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BitTorrent Monster

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BitTorrent Monster
BittorrentMonster index all major indexes.
BitTorrent Monster
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3 / 5
29 votes cast
BitTorrent Monster is not down
Comments on BitTorrent Monster
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t wrote 77 months ago
to many porn advertisments
JackRaiden wrote 74 months ago
A nice torrent search index.

@t: Firefox AdBlock...
majid wrote 69 months ago
Its strange to see this sort of cheap ads on a reasonable website.U cant open it if u r using pc at home or in open placean
xyz wrote 69 months ago
I don't see ads. Just use Firefox and get the addon "AdBlock". No ads. :)
Rayden wrote 63 months ago
These adds are a good thing, It means the site is funded by these ads which means that it is probably safer to use due to such "nontraditional" means. I would trust it more to be honest
andy wrote 61 months ago
Excellent sharing software.Higly recommended.
Al wrote 59 months ago
Good site but the ads - do they have to be so genital-heavy? Makes me feel like a gynocologist just by opening the page.
Bri wrote 55 months ago
No one has a problem with ad's in general. It's what they show. It is hallways a naked women or women masturbating. WTF? At least with site's like the piratebay, you only get porn ads if you are looking up porn. On this site you get this type of ad's regardless.
mani wrote 54 months ago
very bad ads gand maroa salo
ovidiu wrote 46 months ago
FluxZone Free Sing Up


Romanian Tracker with over 13.000 torrents
over 4.500 xvid-RoSub torrents and this numbers grow every day

Tracker Statistics
Maximum Users 40000
Registered Users 5,300
Online Users 150
Total Torrents 12.860
Inactive Torrents 7
Total Seeders 15144
Total Leechers 350
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