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Well moderated semi private tracker and community. Approved torrents are described in detail. Switched to new domain H33t.to when H33t.eu was seized.
Torrent Site
User Rating:
4 / 5
28 votes cast
H33t is not down
Comments on H33t
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dukcineaa wrote 81 months ago
[Mein Geheimtipp!!]
Great AIOs.
More than just lukewarm - h33t!
JackRaiden wrote 78 months ago
A pretty hot (h33t3d? see what I did there?) private tracker and community!
Tasha wrote 73 months ago
i alwayz get good things from u keep it up
rakesh wrote 63 months ago
i'm misssssssssssssssssssinggggggg... it extremely....
vikas wrote 63 months ago
what happened to it

Why its not woking
Robbie60 wrote 63 months ago
Great quality torrents. Sometimes hard to connect.
jtz wrote 61 months ago
koll wrote 60 months ago
down? what happend?
Archi wrote 60 months ago
how long be for it starts up again i miss H33t already
skinny wrote 59 months ago
wtf has happened to our favourite site,,,
suresh wrote 57 months ago
Nice website for software.
Mark wrote 57 months ago
Joke site, too many ads, not many of the big uploaders, no proper scene content, slow torrents from silly "we dont allow seedboxes" rules, dead forums and suspicious admin. sorry but AVOID!!!
andre wrote 55 months ago
how do i install crack for avi dvd burner.
deepstatus wrote 54 months ago
ye Mark is right go to other torrent sites with admins that do not know the diference bettewn false posite and virus/trojan

lol!!! go go leave h33t with is clean uploads


i love h33t
sk.rafi wrote 46 months ago
Great Work H33T team.
By Good Products/downloads.
steve wrote 42 months ago
having a problem with h33t at the moment. is it just me or is there problem?
LEONARDOI wrote 34 months ago
h33t unblocked wrote 31 months ago
h33t proxy:

blocked wrote 31 months ago
it seems to get blocked even by google, oh man.
Eman wrote 31 months ago
must visit

matty wrote 31 months ago
Beanz. love it
how can i get movies guys ~??? wrote 31 months ago
how can i get movies guys ~???
kylesnanny wrote 30 months ago
rarbg a good site
h33t proxies wrote 30 months ago
jango wrote 30 months ago
Google removed h33t.com from its search results after HBO sent a DMCA takedown request.
timbo wrote 30 months ago
no drama...just keep trying
gody wrote 30 months ago
Love h33t, good site for movies.
protect your privacy! wrote 30 months ago
Use torrent proxies and VPN services

getmovies007 wrote 29 months ago
h33ts not down just hidden via certain isp's i use opera browser on turbo to find blocked torrent sites including h33t :0)
Eman sm wrote 29 months ago
direct download free movies, songs, software, ebooks,




SnowyD0es wrote 29 months ago
Yea wrote 29 months ago
h33t's down!
sucks wrote 29 months ago
america and other .................fuck your self.
Pra wrote 29 months ago
Dude What happen ? h33t ?
brox wrote 28 months ago
KillerKitten wrote 28 months ago
I was using h33t.com just 2 days a go. now I get a name fail...
yomama wrote 28 months ago
new domain h33t.eu
sucks wrote 28 months ago
H33t.com is DOWN for everyone.
It is not just you. The server is not responding..
sucks wrote 28 months ago
nowww worck all for one torrents global for all upload and download......Hollywood for copyright google for money..............
Jamal wrote 28 months ago
Is it down? I can't connect :(
Nick wrote 28 months ago
Yes h33t.eu seems to be working.
HARRIER wrote 28 months ago
It will restore wait
bixbix wrote 28 months ago
yeah h33t.eu work but there aren't seeders for the torrents ,i think that is only a part of the site
Need h33t wrote 28 months ago
i will have a heart attack if h33t is down
Johnny B. Goode wrote 28 months ago
h33t is Great. But at now is impossible to contact it. I am italian, I think that our gouvernment make something.
sucks wrote 28 months ago
gouvernment make something? this joke is so cooolllllll johnny b.. goode I am romania now salerno batt gouvernment make something non credo per niente caro ...............
jimi khan wrote 28 months ago
please restore H33t. i am daily visting.
H@ml3t wrote 28 months ago
Enjoy!! ;)
bimal wrote 28 months ago
wat the fuck happen to our h33t the connection are fell ...............no movies downloading wat to do for timepassing.........
new Site wrote 28 months ago
blah wrote 28 months ago
h33t is down
H33t User wrote 28 months ago
i think h33t is not going to work anymore. i have been using h33t for over 2 years and now it's not working at all for 5 days!
carlin wrote 28 months ago

this work great
parun wrote 28 months ago
come on ya.....
CraZY_NET wrote 28 months ago
Hi Guys..............................

H33t is not down it just change the URl to the new Url


puh wrote 28 months ago
Universal Music Behind H33t.com Domain Seizure

parens wrote 28 months ago
new domain: h33t.eu

h33t proxy:

foudil bayo wrote 28 months ago
altaf wrote 28 months ago
seth wrote 28 months ago
thanks for the proxies!
pedro wrote 28 months ago
thanks, h33t.eu and h33t.pw working fine
BIshnu kandel wrote 28 months ago
WHy has this site stopped..... i m so helpless....with out H33T
javahar wrote 28 months ago
thanks h33t.eu its working fn
anonymous wrote 28 months ago
H33t.pw is the only place I can go now... h33t.eu is down too
h wrote 28 months ago
H33t.pw is ok.
www.h33t.eu wrote 28 months ago
www.h33t.eu down in indonesia
no body i dont give my name wrote 28 months ago
h33t.eu is down you are nooobs
gilou wrote 28 months ago
h33t.pw is available for me in France today , but no new torrents since yesterday and forum not active, but all torrents files are availlable
tch wrote 28 months ago
Same in Italy.
moep wrote 28 months ago
h33t.eu not available from UK, too :(
proxy wrote 28 months ago
h33t.pw working fines for me (US)
doh! wrote 28 months ago
Actually downloading a tv show through h33t.pw
the proxy doesn't update the search url though, if you search for something it will attempt to look it at h33t.eu, which does not work, just edit the address bar in the browser to redirect the search to h33t.pw.
h33t user wrote 28 months ago
that's a good tip!
search url wrote 28 months ago
miral wrote 28 months ago
best use with torrents.to

http://torrents.to/search/h33t/pacific rim
h33t heavy user. wrote 28 months ago
Hell comes on those who ban h33t
h33t hot user wrote 28 months ago
another workaround – edit your hosts file
(google for "edit hosts file") to: h33t.com h33t.eu www.h33t.com www.h33t.eu

Happy seeding!
rajesh wrote 28 months ago
Thank You Very Much for updating details about h33t transfer to .eu and now .pw, Thank You all once again
nice wrote 28 months ago
nice alive and kicking, I knew it h33t will never die there's always a workaround
Monday wrote 28 months ago
Does h33t have a working Tracker?
tracker wrote 28 months ago
add udp://fr33domtracker.h33t.eu:3310/announce to your torrents and keep them alive
anonymous wrote 28 months ago
add this line to your hosts file to make h33t working again h33t.eu
alexender wrote 27 months ago
guigba wrote 27 months ago
Closed Site Is another link I am from Algeria
siub wrote 27 months ago
new domain again


as stated on their website:

16 October 2013 04:00GMT

Congratz you have found our new .to domain.

The h33t tracker is offline. I need to do some work to get it working.

I am holding h33t offline until the latest DNS update is fully propagated, she will be back within 48 hours.

Thank you for your patience,

abdou bale wrote 27 months ago
bobo9339 wrote 27 months ago
To ever h33t site will be open again??​​?
CEPKEN wrote 27 months ago
thank you very much...I am very happy...
pepsitrev from canada wrote 27 months ago
the worlds best will rise again
dabadu wrote 27 months ago

16 October 48h = 18 October?

what happens?
Farid wrote 27 months ago
yep, 48 hrs is 2 days now on 5 days still nothing..
Sujeewa wrote 27 months ago
h33t alternative meanwhile?
ernesto wrote 27 months ago
when I try to access h33t with this IP address I get the same message. So it's not only the new .to domain but the site itself is down.
Lester wrote 27 months ago
from the web archive http://web.archive.org/web/20120902140730/

h33t's september status
blank wrote 27 months ago
there is always the new Demonoid
anon wrote 27 months ago
domain online, website defunct and H33T tracker is currently offline.
mskjoya wrote 27 months ago
may Allah Bless H33t. My prayers and affections with H33t.
Charlie wrote 27 months ago
Hasta siempre Iso Hunt, espero que algún día acabe esa cacería de brujas, y que les valga sus miserables dolares a los que colaboraron en tronar Iso Hunt
good wrote 27 months ago
doo mah wrote 27 months ago
hh wrote 27 months ago
I still can not connect to h33t me , can someone guide me thank you
no-one wrote 27 months ago
is is so cold news
bless wrote 27 months ago
H33T, come back please!!
MNE wrote 27 months ago
H33T IP ? WWW. ?
Schu wrote 27 months ago
I can't wait that you come on-line again.
H33T is the best Torrent website.
I wish you all the best !!
thanks mr. lester wrote 27 months ago
very nice link to your help
john wrote 27 months ago
anybody connected ???h33t
Larissaios wrote 27 months ago
anybody connected ?
Lucio wrote 27 months ago
Dont close H33T please !
Greek wrote 27 months ago
I can't access h33t.to
Please come back!
J wrote 27 months ago
do they have a facebook or twitter account?
KOKOKO wrote 27 months ago
okozaoko wrote 27 months ago
yes J
J wrote 27 months ago
@ okozaoko
and what are the URL's?
Can't find an official H33T info point.
Nason wrote 27 months ago
H33T and isoHunt, being taken offline following legal action.
Frank wrote 27 months ago
Seguiremos esperando hasta que H33T este devuelta, no es posible que esta pagina desaparezca.
yep wrote 26 months ago
h33t is here but last up date was 2012 ok to find bits en bobs for now

as wrote 26 months ago
When open ?
Mireille H uit Hillegom wrote 26 months ago
Ik hoop dat jullie snel terug zijn . Ik mis h33t verschrikkelijk. Ik ben nog geen side tegen gekomen die zo makkelijk te bekijken was als die van jullie.
Al vast hartelijk bedankt.
yas wrote 26 months ago
Best of the best!!! excellent!!! carry on with the good work pal
Net-Ciz wrote 26 months ago
How are we to live without h33t ???
satish gowda wrote 26 months ago
am not able to download any movies without H33T it was the best in one roof
claretta wrote 26 months ago
dove lo trovo
bla wrote 26 months ago
Use ETTV with hidemyass
boss wrote 26 months ago
come again soon..with extra energy !!! Miss u
steve00H33T00 wrote 26 months ago
We must move forward, i do not think that will open. Too bad. H33T we will miss you.
HAMZA wrote 26 months ago
nest wrote 26 months ago
I think they are gone
kest wrote 26 months ago
cum back
fahad wrote 26 months ago
we miss u
Vivek wrote 26 months ago
Come back soon......
Missing U!
IMAGiNE wrote 26 months ago
I am a die hard fan of h33t, I miss them real bad...

As an alternative, I am using 1337x.org, If you liked h33t then you will probably find this site as a good backup.
Zakir wrote 26 months ago
Iam in miss h33t site plz up date in site...............
garfild wrote 26 months ago
who did this he will fuck
vas wrote 26 months ago
ηταν πολυ καλο το h33t
j,j,j,jbm mb wrote 26 months ago
kashif wrote 26 months ago
i realy missssssssssssss H33T
Vinnikovs-Post wrote 26 months ago
there are a shitload of torrent sites out there , most are pretty darned good, iso if nothing else
ashwin wrote 26 months ago
i have missed you alot.. without you i couldn't browse for proper torrent. hope you come up with same kinda interface. good yo find you in a new domain.
hacker wrote 26 months ago
hope they find a proxy soon
we need them, they ARE THE BEST
go back h33t
Mineirinho da Silva wrote 26 months ago
h33t Bom bisurdo......
Viren rana wrote 25 months ago
wow h33t.to is back and working
steve00H33T00 wrote 25 months ago
yyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss h33t.to is back. Hopefully that will work for more time.
jimo wrote 25 months ago
yeeha, h33t is online! :)
nonnie wrote 25 months ago
h33t isn't updating any movies since October... how come?
botros wrote 25 months ago
h33t.to is working
mike wrote 25 months ago
www.h33t.to redirects me to google
Carlibraun wrote 25 months ago
Whitout (www.) !
oussama la france wrote 25 months ago
this website wonderful so good and enter here this site
TOUFIQ wrote 25 months ago
i want to imtoo video converter ultimate 7 license code
jusaca wrote 25 months ago
hope everything goes great 4 u you really really deserve it
berkecz wrote 25 months ago
clould someone please give me the adrress email andrew.berkecz@hotmail.co.uk thank you
owesome wrote 25 months ago
H33t already comes back
pradeep wrote 24 months ago
what a fuck
dashhhhhhhhhhhhhh wrote 24 months ago

tare dash
gastai wrote 24 months ago
fuck me at night time
redirect wrote 24 months ago
use http://h33t.to WITHOUT "www" otherwise you get redirected to Google
Zgo wrote 24 months ago
what happend to h33t, are they crazy can't manage their DNS??
http://www.ilbe.com/ wrote 24 months ago
독도는 한국영토이고, 다케시마는 일본영토입니다.
Dokdo is Korean territory, Takeshima is Japanese territory.
sdfftr wrote 24 months ago
i like it
K_noyt incorporated... wrote 24 months ago
no its k_not
mixer wrote 24 months ago
h33t.to works fine
safaa wrote 24 months ago
i like this program
H333t user wrote 24 months ago
so is this site is useable or not soemone answer me
yourfather wrote 24 months ago
till wrote 23 months ago
I'm glad they're back
Simmo wrote 23 months ago
Gone again - 500 - Internal Server Error :(
sis wrote 23 months ago
and back again
Bob wrote 23 months ago
H33T.COM ---> NEW DOMAIN --->> H33T.TO

Give love to the admin and moderators.

- Donate.
- Register
- Check out the forums.
amson wrote 22 months ago
how do i download drivers park solution 13
dareen wrote 22 months ago
Its not working again
KAHSAY wrote 22 months ago
h33t.to is not working again
where shall I go
ahmed ghenam algeria wrote 22 months ago
the site is one in 17:30 14/03/2014
nnn wrote 21 months ago
Malaysia wrote 21 months ago
Today i try h33t.to , Its work just fine....
Hackerz_Silent wrote 21 months ago
H33t.to is working fine, I am glad to see it again online :)
AutodidaX23 wrote 21 months ago
Welcome Back, Majesty
mike wrote 20 months ago
I tried today (again) and it is still blocked by SKY.
My fingers r crossed.
jay_all321 wrote 20 months ago
i tried to open the h33t.to website but.. i think its gone..
how do ki find it wrote 19 months ago
how do I find it
el khra wrote 19 months ago
Catacatami wrote 19 months ago
H33T.COM ---> NEW DOMAIN --->> H33T.TO
jonard wrote 17 months ago
why its not working?
Carthe wrote 17 months ago
Any news?
WiWis wrote 16 months ago
any updates??
salmansyj wrote 16 months ago
any updates for h33t
kwinsss0 wrote 15 months ago
any updates for h33t
rtr wrote 10 months ago
hello h33t, can you please seed LiveLessons - Routing Video Mentor, it stuck up at 95%
DeafTechie wrote 9 months ago
I have to report that h33t is down for good by government and site straight to download provider that why i seen 3 times h33t is not running right now.

Harrison PC Solutions
DeafTechie wrote 9 months ago
I found one site is h33t.to
muresanumuri wrote 8 months ago

Its work just fine....
H33t.to is down. Why?? wrote 7 months ago
H33t.to is down. Why??
macca wrote 7 months ago
unable to access h33t........annoying
mac wrote 6 months ago
h33t is still unavailable.................
TriniMafia wrote 6 months ago
the proxy sites are down also..!!
Where has it gone..??
steve wrote 6 months ago
can anyone tell us what has exactly happened to h33t.to ?
checkinN wrote 6 months ago
H33t.to missing tried the workaround, none worked, maybe it will come back up in the future
flukt wrote 6 months ago
down forever
ugurano wrote 4 months ago
doesnt work anymore
wartron wrote 3 months ago
how do i get there
cc wrote 12 weeks ago
Jason wrote 8 weeks ago
H33T is back here: http://h33t.so
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