that I had a virus so closed my computor down until it was fixed. The next day I recieved a message saying my ratio was excellent and I was now a VIP iam already a power user.Two days later I had a another message to say Had had been banned and a waiting sign was put on my home page. I have now got forbidden when I try get to the site what gives?
tweets wrote 36 months ago
I've been a member of ILT for a while, have made several contributions, etc... Forgot to park my account when going away over Christmas and now the account is closed. :( Cannot use the IRC channel in either Firefox, IE or Chrome, the plugin isn't working properly (I think a broken JAR file?) and so I'm stuffed. If someone from ILT could talk to a mod there about the "Tweets" account on my behalf, I'd be grateful!
Possum999 wrote 36 months ago
Been a longtime member of ILT that gets disabled now and then for my lack of participation. I always re-donate every time I recover my disabled account. Tried to do it again today and found that there are java issues and the page says it is unable to load the interface. Tried updating all my java stuff. No luck. Any way to get back into ILT?
Ty wrote 36 months ago
^Same deal
craigoss wrote 35 months ago
^^ me too
500rwcoupe wrote 35 months ago
My account is disabled and I donated a couple months ago. I've been out of town for work, so I'm sure my account being inactive is the reason. I keep getting java errors when I try to access the irc page. Anyone at ILT take a look at my profile? Same username as listed here. 500rwcoupe. Thanks!
lmn03 wrote 35 months ago
I want to recover my disabled account too but also keep getting java errors at the IRC page. Can anyone at ILT help me out? My user name is lmn03. Thanks a lot!
20inch wrote 35 months ago
Would like to recover my disabled account account name is 20inch...can't join irc..
rastabilly wrote 35 months ago
^ Same thing. Would love to recover my account. Just get Java errors. Any ILT mods reading? Please help!
luckyman101 wrote 34 months ago
My account has been disabled, even though I donate and I'm in the black on the ratio ! Can I get a lift back in ? If the sysop is reading this, can you ping me an email too when it's done . Ta muchly.
samalbury wrote 34 months ago
@ILT staff: i went on holdiays for few months when i came back i found out my account was disabled.. i used recover disabled account and asked staff to enable my account since then i can log on but my account has been parked.. its been more than 3 months..could u please restore it or can i know reason why its not restored..thank you.. my user name is samalbury
PieEyed wrote 34 months ago
Any chance of recovering my disbaled account?
Not logged on there because of work, for about 4-5 weeks, but had good ratio.
Now my account is disabled, but when I go to the "Recover Disabled Account" link, the IRC window fails to open:
"Startup error: java.Lang.Error: Unable to load interface pixx: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: irc.gui.pixx.interface"
Any ideas?
(Username PieEyed)
chicoull wrote 34 months ago
Been trying to recover a disabled account, but the link does not work and there is not a help link either....any ideas how to contact the team?
luckyman101 wrote 34 months ago
Despite all our pleas - looks like theyre not interested in letting us back in depsite the contributions we've made :o(
dataport wrote 34 months ago
Made numerous contributions to them to help keep it going, now account is also disabled. Anyone found a way to contact them?
TheBigMick wrote 34 months ago
was in the hospital and without internet access for the last 7 months, now my account is disabled and I would love to get back in the site. Any help for a long time member
Aerta wrote 31 months ago
"@ILT staff: i went on holdiays for few months when i came back i found out my account was disabled.. i used recover disabled account and asked staff to enable my account since then i can log on but my account has been parked.. its been more than 3 months..could u please restore it or can i know reason why its not restored..thank you.. my user name is samalbury"

Because they are FAGGOTS and now want us to pay them to let us download. I was loyal ILT member for 2,5y with great seeding status,then i park my account for 1month due to change appartment,and suddenly i figure out they DISABLE me,without even a fckn warning/explanation/whatever. Fuck ILT/Bitsoup. Both crap trackers.. ^^
joeg wrote 30 months ago
HEllo everyone. I"m looking for help getting back my disabled account. The application to recover the account isn't working. Any suggestions?
kayjack wrote 30 months ago
Been trying to get my disabled account back but can't get this IRC thing to work.
I guess I was disabled because I have been (until now) without a permanent address for about 2-3 months. Sold my house and moved to another city.
mm wrote 30 months ago
Same thing, my account was disabled, tried to open the irc and didnt work, till today, Finally after a few months managed to open the irc app, now waiting if I can recover my account.
Tryscorer wrote 29 months ago
The IRC should up up and running fine. You use the #help channel or there is a Recover Account link on the login page. Most are disabled because they havent used account for over 30 days
Daveyg1980 wrote 29 months ago
Can't login to my account but thats due to not being enable to access my email since its been hacked. Still currently seeding but is there anyway i can get a new password sent to another email address?
Illuminati wrote 29 months ago
Was able to login a week ago and now nothing. What gives?
ken wrote 27 months ago
Hi, went on holiday for 3 weeks, came back and house was flooded had to move to hotel, tried to log back in and the account is disabled. I tried to contact them but the Java isn't working. I have donated for years and I am a power user, if anybody from ILT is looking in please let me back in. my user name is zenith. thanks
Dean wrote 27 months ago
Been using this site since 2005 and have been a donater trying to log in its saying incorrect password ask for a conformation email to change it and they send me a link that just says " sorry pal " WTF gives?
Della wrote 27 months ago
I've been a user and uploader since 2007. Granted I haven't used the site in the last 30 or so days due to work commitments but my torrent is always on so I'm always uploading and was listed as a power user. So today I try to log on only to find I've been disabled and I can't recover disabled account because I get a java error message. Not sure what this is all about but if they don't want me then fine. There are no contact information so unless you have access you can't get access nor can you contact anyone who can explain away the situation. So any suggestions on a decent site where I can use my utorrent and not risk viruses?
cappy46 wrote 26 months ago
I was disable due to inactivity - how do I correct this status
Sux2bu wrote 24 months ago
Don't hold your breath waiting to get a reply from any staff that care.

Things are no different with Sean/rexxz or as you know him on ILT as muck muck, on Bitsoup either.

Sux2bu wrote 24 months ago
For those that donated or were disabled for any number of reasons and can't get onto the site, I guess they had to make a decision between you and the 1,600 VIP's.

Perhaps like some they'll let you back on the site if you donate again.

After all with only 1,600 donating members here and the ones on Bitsoup Sean is having trouble making ends meet these days.

Sux2bu wrote 24 months ago
Other one had user names and email.

ILT Staff wrote 24 months ago
Whats the matter Sux2bu your attack of rexxz isnt working at bitsoup so you try to bring shit here?

that pic is over a year old asswipe.
Sux2bu wrote 24 months ago
Oh the word is spreading, you'll see.

And I can imagine how many more there are now :)

Since you don't use your real nic what are you hiding.

Maybe I'm hiding as well behind Sux2bu.

Perhaps I'll post some newer ones, there are spies everywhere, just not at Bitsoup ;-)
paulburg wrote 22 months ago
i have just signed up but cant download it just says finding peers but never does
I Live Torrents Is Mind Fuck wrote 21 months ago
Insiders will fix their ass !!!!!!!!!!
Manhunter wrote 20 months ago
I was a ILOVETORRENTS member since 2009, but now they've closed sign-up and deleted my username, password and email. Screw them.
Sux2bu wrote 20 months ago
@ ILT Staff

“Whats the matter Sux2bu your attack of rexxz isnt working at bitsoup so you try to bring shit here?”

Why don't you answer all these other people posting of problems, all you do is ignore them, and you have the nerve to accuse me of trying to bring shit here.

I guess I must have posted all those myself. LOL

Very few people know about this thread and I can guarantee that if everyone knew about it the number posting with problems would be overwhelming, as it is they're just scratching the surface.

Close to 99% of people posting here have problems with the site and most of the time the only response they get is flaming, being attacked or being accused of it being their fault, if they get any response at alI.

Sure some problems are bullshit, but you act like all of them are and just ignore or attack them.
Sux2bu wrote 20 months ago
ILT SYSOP/REXXZ wrote 38 months ago

Ronaldo not sure what your problem is but there isnt 1 draw ever done on the site that is a scam... You have nothing to back your crap up with... member's win all the time if was a scam you think people would keep entering???

Get a life and stop the bs..

Dont like it Get off my site


Spoken like a true CON MAN.

If you say it's true it must be true eh.

There's a sucker born every minute and that's what you count on.

"Dont like it Get off my site"

Always the bully Sean, for one thing it's the MEMBERS site bought and paid for with THEIR money, and run by staff that will never see a dime of the hundreds of thousands of dollars you've collected for your so called hardware. You've got all these people working for you that when the shit hits the fan will take the fall.

The only thing of yours is your families lifestyle bought and paid for by the same people, don't ever forget that and stop taking them for granted you smug asshole REXXZ/Sean.
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