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btjunkie (offline)

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btjunkie (offline)
Advanced BitTorrent search engine. Features: Torrent Mail, for immediate notification of new torrent additions. Public and private tracker's torrents indexed. BTJunkie is down since 2006.
btjunkie (offline)
User rating:
4 / 5
20 votes cast
btjunkie (offline) is not down
Comments on btjunkie (offline)
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Clawjaw wrote 59 months ago
Can always find what i want here, though seems to be run by, no one :-S
btjunkie wrote 59 months ago
it runs itself
btjnkie wrote 58 months ago
an awesome torrent, site simply the best
prasanna wrote 58 months ago
very nice torrent, site simply the best .,
all the best
sitanshu wrote 57 months ago
i is great . it always shows what i'm looking for, and it looks a little more advanced than the rest!
JackRaiden wrote 57 months ago
Competing with Mininova for Best Torrent Search Engine. Excellent site, torrent reporting (rating), etc.
Raunaq wrote 52 months ago
Ultimate for torrents........
kyleishus wrote 51 months ago
This is a great site! it almost always has what i need!
satansson wrote 50 months ago
this is the only site iv in years.everything else is full of spam and viruses
maritele wrote 49 months ago
lo mejor
helen wrote 49 months ago
love it! way to go....great stuff thank you all.
silviupopescu wrote 48 months ago
a very good torrents site...i love it!
Dan wrote 47 months ago
This One Is My Favorite!!
shuchi wrote 42 months ago
its great.............. all english films are available here,................
Uros/Slo wrote 42 months ago
The best torrent...
Swenkal wrote 39 months ago
sorts by relevance better than any other site - you can actually find what you want.
123tutor wrote 39 months ago
would not use any other site excellent torrent site
turtle wrote 35 months ago
how can i get btjunkie on vuze
Toolie wrote 34 months ago
Site is very average

Bad. Comments are a spammers paradise, loads of fakes uploaded there as you dont even need an account to upload, not moderated, misleading Seed/Leech stats.....

Good. Have uncovered a few hidden gems there that i was unable to find elsewhere which partially reedeems it :)

Overall 6/10
dr1227 wrote 31 months ago
one of the best PUBLIC torrent sites. Not very good for finding music though :( For movies its up there.
kasun wrote 30 months ago
quality films download with screenshots{ http://latestfilmsfree.tk } also avalable low size movies
laroux wrote 27 months ago
Perfect torrent site!
ovidiu wrote 26 months ago
FluxZone Free Sing Up


Tracker Romanesc General cu peste 13.000 torrente
Foarte multe torrente RoSub peste 4500 si numarul lor creste de la o zi la alta

Tracker Statistics
Maximum Users 40000
Registered Users 5,3
Online Users 150
Total Torrents 12.860
Inactive Torrents 7
Total Seeders 15144
Total Leechers 350
:-( wrote 26 months ago
RIP btjunkie
Rick wrote 26 months ago
Where do i go now... btjunkie was all i knew
DevoTeK wrote 26 months ago
It's gone. RIP BtJunkie.org
So sad... wrote 26 months ago
BTJunkie was the best!
zombone wrote 26 months ago
We are entering some very dark times :/
dimaras wrote 26 months ago
you have absolutely right zombone
bpitt wrote 26 months ago
Where to now?
THIS SUCKS... wrote 26 months ago
Now do`s anyone know where I can download movies directly into my vuze program. BT JUNKIE was the best.You would think they would offer you another way but I guess they weren`t as good as everyone said. One day notice they say. I never got any notice at all. HELP...
pete wrote 26 months ago
its down and gone forever. thanks for sharing brjunkie!!
bluestorms wrote 26 months ago
im speechless!! btjunkie is the best torrents of all time! pls comeback!!
wzgirl wrote 26 months ago
where to now:(
amra wrote 26 months ago
lost wrote 26 months ago
What now???????
anonimus wrote 26 months ago
don't give up freedom for all
SAD wrote 25 months ago
What now what site is as good as btjunkie for torrents, there must be a continuation , it cant be dead, it has to rise again like that long hairded beard fella.
l wrote 24 months ago
where now?
iggy wrote 23 months ago
Nrkyst wrote 18 months ago
I loved it.. and now it's gone. Demonoid.me faced the same thing weeks ago. :(
DEON VD MERWE wrote 14 months ago
i am pissed off it needs to come back wrote 4 weeks ago
i am pissed off it needs to come back
noooo wrote 12 days ago
this was the best damn torrent site now its gone :'(
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