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1337x Torrents. A ratio-less tracker, growing community and appealing design. 1337x is blocked in the UK. Bypass the UK block by a 1337x proxy site.
Torrent Site
User Rating:
5 / 5
141 votes cast
1337x is not down
Comments on 1337x
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JackRaiden wrote 79 months ago
A very fine public tracker!
Ahmed wrote 78 months ago
The best site ever!
GJG wrote 72 months ago
Very kind and helpful peeps at this site, what Ahmed says !!
Sp0m wrote 72 months ago
Great website, nice design and no fakes!
Slaro wrote 72 months ago
the best Tracker in the last few years ive seen, awseome ppl, very fast search and nice design. Keep it up 1337x! :)
X wrote 72 months ago
It's home, comfy and clean. Alot of family
ICM369 wrote 72 months ago
Great community in the chat good clean torrents on the site, radio station and arcade.
An all round great site and community always caring about each and every member.

What more could you ask for from a top site.:D
Nick wrote 72 months ago
Absolutely love this site, no annoying ads, movies have screenshots, no fakes etccc,,,
iwn wrote 72 months ago
The best site for movies an excellent tracker. Keep it up ;)
Baron wrote 72 months ago
Cool site!
H0tan wrote 72 months ago
Great torrents, no fakes!
whitestag13 wrote 72 months ago
awesome site with awesome people there.All the staff are very very helpful
kawliga55 wrote 72 months ago
classy n cool, fulla peace n
sappi wrote 71 months ago
luv this site, it pwns! clean torrents , fast speeds xD
Mil0 wrote 71 months ago
cool website, fast releases and 0 fakes, fan for few months now!
artie wrote 71 months ago
cool website, i love screenshots of quality for movies! big fan of 1337x
mark wrote 71 months ago
Great website, love it
blackjesus wrote 71 months ago
Nice site and great community opens its arms to new members i know from experience
jonas wrote 71 months ago
love this website!
BOHICA wrote 70 months ago
quality comes first, and the community is always respected
4rmin wrote 70 months ago
Cool website, i like how it looks no fakes
Dino wrote 70 months ago
Love this website, big fan, like 4rmin said, no faks, cool design!
george wrote 70 months ago
very special site!
Darketh wrote 69 months ago
Love this site! very clean an user friendly! love the fact that 99% of their torrents ALSO include the movie posters sometimes a name may not ring a bell but when you see the movie poster you are reminded once again of the movie. great tool also for those of you who like me use Nero Vision to burn my personal library beacuse you can save the image and imported dierctly into the DvD it adds a special touch. The image can also be printed out tio create a nice looking DvD label THANKS 1337X!! your the damn BOMB!
Holg wrote 68 months ago
1337x.org is the best!
Chan wrote 67 months ago
1337x is great, tons of cool stuff
chegan wrote 66 months ago
Cool website, thanks!
Ebla wrote 66 months ago
Love this site, my first stop for movies!
bells wrote 65 months ago
good website, i like it
scrilla wrote 62 months ago
love movies on web!
BayB wrote 61 months ago
cool site, clean torrents
Mohan wrote 52 months ago
Good torent website.. Thanks...
ovidiu wrote 48 months ago
FluxZone Free Sing Up


Romanian Tracker with over 13.000 torrents
over 4.500 xvid-RoSub torrents and this numbers grow every day

Tracker Statistics
Maximum Users 40000
Registered Users 5,300
Online Users 150
Total Torrents 12.860
Inactive Torrents 7
Total Seeders 15144
Total Leechers 350
sandra v wrote 38 months ago
is the site down ?
The server at 1337x.org is taking too long to respond.

The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few
If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer's network
If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure
that Firefox is permitted to access the Web.
bzfffzv wrote 34 months ago
DrBits wrote 7 months ago
Try 1337x.to for the web site.

I think the trackers that used to be associated with 1337x are down.
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