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Extratorrent –easy to use directory and search engine for all kind of torrents. Extratorrents new alternative domain is Extratorrent.ws. Extratorrents.com is down after domain seizure.
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ExtraTorrent is not down
Comments on ExtraTorrent
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viruz wrote 53 months ago
site with admin with no skills to track virus
Top Torrents wrote 51 months ago
ISO Hunt is no. 1. yeah, Extra Torrent is also one among The top 10 torrent sites in the world. See here about 25 such free torrent downloading popular sites list -

[http://topbestlisted.blogspot.com/2011/08/top-25-best-free-torrent-downloading.html ]
ggh wrote 50 months ago
ovidiu wrote 48 months ago
FluxZone Free Sing Up


Romanian Tracker with over 13.000 torrents
over 4.500 xvid-RoSub torrents and this numbers grow every day

Tracker Statistics
Maximum Users 40000
Registered Users 5,300
Online Users 150
Total Torrents 12.860
Inactive Torrents 7
Total Seeders 15144
Total Leechers 350
frkgolf wrote 29 months ago
hi wrote 28 months ago
is extra torrent down??
me wrote 28 months ago

is extra torrent down??
tom wrote 28 months ago
what happend to extratorrent?
ghosts wrote 28 months ago
its been down 2 days harddrive swap out came back up for couple hours then down couple of days. the extratorrent.ws and .cc are down too and have been last 24 hours, look out for it being banned by most ipps even in the uk, you have to go of proxxy server to get access
Patrick wrote 28 months ago
Gald to see I am not the only one that has noticed. It seems to be unaccessable at the moment. Sent them an e-mail I will update later
Mike wrote 28 months ago
How do you access the proxy server
ghosts wrote 28 months ago
its all down

isohunts back up but what amess been spammed to death last 7 weeks to cause it to have bad crashes and searching the site was near imossible:(

ive gone back to winmx started using this in 1996
seraf wrote 27 months ago
u can access via ip
dedi wrote 27 months ago
you can still access kickass via a proxy.
ghosts wrote 27 months ago

great move thanks
update wrote 27 months ago
extratorrent.ws is back!
Kera wrote 27 months ago
Proxy list:


New domain (online):


Or use torrents.to search (add Extratorrent under settings first):

dave wrote 27 months ago
extra torrent is working just made my weekend.
tpa wrote 27 months ago
why extratorrent is not working in qatar?
nova wrote 27 months ago
can't access extratorrent from UK :(
teamone wrote 27 months ago
yep, extratorrent and a bunch more has been blocked in UK since yesterday. You can setup a torrent proxy here at torrents.to
james brown wrote 27 months ago
how do i do this
james brown wrote 27 months ago
tried, p
bigt wrote 26 months ago
nope i cant get on any of them
adm wrote 26 months ago
Is there a back door to extra torrent Virgin media are blocking it in the UK
eljimbo61 wrote 26 months ago
yes hidemyass then type extra torrent you will get it back door
how do i use HMA ? wrote 24 months ago
how do i use HMA do i have to install it, or just gey the page up and type extratorrent in it?
paul wrote 24 months ago
kickass working here in bris aust extratorrent down has been for a day
s wrote 19 months ago
ak wrote 15 months ago
why torrent is not working..is it banned in india...plz rply
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